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Sunday, June 28th, 2009

This Summer and all Year Long “Here’s To Responsible Choices”

[youtube G208wTPfxiw]

As the summer gets into full swing we want to pay tribute to those who make responsible choices. Let’s all encourage our family, friends, acquaintances and others to make responsible choices this summer. With summer comes a lot of new activities whether at the cottage, on vacation, travelling Canadian roads, venturing out on new discoveries or just enjoying your own back yard, town, city, farm or retreat. At Molson we say “Here’s To Responsible Choices” and are proud that Jennifer Botterill from the Women’s hockey team as joined with us to help spread the word. Enjoy this flip video clip from Jennifer wishing everyone a summer full of responsible choices. @MolsonFerg

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Responsible Choices Top of Mind Says Molson Research Report

Home for the Holidays

As Canadians are making plans to travel and get together for holiday celebrations, responsible choices are at the forefront of their minds. A new survey, commissioned by Molson, asked Canadians about their holiday travel habits and plans, and showed some interesting results and geographical differences.

The research, conducted as part of Molson’s holiday responsible drinking campaign, asked 800 Canadians about their opinions and behaviours surrounding travel decisions and other behaviours during the holiday season. The research, which has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%, 19 times out of 20, looked at four regions as part of the research: Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada. It is follow-up to research commissioned by Molson in May 2007.

The results painted a promising picture of responsible behaviour when it comes to ensuring themselves and others get home safely from holiday celebrations and get-togethers and also highlighted some regional differences. Atlantic Canadians seem to be more likely to plan ahead and have designated drivers (87%), while Western Canada (81%) and Ontario (91%) residents are more active in ensuring their guests have a safe way home when alcohol is served. Seventy-two per cent of all respondents indicated that a designated driver is always assigned at places they go where alcohol is served.

The research shows that Canadians are thinking ahead and making responsible choices during the holiday season. This broad scope will help to focus our efforts to ensure our communications for the holiday season are as effective as possible.

For instance, the research showed that Canadians don’t take the phone number of a taxi company with them. So, we are mostly concentrating on raising awareness of 1-888-TAXIGUY, an easy-to-remember toll-free number that offers a network of over 20,000 cabs across Canada. In fact, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our partnership with TAXIGUY, we are offering a 10% discount on TAXIDOLLARS purchased on

The results of this research are in line with Molson’s previous 2007 baseline survey of 1,605 adults from across Canada, which indicated that a high majority of all Canadians felt that they were responsible drinkers (91%), and they felt good about making the choice to drink responsibly (93%).

The research also delved into Canadians’ overall holiday travel habits during the holidays:

· 53% were planning to travel to spend time with family or friends within their home province, within Canada, or to another part of the world;

· 84% were planning to travel by car;

· 64% indicated that the final decision on where to spend the holidays is a combined family decision;

· 32% of those planning to travel during the holidays will do so on Christmas Day; the same number (32%) plan to travel on Boxing Day;

· 52% indicated that fuel prices would have no impact on their holiday travel planning, while 17% indicated that they would have a great deal of impact;

· If they were not limited by money, 39% of Canadians would still prefer to spend their holidays close to their own home, 31% would prefer to be somewhere warm, on a beach during the holidays, while 19% of respondents indicated they would prefer to spend the holidays somewhere else in Canada with family and friends;

· When asked which living Canadian celebrity they would most like to invite to spend the holidays with, 52% of respondents weren’t sure. Of those who did name someone, the most popular choice was Celine Dion;

· There is something about the holidays that irks 91% of Canadians. For most, it’s the commercialism and consumerism of the holidays that they dislike the most.

· 44% dislike the commercialism/consumerism of the holidays most;

· 26% dislike shopping and the crowds at the stores during the holidays most;

· 6% dislike traveling most;

· 3% dislike wrapping gifts most;

· 2% dislike spending time with the in-laws the most; and

· 10% named a variety of other things.

The research was conducted by Bristol Omnifacts Research. What are you doing to make sure you get home safely during this holidays this festive season ?