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Monday, July 5th, 2010

Here’s to Responsible Choices – On the Highways & Waterways

Safe Boating Event July 3 Anne Leonard

Anne Leonard, Arrive Alive;DRIVE SOBER, sets up at the Safe Boating Event at Crates Marina on Saturday July 3rd..

What a beautiful weekend, on Saturday Joelle and I participated in a Safe Boating Event being held at Crates Marina, located in the lovely town of Keswick, ON. What a great combo, sun and the water!  However,  not only do we need to shout out our message to keep our roadways safe, it is very important to keep our waterways safe too.  Check out the info on Safe Boating Facts.

Something to Celebrate Fact:

Studies show that 92% of drunk driving trips are made by 4.4 % of  drivers. Huh!  This means that over 95% of us are Responsible! Way to go.

Here’s to responsible choices, Cheers MolsonCaroleB

More photos below!

Safe Boating Event July 3 DUMB Car

Insurance Bureau of Canada promote Safe Driving and you can test your skills on the DUMB Car!

Safe Boating Event July 3rd at Crates Marina

Boating Safety Display – Life jackets for all!

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

This Summer and all Year Long “Here’s To Responsible Choices”

[youtube G208wTPfxiw]

As the summer gets into full swing we want to pay tribute to those who make responsible choices. Let’s all encourage our family, friends, acquaintances and others to make responsible choices this summer. With summer comes a lot of new activities whether at the cottage, on vacation, travelling Canadian roads, venturing out on new discoveries or just enjoying your own back yard, town, city, farm or retreat. At Molson we say “Here’s To Responsible Choices” and are proud that Jennifer Botterill from the Women’s hockey team as joined with us to help spread the word. Enjoy this flip video clip from Jennifer wishing everyone a summer full of responsible choices. @MolsonFerg