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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The Vancouver Brewery Cuts the Mullet with a New Paint Job

A behind the scenes blog – the freshly painted Molson Coors Brewery on Burrard St. in Vancouver!  Thanks to David Tolnai, Operations for Molson Coors Canada in Vancouver for the update.  Cheers, MolsonTonia

Molson Coors Canada Brewery - Burrard St. Vancouver

Before shot

For the last few years, the Molson Coors Vancouver Brewery has been business up front with a party going on in the back.  No more.  With its new paint job, the Vancouver Brewery has cleaned itself up and joined the white collar world.

Painting any building of this size is a monumental task.  Add in difficult access, miles and miles of piping, tanks and equipment scattered about and it becomes even more expensive and complicated.  Despite the challenges, we decided that a fresh coat of paint would help celebrate our upcoming involvement with the 2010 Winter Olympics, as well as Molson’s 50 year presence at the Burrard Street Brewery.

So now, from the clocktower on down, the brewery is covered with a subtle and tasteful colour scheme sure to please even the most sophisticated palette.  The job is not 100% complete and the painters will be putting the finishing touches up over the next few weeks (weather permitting), but already the changes are noticeable.  Have a look the next time you’re picking up some fish and chips at Granville Island.

Molson Coors Canada Brewery - Burrard St. Vancouver

After shot!



Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Former Molson Employee Pursues the Podium

Former Molson employee in Calgary, Matt Skolnik is training hard in pursuit of the podium at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, and Molson Coors Canada is proud to support him along the way!  Good luck Matt! We’re cheering for you.  Thanks for being our guest blogger this week. Cheers, @MolsonTonia


Matt at the World Championships in Lake Placid

I was born in Slovakia and came to Canada when I was 10. Seeing my parents struggle to provide a better life for us has motivated me to take advantage of every opportunity I am given. Not being quite at the level of the top Canadians, my dual citizenship has given me a shot to go to the games in Vancouver. Even though I might be there under the Slovak flag, I am there as a Canadian.  Doing it on my own and being self-funded with no coaching presents its own challenges but it is the proverbial story of the underdog. I have spent the last 4 years, training 6 days a week, 11 months a year so that this winter I am at my absolute strongest and fastest. The next 3 months of racing will decide who qualifies and who goes home.


I have been competing internationally in the sport at an elite level for 5 years now and have sacrificed everything for the opportunity to push myself to bring out the best. I have left my job to focus on it fulltime and I am forever grateful for the support Molson has provided to myself, the other Canadian athletes, and our sport in general. As a former Molson employee I have to say there are few companies that match Molson-Coors in regards to community support and social responsibility. Without the support we wouldn’t stand a chance in Vancouver. Thank you and I hope to represent myself and Molson in Vancouver this February.


  • Qualified for World Championships 4 years in a row.
  • 2004 America’s Cup Calgary 11th
  • 2009 America’s Cup Calgary 9th
  • 2009 ASA Cup Overall Champion


Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Molson Coors Canada’s Vancouver Brewery wins Award for Kitsilano Business of the Year


Our award!


L to R: Bryan Cox, Molson Coors Canada; Wade Bayne, Molson Coors Canada


L to R: Wade Bayne, Molson Coors; Peter Barnett; Ron Putzi, KITSFEST; Thomas DeSchutter, Chair, Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce; Bryan Cox, Molson Coors; Howard Kelsey, KITSFEST; Julien Phpps, KITSFEST; KITSFEST

We are very proud to announce that last night at the 2009 Westside Business Awards of Distinction Dinner, hosted by the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce at the Vancouver Yacht Club, Molson Coors Canada was awarded the 2009 Westside Business of the Year!

This award is given annually to the Westside business which has made an outstanding contribution in the combined areas of overall business success, innovation and community service. We are extremely honoured to have been judged worthy of this prestigious community award from amongst several nominees.

We at Molson Coors are very proud of our 51 year history of brewing beer in our Burrard St. brewery and our overall 223 year legacy of brewing Canada’s favourite beers and helping to build Canada’s communities through our extensive community involvement.  Locally, we are proud sponsors of many initiatives including the Corona Open and KITSFEST, which was the winner of the Westside Community Spirit Award last night (congrats to Howard Kelsey and his team for their win!). And at our Vancouver brewery, we are proud of our achievement in reducing our energy consumption by almost 20% in the last 5 years, with more sustainability efforts in the works.

We are proud to play our part  in the Kitsilano community to help make Vancouver and Canada a great place to live and play and are looking forward to helping the world celebrate as Official Beer Supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Cheers to all of the finalists and winners from last night.



Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Bâtir la relève au Québec – Projet philanthropique

  Un beau défi philanthropique pour nos équipes “Bâtir la relève” (au Québec) ou “Build the Bench” (au Canada)

 Trois équipes de relève au Québec auront pour mission de faire une différence dans le cadre de notre partenariat pour les Jeux d’hiver 2010 à Vancouver. Ces équipes devront collaborer à ramasser 10,000$ (objectif national) pour nos dix athlètes canadiens sélectionnés, tout en mobilisant nos employés(es) à prendre part à chacun des événements organisés.

ENSEMBLE, nous leur souhaitons la meilleure des chances … chez Molson Coors, le développement de nos employés(es) et l’investissement communautaire sont des priorités!

Sur cette photo, on aperçoit Yves Rozon des Ressources humaines, Marieke Tremblay des Affaires corporatives et Geoff Molson entourés de nos équipes de relève du Québec (votre toute dévouée Monique Dépatie se chargeait de prendre la photo):


Équipe de relève du Québec Relève avec Georges Barrette

 De gauche à droite: Caroline Filiatrault, Guillaume Hamer Lavoie, Georges Barrette, Alexandre Gagnon, Mathieu Larocque et Marie-Christine Hétu

 Relève avec Richard Lacroix

De gauche à droite:  Simon Cloutier, Jessica Lukian, Richard Lacroix, Mario Hince et Michel Gauthier

Relève avec Pierre Ducharme

De gauche à droite:  Paul Guichard, Daphné Jobin Savard, Jean-Charles Villeneuve, Pierre Ducharme, David Reddy et Robert Héroux

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Molson Awarded the Power Smart Leader Designation by BC Hydro!

Scott Gordon, Vancouver Brewery Energy Team Leader; Rene Holt, Vancouver Brewery Manager; Kal Sahota, BC Hydro Key Account Manager and Daniel Pelland, Molson Chief Brewing Officer

[youtube JhynBpNR1Ns]

Great news for us from Vancouver this week. Yes indeed a few days ago (May 26) I had the opportunity to attend an awards dinner in Vancouver, where BC Hydro gave Molson their top award in the Power Smart program — the Power Smart Leader designation for 2009.

I felt very proud that our company was honoured with this huge award which speaks directly of Vancouver brewery achievements in saving energy, and driving environmental sustainability. It’s great to see this recognition being given to a lot of dedicated people who were diligently striving to make improvements over a number of years.

BC Hydro created the Power Smart program to provide programs and incentives to encourage customers to use less power, and Molson first got on board with the program in 2000. Starting with fairly low ratings, every year our team at the Vancouver brewery worked very hard to achieve significantly greater and greater energy savings. We continued to improve our Power Smart rating until in 2009 we won the Power Smart Leader award, as mentioned. It goes to show what persistence and commitment can do.

During the past 11 years since BC Hydro began Power Smart program, I think it’s interesting that so far only two public companies have received the Power Smart Leader award: Toyota and now Molson. By winning this award, Molson stands out as a company that cares, and shows others how it can be done–changing our thinking, operations and equipment in order to conserve energy. Not only is it good for the planet, it’s good for our business.

All the individual efforts of the employees in Vancouver are a big reason for this amazing success. Congratulations on making a difference!