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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Happy Earth Day…Our Beer Print…as explained by @BrewerBart

During a wonderful walk along the Kay Gardner Belt Line early this morning in Toronto, it was great to see that so many must have been active yesterday in taking Mayor Rob Ford’s challenge to “clean up” the city, one person, one piece of debris at a time. There were several bags of refuse and other items for the City workers to claim on Monday. It’s truly great when a community comes together for such a great cause.

With today being Earth Day I thought it appropriate to draw attention to what we refer to as “Our Beer Print” at Molson Coors. I did a recent blog post for Sustainable brands on this unique effort with our employees.

Essentially “Our Beer Print” is all about shrinking the negative and growing the positive impact of our business. Our focus remains on water – alcohol respect and community. However we encourage people to think about sustainability and “Our Beer Print” in all that they do, from producing our quality beers to reuse of our industry standard bottle and recycling our packaging.

@BrewerBart – Bart Alexander our Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors, was recently interviewed about “Our Beer Print”. Bart’s interview provides a terrific picture of what “Our Beer Print” means to Molson Coors and our people. It’s fun, engaging, rewarding and highly visible to our people, and to those with whom we do business. Corporate Responsibility has also showed up as a great motivator in engaging our employees across our businesses around the globe. With such a deep history in each of the countries we operate, corporate responsibility continues to be part of our day to day “DNA” for our people and our operations. Whether its our commitment to water, our community involvement, or the continued promotion of our fine quality products in a responsible manner…it’s all part of our ongoing journey in corporate responsibility. Cheers to you and what you are doing wherever you may live, work and play. Happy Earth Day !  @MolsonFerg



Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Minds In Motion 2010

MindsInMotion2010, originally uploaded by Molson Coors Canada.

For fifteen years Ernie, Vicki and Nathalie Eves have hosted the Justin Eves Foundation golf tournament at Rattlesnake Golf and Country Club in Milton.

Over 300 young adults have received bursaries to support their pursuit of post secondary education. This is just remarkable, and the stories by those who have benefited are truly amazing and inspiring.

Mack and Christi in this photo are two former recipients and they shared their stories with us at the event…Mack in a formal presentation from the podium and Christi in a casual way after dinner.

Minds in Motion and the Justin Eves Foundation truly make a difference in the lives of aspiring young adults. I encourage you to take a look at their website…you might decide that this is a place where you can help make a difference in your community.

Cheers. @MolsonFerg

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Molson Coors Vancouver 2010 Dispatch/Dépêche Episode #5

Molson Coors Canada Dispatches

There’s so much to say about what’s been happening here, I don’t know where to start. The Olympics is not just about sports. It’s about people coming together from all across Canada and from around the world. In today’s episode check out the action with hockey fans from coast-to-coast as they gathered to watch the first men’s Team Canada game at the Molson Canadian Hockey House. Listen to Ferg Devins (a.k.a. @MolsonFerg), our very own Chief Public Affairs Officer at Molson Coors Canada report on his trip up to Whistler aboard the Alberta’s Rocky Mountaineer and an interview with Jennifer Botterill who plays on the Canada’s women’s hockey team.  Finally, tonight we took part in a special ceremony to celebrate the First Canadian Gold Medal winner Alexandre Bilodeau. At that event Molson Coors made a very special presentation to Alexandre; don’t miss that story in tomorrow’s Dispatch.

Les Olympiques ne sont pas qu’un ensemble d’événements à caractère sportif. Elles représentent aussi un rassemblement de gens de partout au Canada et dans le monde. Et lorsque le hockey  s’en mêle, on ne peut que s’attendre à toute une fête! Hier était le premier match de l’équipe masculine canadienne de hockey des Olympiques. Si vous n’aviez pas de billet pour assister au match,  l’endroit parfait a Vancouver pour y assister était sans aucun doute  le Molson Canadian Hockey House. Dans le Bulletin d’aujourd’hui, nous vous présentons l’action a l’intérieur de la Hockey House ainsi que des entretiens avec  Jennifer Botterill   joueuse de centre de l’équipe  féminine canadienne de hockey. Voyez aussi un reportage de Ferg Devins, Chef des affaires publiques de Molson Coors Canada qui a voyagé a Whistler a bord du train spécial du Gouvernement de l’Alberta –  The Alberta Rocky Mountaineer. Finalement ce soir nous avons pris part à une cérémonie spéciale en l’honneur d’Alexandre Bilodeau. A cet événement Molson Coors a fait une présentation spéciale a Alexandre, ne manquez-pas ce reportage dans le Bulletin  de demain.

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Ferg Devins….25 Years in the (Molson!) Community

It’s true – our own Ferg Devins, a.k.a @MolsonFerg is celebrating 25 years here at Molson.

A little background: Ferg started his career at Molson 25 years ago after graduating from Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. He has taken on many roles within the company – from a sales rep to a brand manager and to now – the VP of Government and Public Affairs.  Along the way, it has always been clear that Ferg’s passion to give back to the community in which he works and lives is important to him….true John Molson style :)

Ferg has always actively demonstrated leadership and commitment to the community, volunteering his time and expertise to many organizations.  He has volunteered on a number of boards including the Seneca College Marketing Advisory Comiitee, the Variety Club, The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, Advertising Standards Canada and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Ferg, you are truly a community champion and pleasure to work with every day. Congratulations and have a Molsonjoyable 25th.

(photo credit to @photojunkie, MESH09)