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Monday, April 13th, 2009

NMP’s Second Luncheon: What an Honour!

Thanks to Emily Dimytosh, NMP student at Queen’s University, for taking the time to write a guest blog post.  Emily will be connected with Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources (P.O.W.E.R.) this summer and mentored Ryan Stewart, Molson Field Marketing Manager. Cheers, Tonia

National Mentoring Program Lunch at the Toronto Board of Trade

On Friday April 3, the NMP team gathered for its second speaker’s luncheon. Mentors, mentees, charities, and Molson’s staff were delighted to be joined by His Honour David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. His Honour stressed the importance of vision in leadership, and heard from both mentees and charities on their strategic plans for the summer. His Honour also emphasized the significance of mentorship, sharing his personal experiences with mentors and applauding the NMP for cultivating these relationships among today’s youth.
Thank you to His Honour for such inspiring words, especially with T-Minus 3 weeks until projects launch.

– Emily Dimytosh

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Molson’s Charity Challenge at Queen’s University

Q'BET Charity Challenge

On October 4th Molson again teamed up with the Queen’s Business Environment Today Conference (QBET) to deliver the Charity Challenge. The case competition, like always, was a highlight of the event.

Why is it such a hit? This case competition has a cause! The student delegates are put into groups and asked to tackle a challenge facing a local charity. This year’s featured charity was the Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston.

To start the day a representative from the charity briefed the group on the numerous types of learning disabilities that cause challenges for so many. One of the most interesting pieces was a list of successful business leaders that have learning disabilities including Virgin’s Richard Branson. The students were given a specific challenge – determine new revenue streams for the Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston.

After an energetic hour of ideation the groups presented to the judges. Judging was the highlight of the day for me. Every group came forward with ideas that were creative, strategic, practical and fun. As judges, we decided to ask each group one serious and one humorous question to keep the mood light. The presentation portion was filled with compelling ideas and lots of laughs.

Though the main goal of the challenge is to generate as many ideas as possible, we did recognize two of the top groups with a John Molson bag. A donation of $1,000 will also be made to the Learning Disability Association of Kingston on behalf of all challenge participants.

This unique case competition continues to be impactful for the charity, meaningful for both the students and Molson and a lot of fun for everyone involved.


Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Molson Vlog Episode 8: National Mentoring Program

The group

About a week ago, I joined the National Mentoring Program (NMP) for lunch in Toronto to celebrate and recognize the wonderful work of the students and mentors this year — kind of like a NMP graduation.

I’ve written about this program a few times over the last year, and am happy to be writing again to congratulate the Queen’s University students, their Molson Mentors and the organizations they worked with. Kevin Boyce, CEO and President of Molson, joined us as well and had a chance to hear about the great things the student/Molson teams accomplished.

The latest Molson vlog:

[youtube YMqM56XF7UQ]

Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue (founder of the NMP) and Scott Ewart

Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue and Scott Ewart

Kevin having lunch with the students

National Mentoring Program

More photos of the students on flickr:

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Molson Employees team up with the National Mentoring Program

Molson Sales Manager Frank Ivankovic is one of six Molson employees who are volunteering their time and knowledge, becoming mentors to six Queen’s University students enrolled in the corporate social responsibility certificate program. The students have selected charities with challenging issues that will be tackled by the mentor/student teams.

Frank is working with Sara Ross on her Baycrest Hospital project. They will be working together to draft a marketing plan that will address brand issues faced by Baycrest Volunteer Services Department.

[youtube M-fZKO6ZjdM]