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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Un impressionnant groupe d’employés(es) de Molson s’active à la Colonie Les Bosquets Albert Hudon

Molson Colonie Bosquets

Les bénévoles de Molson sur le site de la Colonie Les Bosquets Albert Hudon

Les vendredi 23 et samedi 23 mai dernier, Dave Gagnon aidé d’une quarantaine d’employés de Molson, membres de familles et amis, ont participé au nettoyage du site de la Colonie Les Bosquets Albert Hudon, un camp dirigé par la Société pour les enfants handicapés du Québec pour les jeunes ayant un trouble envahissant du développement.

Cette participation s’inscrivait dans le cadre de la formation continue de Molson visant à préparer les employés à de futurs rôles de direction, où l’implication communautaire joue un rôle prioritaire en terme de valeurs d’entreprise.

Molson Colonie Bosquets

(de gauche à droite) Caroline Losson, directrice marketing, marques Molson ; Dave Gagnon, directeur marketing, clients CAD, Molson ; Richard Rioux, directeur, Camp Les Bosquets Albert-Hudon ; Sean Kennedy, chef des opérations , brasserie Molson à St. John’s ; Frank Coschignano, directeur de la comptabilité financière, Molson

Par l’entremise du Programme de bénévolat Molson, ces employés ont profité du programme qui offre à tout le personnel intéressé une journée hors-travail payée pour participer à une initiative de bénévolat collective réunissant une dizaine d’employés de Molson ou plus.

Dans le cadre de cette activité de bénévolat, Molson a remis aussi un don de 2 500 $ provenant de son Fonds de bienfaisance Molson. La réalisation d’un magnifique projet de tous ces employés(es) … FÉLICITATIONS!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Molson Staff on Top of Kilimanjaro

Molson Staff on Top of Kilimanjaro_Jan 08, originally uploaded by Molson Blog.

If there’s one particular aspect of my work here at Molson that I particularly enjoy – it’s meeting employees across the company. Why? Because in every office or brewery where I go and have the the chance to mix and mingle with colleagues, I always meet someone, somewhere, who is doing something special outside of their day-to-day work at Molson. Whether it is because of their community involvement, or their “hobby” careers there are lots of interesting tales out there.

As a communicator, or at times “in-house journalist”, I like meeting people who have a uniquely different story or passion in their personal life. I learn how some are involved in the community, on their own time outside of Molson. There are some truly amazing folks in every organization, and Molson is no different! The people at Molson come from all walks of life, each with their own unique stories, and I intend to write about some of those amazing people right here on this page.

This forum’s topic is about Molson in the community, I’ll put another twist to it, and write about the people of Molson in the community.

So here goes the first one:

Two Molson employees; Pierre Francoeur and Maurice Robert, both working at the distribution center in Montreal, recently organized and joined a group of twenty-five intrepid adventurers who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa’s highest point at 5 895 meters. (19,341 ft.) That, in itself, is an accomplishment, but what makes it extraordinaire is that by doing so, they raised not only their heart beat but $65 713 for Quebec Society for Disabled Children. The money will help children with disabilities and their family climb their own everyday Kilimanjaro. Now, that makes these two guys climbing expedition real cool!

The journey up the Kilimanjaro began on January 1st 2008, and culminated with the reach of the “rooftop of Africa” six days later at dawn. Molson and its employees contributed with a combined donation of $6,000 to the Society.

Congratulation Pierre and Maurice, Molson and its employees, are, once again on top of things!

Visit more information or to learn about the next Kilimanjaro expedition.