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Friday, May 29th, 2009

Molson Awarded the Power Smart Leader Designation by BC Hydro!

Scott Gordon, Vancouver Brewery Energy Team Leader; Rene Holt, Vancouver Brewery Manager; Kal Sahota, BC Hydro Key Account Manager and Daniel Pelland, Molson Chief Brewing Officer

[youtube JhynBpNR1Ns]

Great news for us from Vancouver this week. Yes indeed a few days ago (May 26) I had the opportunity to attend an awards dinner in Vancouver, where BC Hydro gave Molson their top award in the Power Smart program — the Power Smart Leader designation for 2009.

I felt very proud that our company was honoured with this huge award which speaks directly of Vancouver brewery achievements in saving energy, and driving environmental sustainability. It’s great to see this recognition being given to a lot of dedicated people who were diligently striving to make improvements over a number of years.

BC Hydro created the Power Smart program to provide programs and incentives to encourage customers to use less power, and Molson first got on board with the program in 2000. Starting with fairly low ratings, every year our team at the Vancouver brewery worked very hard to achieve significantly greater and greater energy savings. We continued to improve our Power Smart rating until in 2009 we won the Power Smart Leader award, as mentioned. It goes to show what persistence and commitment can do.

During the past 11 years since BC Hydro began Power Smart program, I think it’s interesting that so far only two public companies have received the Power Smart Leader award: Toyota and now Molson. By winning this award, Molson stands out as a company that cares, and shows others how it can be done–changing our thinking, operations and equipment in order to conserve energy. Not only is it good for the planet, it’s good for our business.

All the individual efforts of the employees in Vancouver are a big reason for this amazing success. Congratulations on making a difference!