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Friday, May 15th, 2009

Molson team at the Sporting Life 10k

Wish I could say I was one of the runners that day :) Some great inside scoops from Sporting Life 10K Team Molson are below.  This is just one of the events that our employees are participation/organizing to help raise funds for Camp Ooch. Thanks for the stories guys. Cheers, Tonia

Molson Team 2009

The Molson Team

Ricardo Eusebi, Director, Operations Finance, Molson:

A fantastic race on a wonderful Sunday.

Me, Matt and the Molson team were among the 12,000+ runners in the Sporting life 10k race event yesterday in Toronto. We were lucky enough to run on a super nice day as weather was just perfect! We were all very motivated and ready to run our best race in support of a very good cause.  Unfortunately because of the amount of people participating in this event we struggled a little in finding all the Molson team members, but at the end we managed to meet up with some of the team at the finish line.

Camp Ooch also did very well as they were able to raise over $800k ! Just a little shy of their target, but still twice as much as last year. On our side we are still not done.  The race was just the beginning! We started a silent auction last week and  we will do some work at the camp on May 29/30. Still a lot of work to be done before turning in an amount that exceed or target!

To finish, just a quick come back on my race. It was just as expected – tough at the beginning, but very gratifying at the end. I think the toughest part for me was to realize that one of our team members, that finished before me, actually when to bed at 3am after testing a few of our products…I think I still have some training to do!



Molson at the Sporting Life 10K 2009

Ready, set, go!

Matt Hook, Manager, Global Engineering, Molson Coors Brewing Company:

It was my first ever charity run and it was an exhilarating feeling.  The downhill course was certainly helpful in me achieving my run goal.

We had a great showing of Molson participation from Susanne Niles, Rob Morrell, Ian Douglas, Steve Stradiotto, Jonathan Lowes, Warren Dean, and Anneliese Renner to name a bunch.  Although we didn’t manage to meet up as intended, I ran into few after the race that had an equally great experience.

I also spoke with Michelle from Camp Ooch after the race and she showed great excitement for the total fundraising amount and was looking forward to Molson’s contribution.

Molson Team 2009

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

25 Years of Campus Hospitality

From left: CHMA President Jeff Dockeray; Geoff Ross CBM Manager Ontario / West; Greg Barbour Director of Sales Ontario; Paul Norman CHMA Chairman

The Campus Hospitality Managers Association (CHMA) hosted its 25th Anniversary Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario at the end of May, celebrating years of campus-based professional development and networking for bar, restaurant, pub and nightclub professionals.

CHMA has members from campuses across Canada (including my college, which I wasn’t aware of while in school!). The organization started in the 80′s with four institutions coming together to network and discuss campus hospitality.  Over years, (as campus ‘beer halls’ began to change into pubs and clubs….I’m guessing beer halls are simply giant rooms where you drink beer…..?), more campuses joined the group and CHMA became one of the most important associations in the Canadian hospitality industry. 

This year’s conference was a special one for Molson.  We were presented with the supplier of the year award and recognized for our 25 years of affiliation.

Congrats to CHMA on 25 years of great work!