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Friday, April 20th, 2012

Un coup de pouce aux militaires canadiens de Val Cartier!

Un petit geste de 2,000$ de Molson Coors qui fera définitivement une grande différence pour nos militaires canadiens blessés au combat en leur permettant de reprendre de l’activité physique et la tranquillité d’esprit par la pêche à la mouche. 

Le Projet des Eaux curatives par la pêche à la mouche du Canada est dévoué à la réadaptation physique et émotionnelle des soldats canadiens, vétérans et canadiens blessés. Il vise l’enseignement des principes de la pêche à la mouche et la fabrication de mouches. Ce programme de niveau nationnal, promouvoit la qualité plutôt que la quantité. L’an passé, 15 soldats ont bénéficié du programme. Cette année, l’organisation prévoit au moins le même nombre.

Cette initiative, mise sur pied par la Base canadienne de Val Cartier, est également ouverte à tous les Canadiens-es qui souffrent de traumatismes tant physiques qu’émotionnels. 

Bravo pour cette belle initiative et pour avoir réussi à rassembler des centaines de personnes autour de ce magnifique projet.


Thursday, February 17th, 2011

International Support for “arrive alive;DRIVE SOBER”

Arrive Alive no matter what you are driving

Photo: Kristopher Kochanowski, 1 RCR, Bravo Company, 6th Platoon

Thank you Anne for sharing this great photo of Kris while on Tour in the Kandahar province.

Anne and her Team at arrive alive; DRIVE SOBER are passionate about what they do.  I should know because I have had the pleasure of working with Anne Leonard for a few years now.  Molson Coors Canada  is an active member of arrive alive;DRIVE SOBER and support Anne through our Responsible Choices Campaign.  Arrive alive is organized to increase awareness around the death and  injury caused by impaired driving and to promote strategies to reduce impaired driving fatalities.  All of their messages, materials and literature promote awareness of alternatives to impaired driving.

For more information about arrive alive;DRIVE SOBER  check out their website at arrivealive.

Thank you Kris for spreading the important message of ARRIVE ALIVE;Drive Sober, while you were away on Tour, glad you are back safe and sound!

Cheers CaroleB

Today is brought to you by last nights choices; here’s to making responsible ones!

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Lest we Forget…


As another November 11th draws to a close we can reflect in Canada as the nightly news recaps the ceremonies that honoured our fallen in war or military operations. Across Canada each province and community now have different approaches to what November 11th means. The meaning can be different for each individual but the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is still a moment for us to remember those who fought and served so that we may enjoy the freedom that we experience today in Canada. I had the opportunity to attend last evening’s dinner in honour of Military Families - True Patriot Love. With over 178 tables sold, over $ 2 million was raised to support this wonderful foundation in support of the families of our military. As the sun creeps westward at the end of this Remembrance Day 2009 let us continue to be thankful of those who have fallen and for those Canadian Troops that are in the service around the globe in their various missions. Flanders Field

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Messages from the Troops

BEST. DAY. EVER. last week when we got a letter from Ryan Seguin, TUAV Ops in Kandahar.  Ryan is one of the members of the TUAV Hockey Team in Afganistran that Molson has been supporting over the last year (see pics and read more about the team), and we were thrilled last Thursday to receive two parcels in the mail from him.  Just had to post a blog about it – was blown away by what he sent! Check it out.

Kevin Boyce, Molson CEO and President

Kevin Boyce, CEO and President, Molson

Ryan sent us a propeller that was on the UAV that had flown over Afghanistan during a mission in March.  All the hockey team members signed the propeller. Everyone wrote a little note too, which was the best part!

Messages from the troops

Messages on the propeller

Messages from the troops

Messages on the propeller

Messages from the troops

Messages on the propeller

Pashminas sent to us from the troops in Kandahar!

They also sent us some Pashmina’s from the local area.  The ladies in the office loooooooved these!

Thank you to Ryan, the Hockey team and ALL our Canadian Armed Forces.  Cheers from all of us at Molson….@toniahammer