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Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Celebrate Responsibly this Halloween!

Congratulations  all Super Heroes, Molson Coors, TAXIGUY and Vancouver BC Liquor Stores! 

Our Super Sales Rep Lynda Perrovich with Suoer Hero

Our Super Sales Rep Lynda Perrovich with Super Hero



Super Hero Spider Women shows off the Taxi Dollar

Super Hero Spider Women shows off the Taxi Dollar

   BCLS Halloween 2013   

Keep your eyes peeled for the “SuperHeros” at selected BC Liquor Stores today, from 4pm through to 7pm who will be handing out $5.00 to help you get home safe from your Hallowween celebrations!  This is the 6th year and we are happy to tell you that the redemption rate is going up.  So thank you for keeping the roads safe in your community!

For more information on the Taxi Dollar program visit Taxi Dollars and don’t forget to download the FREE TAXI APP at  Call a taxi at a touch of a button! Available for all devices.

Happy Halloween everyone from your friends at Molson Coors; TAXIGUY Inc., and the BC Liquor Stores!

Cheers MolsonCaroleB

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s Molson Coors Super Heroes!

BC Liquor Store Campaign 2012

This Halloween, Carve out a plan to get home safe! Posters displayed in BC Liquor Stores.

Halloween 2012 BC Port Coquitlam

Photo: Wonder Woman Lynda Perovich, Molson Coors Sales Manager, Vancouver, BC and Super Hero at the Westwood Signature Liquor Store.

This is the 5th year that Molson Coors Sales Manager, Lynda Perovich has brought the BC Liquor Store Halloween Campaign to life!  The month long campaign ends with a one night blitz of “Super Heros” distributing Taxi Dollars to remind everyone to get a cab, have a designated driver, walk or stay over at friends when celebrating.  The campaign is more successful every year thanks to our  Molson Coors Super Heros spreading the message!

Super Hero distributing Taxi Dollars 

Photo: Is that Spider Woman?

Congrats Molson Coors Super Hero’s on a job well done!


Monday, August 20th, 2012

Need a Taxi Fast? Call Blue Line Taxi

Blue Line Taxi 2012 

Photo L-R: Elgili Ahmed , Krystle Hughes , Elda Jones and Bill Cranston

Thanks to Justin Raymond and Cosi Neumann of TAXIGUY Inc., for being our Guest Bloggers today to congratulate Hamilton’s Blue Line Taxi!

Blue Line Taxi of Hamilton, ON has partnered with TAXIGUY for over 8 years now and we’re very happy to have them on board! Our goal at TAXIGUY is to increase accessibility to taxicab services in all cities and towns across Canada – making safe transportation an easy option for everyone – and Blue Line Taxi is making that happen through their enthusiasm and commitment to safety! Way to go Blue Line, we’re so proud to be working with you!”

Congrat’s Blue Line!  Download our FREE Taxi App at and get a cab with the touch of a button!


Molson CaroleB

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Catch the Number One “ACT” in Orillia!

2012 Thank You Contest June winner ACT Taxi

Photo L-R: Mike, Cath (manager), Vern, Al and Susan

Congratulations to Team ACT of Orillia!  On behalf of all of us at Molson Coors “Thank You”!

ACT Manager Cath and her team at All Canadian Taxi have been great partners over the years, constantly displaying their dedication to TAXIGUY and our commitment to safe transportation.

Our goal at TAXIGUY is to increase accessibility to taxicab services in all cities and towns across Canada, making safe transportation an easy option for everyone.

We are extremely proud to be working with ACT Orillia!

Cheers and keep up the great work!


Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

It’s a “Family Affair” @Barrie Taxi!

2012 Thank You Contest Barrie Taxi May Winner

Photo L-R:Tom Watson-Giles (Manager), Lorraine McLean, Lorraine Ellery, Catherine Watson-Giles, and Jesse Watson-Giles

Way to go Barrie Taxi! Thank you from all of us at Molson Coors for all you and your dedicated drivers do day after day!

Cheers, CaroleB

Manager Tom Watson-Giles and his team at Barrie Taxi have been an amazing partner, right from the beginning. A family company that has been with TAXIGUY for 8 years, we are very proud to work with Barrie Taxi!

Here at TAXIGUY we strive for easy accessibility to safe transportation all across Canada, and we want to make safe transportation a simple option for all! Way to go Barrie Taxi!

Justin and Cosi of TAXIGUY Inc.

Join in on the conversation with Barrie Taxi by visiting Facebook:
Twitter: @BarrieTaxiLtd.