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Monday, September 19th, 2011

100+ Québec employees cleaning up the Verdun Shoreline!

2011 Nettoyage des rives de Verdun_0033 

Last Thursday, September 15, within the scope of our “SEPTEMBER WATER STEWARDSHIP MONTH”, more than 100 employees from Molson Coors got engaged to clean up the shoreline in Verdun … under a pouring rain that never stopped! Another proof that Molson Coors employees, our greatest assets, can challenge the expected, and leave a positive beer print in our environment.

An annual September initiative along with our partner WWF-Canada, represented by Marie-Claude Lemieux in Québec.

Congrats to our amazing team for making this event a great success, and a special tribute to our “Build the Bench” team (15 employees in training) that succeeded to put in place a great connecting activity, which is so far from their day-to-day job! Cheers!

2011 Nettoyage des rives de Verdun_0161 

2011 Nettoyage des rives de Verdun_0061 

2011 Nettoyage des rives de Verdun_0046 

2011 Nettoyage des rives de Verdun_0051 

Cheers to a wonderful group of employees who challenged the rain to make that event a great success!