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Friday, April 16th, 2010

AVRIL, Mois d’action Molson Coors – Les Ventes et le Marketing au Parc Jeanne-Mance

PBMC April 15 Sales 003 

Nos équipes arrivent sur place et se préparent à s’investir!

Quelle magnifique journée que celle du jeudi 15 avril dans le cadre de notre nouvelle initiative mondiale “AVRIL, mois d’action Molson Coors” … Les services de Ventes et du Marketing composées de plus de 350 employés-es Molson Coors ont été mis à contribution pour une opération de nettoyage du Parc Jeanne-Mance, dans le coeur de la ville de Montréal. Il s’agit de notre deuxième activité importante au Québec, et le mois d’avril n’est pas encore terminé! more to come …

Nous remercions la Ville de Montréal ( d’avoir permis ce projet d’envergure. Les employés-es ont accepté d’emblée de prendre part à ce projet qui tient à coeur à la Ville de Montréal qui s’active à faire de Montréal une ville propre. Nous espérons ainsi que cette opération deviendra contagieuse et encouragera d’autres entreprises de Montréal à emboîter le pas! D’ailleurs, la population est invitée à participer à la “Grande opérationde nettoyage” qui se déroulera les 24 et 25 avril prochains. Après tout, Molson a été fondée à Montréal en 1786; il est impossible de faire abstraction de Molson dans l’histoire de Montréal.

Nous sommes fiers de cette réalisation qui nous aura permis non seulement de faire une différence dans notre communauté, mais aussi de renforcer davantage l’esprit d’équipe de nos troupes, tout en faisant vivre AVRIL, MOIS D’ACTION MOLSON COORS.

Good job Team! Cheers.

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Je salue cet Ange Molson Coors qui avait pour mission d’encourager nos employés-es Molson Coors à faire un choix responsable, après les célébrations naturellement … Il va sans dire que nos produits se sont avérés plus que rafraîchissants!

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Here’s To Responsible Choices


At this time of year there is raised awareness about the need for people to think about making responsible choices. Even Santa, who we’ve got to assume is much older than the required legal drinking age, can spread the good message about responsible choices. I think there is greater awareness given the amount of festive joy, hospitality, visiting and travel that takes place around the holiday season. People have a chance to reflect upon the year over a glass of beer with family, friends and neighbours. Although Molson Coors

tends to promote responsible choices throughout the year, we also  focus on the holiday season as a time to raise further awareness for responsible choices. This holiday season we will encourage our employees to ensure that they are making responsible choices as well as spreading the word to customers and beer drinkers from coast to coast to coast. Our on line jingle heads message allows you to have some fun in spreading this important message. We also continue our partnership with Taxi Guy for a convenient way to ensure a safe ride home is at your finger tips. In several municipalities across the country we’ll assist with “free ride home” on New Year’s eve. From all of us at Molson we wish you a safe and joyous holiday season. Here’s To Responsible Choices. Cheers @MolsonFerg

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Responsible Choices Top of Mind Says Molson Research Report

Home for the Holidays

As Canadians are making plans to travel and get together for holiday celebrations, responsible choices are at the forefront of their minds. A new survey, commissioned by Molson, asked Canadians about their holiday travel habits and plans, and showed some interesting results and geographical differences.

The research, conducted as part of Molson’s holiday responsible drinking campaign, asked 800 Canadians about their opinions and behaviours surrounding travel decisions and other behaviours during the holiday season. The research, which has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%, 19 times out of 20, looked at four regions as part of the research: Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada. It is follow-up to research commissioned by Molson in May 2007.

The results painted a promising picture of responsible behaviour when it comes to ensuring themselves and others get home safely from holiday celebrations and get-togethers and also highlighted some regional differences. Atlantic Canadians seem to be more likely to plan ahead and have designated drivers (87%), while Western Canada (81%) and Ontario (91%) residents are more active in ensuring their guests have a safe way home when alcohol is served. Seventy-two per cent of all respondents indicated that a designated driver is always assigned at places they go where alcohol is served.

The research shows that Canadians are thinking ahead and making responsible choices during the holiday season. This broad scope will help to focus our efforts to ensure our communications for the holiday season are as effective as possible.

For instance, the research showed that Canadians don’t take the phone number of a taxi company with them. So, we are mostly concentrating on raising awareness of 1-888-TAXIGUY, an easy-to-remember toll-free number that offers a network of over 20,000 cabs across Canada. In fact, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our partnership with TAXIGUY, we are offering a 10% discount on TAXIDOLLARS purchased on

The results of this research are in line with Molson’s previous 2007 baseline survey of 1,605 adults from across Canada, which indicated that a high majority of all Canadians felt that they were responsible drinkers (91%), and they felt good about making the choice to drink responsibly (93%).

The research also delved into Canadians’ overall holiday travel habits during the holidays:

· 53% were planning to travel to spend time with family or friends within their home province, within Canada, or to another part of the world;

· 84% were planning to travel by car;

· 64% indicated that the final decision on where to spend the holidays is a combined family decision;

· 32% of those planning to travel during the holidays will do so on Christmas Day; the same number (32%) plan to travel on Boxing Day;

· 52% indicated that fuel prices would have no impact on their holiday travel planning, while 17% indicated that they would have a great deal of impact;

· If they were not limited by money, 39% of Canadians would still prefer to spend their holidays close to their own home, 31% would prefer to be somewhere warm, on a beach during the holidays, while 19% of respondents indicated they would prefer to spend the holidays somewhere else in Canada with family and friends;

· When asked which living Canadian celebrity they would most like to invite to spend the holidays with, 52% of respondents weren’t sure. Of those who did name someone, the most popular choice was Celine Dion;

· There is something about the holidays that irks 91% of Canadians. For most, it’s the commercialism and consumerism of the holidays that they dislike the most.

· 44% dislike the commercialism/consumerism of the holidays most;

· 26% dislike shopping and the crowds at the stores during the holidays most;

· 6% dislike traveling most;

· 3% dislike wrapping gifts most;

· 2% dislike spending time with the in-laws the most; and

· 10% named a variety of other things.

The research was conducted by Bristol Omnifacts Research. What are you doing to make sure you get home safely during this holidays this festive season ?

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Discount On Taxi Dollars Canada Wide

2008 marks the tenth anniversary of the MOLSON / TAXIGUY partnership. This tremendous program has helped people make responsible choices for a decade and has resulted in over 2.7 million rides home. This coming holiday season Molson is continuing to promote “Here’s to Responsible Choices” as we encourage people to get home safely for the holidays.

MOLSON and TAXIGUY are offering a 10% discount on TAXI DOLLARS with a minimum purchase of $50.00 in taxi dollars.

This is a terrific opportunity to by some taxi dollars to share with neighbours, friends and business associates in promoting the responsible choice of enjoying the holiday season but getting home safely with a taxi.  We also remind you to use the 1888TAXIGUY number to call your cab in more the 300 communities across Canada.

Thanks to Justin Raymond at TAXIGUY for a wonderful decade of making a difference and encouraging people to make responsible choices.

Here’s to Responsible Choices this holiday season. Here’s the link to the discount.

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Back to School…Here’s To Responsible Choices

The Molson team is delighted to be heading to the Humber College north campus this morning to join with our partners at the Student Life Education Company to launch the 2008 campus initiative to promote responsible choices.  This year we have evolved the web tool to include an avatar and a chance to send an ecard to friends and family. Enjoy all the details at here’s to my choice .com.

Here’s to Responsible Choices !