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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Community and “Our Beer Print”

Ferg at taps


Community Engagement”…sounds impressive doesn’t it! With nearly 30 years at Molson Coors, I’ve come to realize that our commitment to community and desire to keep communities strong and vibrant is something that is at the heart and soul of our company. That heart and soul comes from our people and how we together help contribute to our greater community.

Let’s face it; the beer business is not something you leave at your desk at the end of the day. You take “it” home and out to your community. Whether it’s a social function with friends, an after party to raise funds for a cause, a sponsorship for the local league, a commitment to environmental care, or safe and secure neighbourhoods…the beer business is about community, inherently.

At Molson Coors we have long standing family traditions in giving back. One of our family founders, John Molson said to a group of his people gathered in the early 1800s that “we are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part.”


When I look across our business, I see that as a company and through our people we do play our part. There are numerous examples of where we have invested in our communities as a company with and through our people. In Canada we support our people with a paid day off while volunteering for a non-profit or charitable cause. A similar program exists in the Czech Republic where over 150 employees participated in 2012. At MillerCoors in the USA, employees spent more than 53,000 hours in 2011 supporting their communities. In Canada we match our employee charitable donations to a maximum of $5,000 per annum and double match if our people play a leadership role.

Community engagement examples are numerous and varied across our business.

In Croatia a “Night of the Museums” shines a light on history and heritage. In Bulgaria “My City – My Home” instills civic pride. In Hungary consumers attending festivals learn about being environmentally aware by witnessing beer cans being turned into jewellery. At the Trebjesa Brewery in Montenegro we make donations to local hospitals and persons with disabilities. In Romania we are involved in a campaign to help festivals be more environmentally friendly by informing festival goers about the importance of separating waste. It’s no doubt that our community engagements have contributed to us landing the “top employer” designation in Serbia and Canada.


In the UK our employees share a passion to make a difference through a commitment to Whizz-Kidz, giving kids with disabilities their own independence. At our head office in Denver we continue to step up efforts for the United Way and at our head office in Montreal, Guy Lafleur Awards encourage youth to undertake excellence in academics and sports.

Community is about connecting together, enjoying a nice cold beer while toasting accomplishments with neighbours, family and friends. Through these occasions and engagement in our community we are all helping to grow our positive Beer Print.



« Engagement communautaire »… voilà un terme impressionnant, n’est-ce pas? Durant ma carrière de près de 30 ans chez Molson Coors, j’ai réalisé que notre engagement envers les communautés et notre désir de maintenir la vitalité et le dynamisme au sein de celles-ci constituent le cœur et l’âme de notre entreprise. Cette force vitale provient de nos employés et de nos efforts collectifs pour contribuer au mieux-être des communautés.

Soyons réalistes. Le commerce de la bière n’est pas quelque chose qu’on laisse simplement au bureau à la fin de la journée. La bière est présente à la maison et au sein de votre communauté. Qu’il s’agisse d’une activité entre amis, d’une fête visant à recueillir des fonds pour une cause, de la commandite d’une équipe sportive locale, d’un engagement à protéger l’environnement ou un voisinage sûr… le commerce de la bière touche l’ensemble d’une communauté.

Chez Molson Coors, redonner à la société est une tradition familiale de longue date. Au début des années 1800, John Molson, l’un de nos fondateurs, déclarait à un groupe de ses employés : « Nous faisons tous partie d’une communauté élargie qui dépend de la contribution de chacun ».


Lorsque je jette un coup d’œil sur nos activités, je vois une entreprise et des employés qui apportent leur contribution. Il y a de nombreux exemples où nous avons investi dans nos communautés en compagnie de nos employés et par leur entremise. Au Canada, nous offrons à nos employés une journée de congé payé lorsqu’ils font du bénévolat pour un organisme sans but lucratif ou de bienfaisance. Un programme similaire existe en République tchèque, où plus de 150 employés ont participé en 2012. Aux États-Unis, les employés de MillerCoors ont consacré plus de 53 000 heures à appuyer leur communauté en 2011. De plus, au Canada, nous versons un montant équivalant aux dons de charité de nos employés, jusqu’à concurrence de 5 000 $ par année, et nous versons un montant équivalant à deux fois les dons de nos employés lorsque ceux-ci jouent un rôle de leadership.

Les exemples d’engagement communautaire sont nombreux et variés à l’échelle de notre entreprise.

En Croatie, la « Nuit des musées » souligne l’histoire et le patrimoine. En Bulgarie, l’événement « Ma ville. Mon chez-moi. » favorise la fierté civique. En Hongrie, les consommateurs qui prennent part à des festivals sont sensibilisés à la cause environnementale en découvrant la transformation de canettes de bière en bijoux. À la brasserie Trebjesa du Monténégro, nous faisons des dons à des hôpitaux locaux et à des personnes handicapées. En outre, en Roumanie, nous participons à une campagne visant à aider les festivals à être plus respectueux de l’environnement en informant les visiteurs de l’importance du tri des déchets. Il ne fait aucun doute que notre engagement communautaire nous a aidés à décrocher le titre de « meilleur employeur » en Serbie et au Canada.


Au Royaume-Uni, nos employés souhaitent avoir un effet positif en s’engageant à l’égard de Whizz-Kidz, un organisme de bienfaisance qui aide les enfants handicapés à acquérir leur indépendance. À notre siège social de Denver, au Colorado, nous continuons à intensifier les efforts pour aider l’organisme United Way (équivalent américain de Centraide). À notre siège social de Montréal, nous soutenons les Prix Guy-Lafleur qui encouragent les jeunes à viser l’excellence dans leurs études et dans les sports.

La communauté est un rassemblement de citoyens, une occasion de prendre une bonne bière froide tout en soulignant les réalisations en compagnie de nos voisins, notre famille et nos amis. Dans le cadre de ces occasions et de notre engagement à l’égard de la communauté, nous contribuons à accroître notre empreinte positive.


Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Beer Folks Community Champions


Ah, back at it after an Easter weekend break with family and friends. Easter sometimes is that true bridge to spring; not quite this year in Toronto, given our below zero temperatures continuing. Enough of that…

Easter is also a time of year when one (this one anyway) reflects on all the great things that we have as we celebrate with family and friends around us. After 29 years in the beer business I’ve come to realize that this industry of ours is one of deep community roots and involvement.

When I look back at my early years as a summer representative in Northern Ontario my whole focus was on community. From visiting tourist resorts along wooded gravel roads, to slo pitch and fast ball tournaments with men and women across the northwest of Ontario, to the Jeux Canada Games in Thunder Bay in 1981 and again in Sherbrooke in 2103,  to door prizes for local charitable events…it was all about supporting our community.

Beer in Canada is part of our social fabric (it likely is where you are too but I can really only speak with authority on Canada). Molson Coors has continued to play our part in supporting events, festivals, entertainment and sports related events big and small from coast to coast to coast.

The range of community action is broad and deep, large and small. From proud official beer supplier of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver, to a Red Leaf project park in Calgary, to the Mayor’s Ball for the Arts in Edmonton or support of CFL clubs across the country including the Saskatchewan Rough Riders – Calgary Stampeders – Edmonton Eskimos, or a responsible choice initiative like free New Years buses in Winnipeg, to our partnered NHL clubs Edmonton Oilers – Toronto Maple Leafs – Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens and the NHL overall in North America, to the families of our fallen military and the True Patriot Love committee, to community festivals speckled across Quebec or the Pointe-A-Caillieer museum project in Old Montreal, the Maison de Jeunes de Dieppe, the amateur hockey movement in Prince Edward Island, the Halifax Oval or scholarships at Memorial University in St. John’s, to slo-pitch and local sports or perhaps a snapshot of your favourite moment in the great provincial territories that crown this country in Molson Canadian’s “make your mark” contest.

We are also proud to support our employees and the difference that they continue to make in their communities. We match their donations through our Molson Coors Donations Fund and will “double match” when they play an executive role for charity or not for profit organization. We also afford our employees with the opportunity to share their passion with fellow employees by posting their efforts in our internal social Cheers network on yammer. We have a long roster of employees committed to various charitable causes.

So, all this said, Molson Coors folks are part of an industry that continues to play a big part in our community. It is core to our business. When people come together to celebrate or make a difference in their community they can also toast their efforts with a nice cold Molson Coors. Proudly, it all dates back to our founder John Molson who was quoted while speaking to employees saying, “we are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part.”

So cheers to beer folks across this great land that continue to play their part in our community. It’s a big part of who we are and a big part of what we love doing in the beer business. Cheers ! @MolsonFerg

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Blog About What…Let us Know Your Interest

Greetings for 2013 from the Molson Coors Community Blog. @MolsonFerg here. based in Canada. I’ve been involved with this blog in one way shape or form from its start back in 2007. We tended to speak all things community in Canada and have enjoyed being engaged and involved with so many of our community partners and projects through the blog. It has also been a great platform for our employees to shout out or for us to shout out about the great work that our employees do in their communities. We migrated “location” of the blog to the Molson Coors central web site a year ago. Since then I must admit that the Canadian team has held back on some of our posts, given that they might have felt just a little to Canada centric. Given that our audience now is more global, we felt we needed to be more selective of what we posted, so as not to cause too much spam like content on the blog. We are now in the midst of talking amongst the team on how we are going to utilize the blog to continue to tell stories about community and Molson Coors efforts across our business around the world in areas of corporate responsibility and community engagement.We call this Our Beer Print. SO…we would love to hear from you on what you find interesting, appealing, informing or intriguing by way of this blog. Thanks for taking the time to post some thoughts here or back at me on Twitter or via email. Thanks for your continued interest in Molson Coors and all things beer. Cheers to a great week. @MolsonFerg


Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Molson M Supporting the Arts in Canada

Molson M Turning Tweets into Art

Molson M  

Do you love the arts? If so, Molson M has a unique opportunity for those in Twitterville to BE the art with its new campaign to support Canadian Art Foundation.

Here’s how it works: Over the next four weeks, the brand is asking all twitterers over Legal Drinking Age to use the hashtag #MolsonM_Art in their tweets. Each use of the hashtag will trigger a $1 donation to the Canadian Art Foundation, and get your twitter handle painted onto a giant outdoor mural in downtown Toronto.

“The goal of this project is to celebrate artistry and mastery. Whether it’s paint to canvas, chisel to stone or pen to paper, artistry is a beautiful blend of precision and passion. Molson M is made with this level of care and it represents our mastery of brewing,” says Dave Bigioni, Senior director of Marketing at Molson Coors Canada. “With this project, art lovers, beer drinkers, passers-by – any Canadian – can play a real part in bringing art to life and showing their support for art in Canada.”

“The Canadian Art Foundation provides a destination for artists and art enthusiasts to connect and be inspired by art. The Molson M collaborative approach to art does just that,” says Ann Webb, Executive Director of the Canadian Art Foundation. “The mural will be a wonderful mix of global and Canadian artistic talent, and the generous support of Molson M will help us carry on our work to nurture more local, national and global visibility for the extraordinary artistic talent in Canada.”

Those who participate can start looking for their handles on the 40-feet-high by 100-feet-wide painted mural at the corner of King and Church streets in the next week or so.

Tweet away ! Cheers. @MolsonFerg

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Molson Coors Wheelchair Dare for Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Wheelchair Dare

When Kevin Harrison and Sylvie Lapointe approached us two years ago to consider partnering on the Wheelchair Dare, it raised to my attention, the critical need for greater awareness about the battle that physically challenged persons meet, day in day out. As Molson Coors Canada focuses on charitable giving in support of “active lifestyles”, it was apparent to our team that the Wheelchair Dare for Muscular Dystrophy could raise awarness about this debilitating disease as well as how we can help those physically challenged to have greater access and ease in their day to day lives.

Our Molson Coors Wheelchair Dare team this year will take to the chairs on Monday May 16th. Our President and CEO Dave Perkins will lead the way, along with Chief Legal Officer Kelly Brown, VP of Marketing Assets Judy Davey, Chief Sales Officer Nigel Tordoff…and me to bring up the rear!

Thanks to the terrific support from my co-chair (pardon the pun) John Tory and Newstalk 1010 along with Anthony Farnell and the terrific team at Global Television we will kick off the campaign on May 16th at South of Temperance in downtown Toronto. Be sure to take in the “live remote” action of our newsmaking partners and drop by to experience some of our new innovations …Molson M and Molson Canadian 67 Sublime. We’ll make this a fun filled afternoon and a great start to the campaign to raise funds and awareness for MD Canada.

You can support the Molson Coors Wheelchair Dare team in a couple of ways. You can create your own team at your place of work. If you’d like to make a donation you can do so on the Molson Coors Canada team site. Or, if you are wondering what to do with those digital photos just sitting on that chip that never gets looked at, you might wish to create your own photobook and use the special promo code, Rich Bassett and the kind folks at Photobooks will donate proceeds to MD Canada.

Thanks to all for your support of this effort and all those things that you do in the greater community.

Cheers @MolsonFerg