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Monday, April 22nd, 2013

The 3 Rs of Beer Bottle Returns

REDUCE the amount of waste going to landfills.
RE-USE the standard bottle up to 15 times before being melted down for recycling.
RECYCLE 100% of beer packaging.

As responsible brewer, we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken with the industry to reduce our ‘Beer Print’. In Ontario alone, The Beer Store’s deposit return system has recovered approximately 75-billion beer bottles over the past 85 years! To see the other environmental benefits of bottle returns check out this Beer Store infographic:

TBS Infographic


And here’s a sneak peek into one of our breweries during part of the returns system where the bottles are collected, washed and reused:

Industry standard bottles from various brands are sent to our breweries.


Photo by Christopher Drost

This bottle washing machine thoroughly washes 60 bottles at a time with detergent. The labels get removed and goes through a rinse cycle.


Photo by Christopher Drost

After the bottles come out nice and clean, then it’s off to inspection!


Photo by Christopher Drost

So if you have any empties lying around, you know what to do!

Cheers & Happy Earth Day!

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Blog About What…Let us Know Your Interest

Greetings for 2013 from the Molson Coors Community Blog. @MolsonFerg here. based in Canada. I’ve been involved with this blog in one way shape or form from its start back in 2007. We tended to speak all things community in Canada and have enjoyed being engaged and involved with so many of our community partners and projects through the blog. It has also been a great platform for our employees to shout out or for us to shout out about the great work that our employees do in their communities. We migrated “location” of the blog to the Molson Coors central web site a year ago. Since then I must admit that the Canadian team has held back on some of our posts, given that they might have felt just a little to Canada centric. Given that our audience now is more global, we felt we needed to be more selective of what we posted, so as not to cause too much spam like content on the blog. We are now in the midst of talking amongst the team on how we are going to utilize the blog to continue to tell stories about community and Molson Coors efforts across our business around the world in areas of corporate responsibility and community engagement.We call this Our Beer Print. SO…we would love to hear from you on what you find interesting, appealing, informing or intriguing by way of this blog. Thanks for taking the time to post some thoughts here or back at me on Twitter or via email. Thanks for your continued interest in Molson Coors and all things beer. Cheers to a great week. @MolsonFerg


Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Billions Recycled through The Beer Store in Ontario

fields of barley

Upon the release of recycling results and their environmental stewardship for The Beer Store in Ontario, I felt compelled to write a post and share the positive news with everyone. The Beer Store (of which Molson is a shareholder) has been doing a terrific job in environmental stewardship since partnering with the Government of Ontario to be the Ontario Deposit Return destination for all beverage alcohol containers.

Brewers have been doing their part for a long time. The industry standard bottle has 47 brewers participating in Canada which means significant re-use of this container and eventual recycling when the bottle wears out. These brewers represent more than 97% of the industry volume in Canada…quite an accomplishment.

The Beer Store role in Ontario’s Deposit Return for beverage alcohol is continuing to improve upon environmental stewardship in the province. To read the full report you can download it at the Beer Store’s environmental page on their web site.

I will also point you to more details on what Molson and Molson Coors Brewing Company are doing in the context of corporate responsibility by re-directing you to our Molson Coors Brewing Company environmental responsibility page.

What do you think our industry and Molson can be doing to continue to be more environmentally friendly ? Please let us know by commenting below…cheers !