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Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Mark Dailey visits the National Mentoring Program

NMP Lunch with Mark Dailey at Board of Trade in Toronto

The Toronto and Queen’s NMP students, Mark Dailey, Molson Mentors, Community Partners and a few others!

The second year of the National Mentoring Program (NMP) has started with a group of new, excited young students from across Canada.  Amir was out east last week at DalHousie to meet with the students, their Molson mentees and the charities.  I joined the U of T and Queen’s Uni. NMP’ers at the Board of Trade last Friday for a very delicious lunch (thank you for the veggie options Mary!) and a guest appearance from Mark Dailey, Citytv News Anchor.

Scott Ewart, Molson Chief Legal Officer

Scott: Ready to rock – about to into Mark

Molson’s Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer, Scott Ewart addressed the students and introduced Mark who gave the students a brief overview of his philanthropic past, present and future – truly inspiring.  His work in the community stretches over years, working with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Salvation Army, a spokesperson for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation, and many more – a great inspiration to the students (and the rest of us!) who are about to embark on a community development and leadership journey.

Thank you to Mark for taking the time in his busy schedule to join Molson and the NMP.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

CSR Weekend at Queen’s University…this weekend

A team of Molson folks will be travelling to Queen’s University this weekend to partake in the Queen’s School of Business CSR Certification “CSR weekend”. Travelling to Queen’s to participate in a dialogue with business students will be Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer – Scott Ewart, Vice President fo Government and Public Affairs – Ferg Devins, and Community Relations Co-ordinator – Tonia Hammer. Mary Donohue, a consultant working with Molson in Philanthropic endeavours will also be accompanying the group and participating in this unque learning event at Queen’s. This is the second  year that Molson will participate in the CSR weekend at Queen’s. Last year we announced the creation of the National Mentoring Program whereby students get teamed up with a Molson employee as a mentorin to tackle a particular challenge facing a non profit organization. The Molson mentor and student look at various perspectives and opportunities to resolve the non profit’s challenge and then Molson supports the student in a summer job position with the charity to resolve the issue. Look forward to seeing everyone in Kingston. If anyone has any ideas about enhancing CSR initiatives or other ideas that you would like us to consider, please comment below. Here’s to responsible choices !

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Molson Vlog Episode 8: National Mentoring Program

The group

About a week ago, I joined the National Mentoring Program (NMP) for lunch in Toronto to celebrate and recognize the wonderful work of the students and mentors this year — kind of like a NMP graduation.

I’ve written about this program a few times over the last year, and am happy to be writing again to congratulate the Queen’s University students, their Molson Mentors and the organizations they worked with. Kevin Boyce, CEO and President of Molson, joined us as well and had a chance to hear about the great things the student/Molson teams accomplished.

The latest Molson vlog:

[youtube YMqM56XF7UQ]

Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue (founder of the NMP) and Scott Ewart

Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue and Scott Ewart

Kevin having lunch with the students

National Mentoring Program

More photos of the students on flickr:

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Molson takes a 3-dimensional approach to corporate philanthropy

Last week, the Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources (CAVR) and the Professional Administrators of Volunteer Resources (PAVRO) joined together for its annual conference at the Sheraton in Hamilton, ON.  Molson was invited to join in the conversation on a panel format.

Scott Ewart, Molson’s Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer was there along with four other panel members to discuss challenges, opportunities and issues impacting volunteerism in their sector, as well as their vision of the future of volunteerism.  Other panel members:

I was lucky enough to join Scott in Hamilton and listen to (and video! — below) some of the panel discussion.  One of the most interesting topics that Scott discussed was the concept of 3-dimensional philanthropy, a model of philanthropy from Mary Donohue, founder of the National Mentoring Program.  Watch the video below to learn about Molson’s  3-dimensional involvement.

[youtube cZ9BNwf_8Yc]


Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Molson Employees team up with the National Mentoring Program

Molson Sales Manager Frank Ivankovic is one of six Molson employees who are volunteering their time and knowledge, becoming mentors to six Queen’s University students enrolled in the corporate social responsibility certificate program. The students have selected charities with challenging issues that will be tackled by the mentor/student teams.

Frank is working with Sara Ross on her Baycrest Hospital project. They will be working together to draft a marketing plan that will address brand issues faced by Baycrest Volunteer Services Department.

[youtube M-fZKO6ZjdM]