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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Our Beer Print in Action with Molson Coors Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Bart Alexander

RLP 2012 Toronto 09

Bart Alexander, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Molson Coors Brewing Company volunteering with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project at Brick Works in Toronto, ON.

What would you call a day when you got up early, planted some trees with friends and co-workers and then celebrated with an ice cold Molson Canadian beer?  For me it was awesome, a day bringing together the best of Canada for this visitor from Denver, Colorado.  In fact, the day was sponsored by the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in partnership with Evergreen.  The Red Leaf Project launched in 2011, planting over 100,000 trees  to help make our awesome land (in Canada), even better.  Almost 1000 Canadians volunteered at 10 park projects last year, and this summer, the brand will increase its impact by tenfold – 100 projects!

As Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors, I know that we make both positive and negative impacts on people and the earth.   We call that “Our Beer Print” – just like a beer leaves a mark on the table or coaster, we leave our mark.  Much is positive – such as the good times we spend together over beers, the jobs we create, and the contributions we make to our communities.  Some is negative – like alcohol abuse or discharges and accidents in our breweries.

We are dedicated as a company and as a collection of people to do all we can to grow our positive beer print and shrink our negative beer print.   This means we commit to be an ethical and well governed company, that sells quality products marketed responsibly, committed to environmental sustainability, investing in our people and the communities where we live and work, and taking our best practices to our suppliers and retailers.  It also means that we can help connect people to make a difference – just like we’re doing with the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project.

We know that our people appreciate our progress, ranking us as one of the top places to work in Canada.  And we believe that beer drinkers care as well, as demonstrated by the participation in Red Leaf Project.  We look forward to seeing that participation grow in 2012.

We’re devoted to improving Our Beer Print in Canada and every market in the world where we brew and sell our products.  So, next time you enjoy one of our brews, be it Canadian or an Coors Light or Rickards, taste our passion to refresh you and the world.

Cheers to you and your responsible choices!

To register/learn more, visit Molson Canadian on facebook

RLP 2012 Toronto 22

RLP 2012 Toronto 39

RLP 2012 Toronto 36

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Happy Earth Day…Our Beer Print…as explained by @BrewerBart

During a wonderful walk along the Kay Gardner Belt Line early this morning in Toronto, it was great to see that so many must have been active yesterday in taking Mayor Rob Ford’s challenge to “clean up” the city, one person, one piece of debris at a time. There were several bags of refuse and other items for the City workers to claim on Monday. It’s truly great when a community comes together for such a great cause.

With today being Earth Day I thought it appropriate to draw attention to what we refer to as “Our Beer Print” at Molson Coors. I did a recent blog post for Sustainable brands on this unique effort with our employees.

Essentially “Our Beer Print” is all about shrinking the negative and growing the positive impact of our business. Our focus remains on water – alcohol respect and community. However we encourage people to think about sustainability and “Our Beer Print” in all that they do, from producing our quality beers to reuse of our industry standard bottle and recycling our packaging.

@BrewerBart – Bart Alexander our Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors, was recently interviewed about “Our Beer Print”. Bart’s interview provides a terrific picture of what “Our Beer Print” means to Molson Coors and our people. It’s fun, engaging, rewarding and highly visible to our people, and to those with whom we do business. Corporate Responsibility has also showed up as a great motivator in engaging our employees across our businesses around the globe. With such a deep history in each of the countries we operate, corporate responsibility continues to be part of our day to day “DNA” for our people and our operations. Whether its our commitment to water, our community involvement, or the continued promotion of our fine quality products in a responsible manner…it’s all part of our ongoing journey in corporate responsibility. Cheers to you and what you are doing wherever you may live, work and play. Happy Earth Day !  @MolsonFerg



Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Marvelous Movember


I know @MolsonTonia will do a more formal update BUT…30 days with an itchy upper lip is a mild inconvenience compared to the challenge that many men face in beating back cancer in their lives. Mo-Bros at Molson Coors in Canada stepped up this month in a big way. This awareness was also shared by a number of Mo-Sistas at Molson Coors in Canada who joined the campaign to raise awareness and funds during the month. We were also supported by the Rickard’s brand in raising public awareness for this important cause. All said and done the Molson Coors team can proudly shout out our achievement of raising over $184,000.00 to support Movember in Canada. Thanks to all of those colleagues, family, friends and business associates for taking the time to participate  and or cash from your pockets to make a difference. Cheers to making a difference in men’s health and to promoting active lifestyles. @MolsonFerg