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Monday, July 21st, 2008

Time for a blog audit?

A couple of months ago, our internal communications manager here at Molson was interviewed by Mark Ragan, CEO and publisher of Lawrence Ragan Communications at the Web 2.0 Summit for Internal Communications, PR and Marketing. The conference was hosted by Ragan Communications and the Public Relations Society of America.

In this interview, Sebastien Charbonneau (Molson) talked about our blog which was (at that time) live for about a month. His comments and thoughts sparked some thoughts of my own….it’s now mid-July (which is scary…where did June and July go?), which means Molson in the Community has been up and running for about six months…. Is it time for a blog audit? Has the Molson Blog changed since Sebastien gave this interview?

Some questions and comparisons:

  • Do we have engaging authors?

I hope so! We started with one blogger and now have multiple Molson bloggers writing from across Canada

  • Do we have comments and create dialogue?

Perhaps not at the beginning, but as we learn and build relationships with other bloggers, we’re starting to see more chatter

  • Are we using innovative tools?

Well, we now use multiple tools to share and provide content…flickr, youtube, twitter, VLOGS…

  • Have our employees been engaged?

Many visit the site, but do they only read and comment if the info is local to them? Maybe.

  • Have the number of unique visits, page views and subscribers increased?


So after a quick audit of Molson blog…the conclusion: Have things changed? Definitely. Are we still learning? 100% yes. Can we improve? 100% yes.

What would you include in a blog audit?

Video: First Person: Conversations with Communicators

Michael Sebastian, Ragan Communications Staff Reporter for