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Monday, May 31st, 2010

National Mentoring Program – Cohort 3

Guest blog today from Carly Schwartz, student/mentee in the 2010 National Mentoring Program.  Thanks Carly and Best of Luck at Meal Exchange this summer. Cheers!

National Mentoring Program - Toronto 2010

On the morning of May 20th, 2010, there was an anxious buzz in the air. Not only was it a beautiful day outside in downtown Toronto, but it was also the day where students of the National Mentoring Program and their charities would meet their Molson mentors face-to-face over lunch at the Toronto Board of Trade. There was already a solid relationship formed between the mentors and mentees through weekly phone calls and emails over the past few months, but finally connecting the voice to a face was an exciting experience!

The afternoon began with some mingling. Having never met my mentor before, it was quite fun trying to pick out who I thought would be the face to the voice I knew like the back of my hand! Once everyone connected with their mentors and settled in with their delicious food, NMP Founder Mary Donohue welcomed us all and introduced us to Amir Remtulla, Molson Coors Canada Senior Director Public Affairs. Mr. Remtulla presented Mr. Ootes, humanitarian and City of Toronto Councillor, who spoke of the value of community volunteering, something which everyone involved in the National Mentoring Program is extremely passionate about and can relate to in their own way.

As the lunch began to wind down, students were able to chat with each other and share their stories from the first couple weeks of working with their charities. It was not only exciting meeting my Molson mentor, but also a lot of fun getting a chance to see what amazing projects my friends were tackling this summer. With all the excitement and anticipation in the air, it is evident that this summer is going to be an unforgettable one for all the students, mentors, and their charities!

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Molson Volunteers in Action – Baycrest Hospital

Molson Volunteer Program at Baycrest Hospital

Cheers to 20 Molson employees who spent the day at Baycrest Hospital volunteering their time gardening the terraces, assisting with events preparation and spending time with the residences in the creative arts studio.

Baycrest is a premier academic health sciences centre that focuses on aging, and Molson has been working with Baycrest over the last year through the National Mentoring Program - there are currently two University of Toronto students working at Baycrest, helping the volunteer department develop a business plan and marketing proposal.

Photos from the day:

Molson Volunteer Program at Baycrest Hospital

Molson Volunteer Program at Baycrest Hospital

Great photos of the volunteering day from Oreon Mounter who generously donated his time as well.  More photos.

A big shout out to Heidi Pokorny (Manager, Events and Promotions at Molson) and Frank Ivankovic (Sales Manager GTA at Molson) for making the day happen – your teams rocked it.

Molson Volunteer Program at Baycrest Hospital

Molson Volunteer Program at Baycrest Hospital

Baycrest blog – Molson Mitzvah Day

Monday, June 1st, 2009

First luncheon of the Western National Mentoring Program

The fifth floor of the School of Business building on the beautiful University of Alberta campus played host to the first luncheon of the participants in this year’s initial National Mentoring Program in Western Canada. In partnership with the University of Alberta, two Molson Edmonton employees (myself and Brad Devarennes, Manager of Retail in Alberta) have been paired with two University of Alberta students (Jessica and Wan Ting) who were interested in learning more about real world Corporate Social Responsibility.  Together we are working with two fantastic local charitible organizations, Jessica and myself with HIV Edmonton and Wan Ting and Brad with Edmonton’s Food Bank, in finding solutions to meet their challenges. Molson is funding the summer postitions at the charities for Jessica and Wan Ting.

At the luncheon, we heard from Area Vice President for Western Canada Rick Tousaw who gave a great talk on Molson’s 223 year legacy of Corporate Social Responsibility and our support of the National Mentoring program.

Listen to Rick:

[youtube eQHsmsmVkJA]


L to R: Brad Devarennes, Manager Alberta Retail, Molson; Wan Ting, University of Alberta business student; Fay Lucy, Edmonton’s Food Bank; Misty Bjerky, HIV Edmonton; Jessica Peck, University of Alberta business student; Rick Tousaw, Area Vice President – Western Canada, Molson; Bryan Cox, Director Government and Public Affairs – Western Canada, Molson

Our thanks to Dale McNeely and Michelle Height from the University of Alberta, who are working with Molson on this important program and who facilitated a great luncheon!

Personally, I am very honoured to be a part of the National Mentoring Program, a program that is striving to make a real difference in our communities, with the assistance of our future leaders like Jessica and Wan Ting.

More to come on this.


Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

The National Mentoring Program at Dalhousie University

The National Mentoring Program has expanded to the East Coast, and I’m thrilled to have JoAnne Akerboom guest blog about the program at Dalhousie.  Cheers, Tonia

National Mentoring Program - Dalhousie

Dalhousie student mentees, Molson mentors, Robert Zed, Mary Donohue and JoAnne Akerboom

I was first introduced to the National Mentoring Program (NMP) when I met Mary Donahue last fall. Her enthusiasm and energy for this initiative goes beyond compare. Having always had an interest in helping people and organization succeed and thrive, I was quickly caught up in idea of companies supporting the development of students by using their philanthropic funds for students’ projects in community initiatives. It a win-win-win for all involved.

Most recently at the National Mentoring Luncheon sponsored by Molson (one of the first supporters of the NMP, the keynote speaker Robert Zed struck a chord that resonated with everyone in the room when he spoke of his involvement in volunteerism. I was particularly touched when Robert mentioned how his own children looked for ways to assist those in need in the community. As a parent there is no greater sense of accomplishment than to have our children be kind and generous to others.

It is also amazing to hear how some people criticize those who volunteer with the thought that the volunteer gains from this. Of course they gain a lot!

In addition to feeling great, you gain a network of contacts that know what you can do and this is invaluable. In working with business students at Dalhousie University we stress the value of networking and how important it is. We also stress that in addition to who you know, it’s what they know about you and what you can contribute to their organization – what better way to do this than to contribute to a community initiative.

So thank you Mary for this brilliant Mentoring Program and thank you to the folks at Molson and the other companies that support the NMP. You provide the opportunities for our students to learn the value of community contribution, the value of large corporations in our economy and the need for all of us to participate in creating kind of community we want to live, work and play in.

JoAnne Akerboom

Executive Director

External Affairs

Faculty of Management

Dalhousie University

Monday, April 13th, 2009

NMP’s Second Luncheon: What an Honour!

Thanks to Emily Dimytosh, NMP student at Queen’s University, for taking the time to write a guest blog post.  Emily will be connected with Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources (P.O.W.E.R.) this summer and mentored Ryan Stewart, Molson Field Marketing Manager. Cheers, Tonia

National Mentoring Program Lunch at the Toronto Board of Trade

On Friday April 3, the NMP team gathered for its second speaker’s luncheon. Mentors, mentees, charities, and Molson’s staff were delighted to be joined by His Honour David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. His Honour stressed the importance of vision in leadership, and heard from both mentees and charities on their strategic plans for the summer. His Honour also emphasized the significance of mentorship, sharing his personal experiences with mentors and applauding the NMP for cultivating these relationships among today’s youth.
Thank you to His Honour for such inspiring words, especially with T-Minus 3 weeks until projects launch.

– Emily Dimytosh