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Friday, December 9th, 2011

Raising a pint (or bottle) for a Firkin good cause

We’ve launched our annual holiday campaign with The Firkin Group of Pubs, partnering with the student-founded and youth driven charity, Meal Exchange. Throughout the month of December, Ontario pub patrons can support Meal Exchange by purchasing a Molson Canadian or Molson Canadian 67/Sublime at any of the participating Firkin Pub locations across Ontario. For every pint or bottle “raised”, The Firkin Group of Pubs and Molson Coors Canada will each donate $0.25 to Meal Exchange.

This is the seventh year of the campaign which has raised over $125,000 dollars. These funds have supported local food banks in Ontario and funded public education programs on food security. With 31 pubs participating this year, our fundraising goal is set at $18,000.

One in eight Ontario households lack the physical and economic means to access sufficient, safe and nutritious food. While over 395,106 turn to a food bank each month for assistance, many more sacrifice their diets in other ways in order to make ends meet.

“Meal Exchange’s founding program made it easy for people to help alleviate hunger while dining on campus,” says Dave Kranenburg, Executive Director, Meal Exchange. “This campaign brings this same idea to life in the community and the money it generates will allow us to feed people today and increase their access to healthy food year-round.”

Student volunteers from Meal Exchange will be visiting the participating pubs during the campaign to speak with the Firkin staff about the important work Meal Exchange does to address food insecurity.

“Meal Exchange representatives visiting our pubs is a great way to increase awareness of the campaign as well as ensure our teams understand how their hard work during a very busy season can make a difference in local communities,” says Larry Isaacs, Director of Marketing, The Firkin Group of Pubs.

Pub patrons can support the fundraising campaign now until Dec 31st, 2011. To find a pub near you:


Traci Shepheard, Molson Coors Canada, Larry Isaacs, The Firkin Group of Pubs and Dave Kranenburg, Meal Exchange kick off the 2011 campaign at Firkin on King in Toronto, ON

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

National BBQ Day is this weekend!

Yup, this Saturday, August 7th is National BBQ Day, and the national, youth-led charity Meal Exchange is inviting Canadians to take part in the yummy day while also fighting hunger in Canada.

What’s the ask?  It’s simple:

Register & host your own backyard BBQ for friends, family and neighbors to raise awareness about Canada’s hunger problems.

Meal Exchange believes that everyone in Canada should have access to sufficient, nutritious, and culturally acceptable food in order to maintain a healthy & active life.  Did you know that 2.7 million Canadians don’t know where their next meal is coming from?

How to participate (and a change to win 2 WestJet tickets!):

  • Register your BBQ at and send Meal Exchange a photo of your BBQ’ing fun to
  • You can also tweet about your BBQ fun using hashtag – #nationalBBQday

Registration is FREE, but here’s some food for thought: it takes only $28 for Meal Exchange to empower one youth to take action against hunger in their community. Donate here to help Meal Exchange support youth across Canada.

So this pretty much sounds like the perfect day to me – BBQ, a case of Rickard’s beer (taster’s pack – Red, White and Dark of course) and raising awareness about hunger.

Will you be participating?  Have a BBQ/grilling recipe worthy of National BBQ Day!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Looking back at 2008

“Tis the season” for those year-end review stories, so we thought it would be fitting to try to capture some of the great work Molson and its employees have done in the past 12 months to help benefit community organizations in towns and cities all across Canada.  With the holidays about to end, there’s still time for all Canadians to make a contribution in 2008 to their own communities. That being said, to help play our part, I’ve listed some details about the great organizations and individuals that we’ve been privileged enough to work with in the past year.  We hope you’ll consider sharing a little of yourself this holiday with those less fortunate.

Some of the organizations and initiatives that stand out for me in 2008:


Raising the Roof is an organization that builds partnerships across the nation to help solve youth homlessness. Molson has supported their Youthworks program for three years, but also has a very special story with them. On February 5th, 2008, over 1,100 Molson employees sold toques on Toque Tuesday (RTR’s national fundraiser), raising just over $90,000 in about one hour.  This event was also the day we launched this blog! To donate


I’ve written about Meal Exchange a few times on this blog and one of their employees wrote a great guest blog. Meal Exchange is a national student-founded, youth-driven, charity organized to address local hunger by mobilizing the talent and passion of students.  To donate

United Way

United Way….wow – this a great one. Every year Molson has an internal United Way campaign, and this year was out best ever!  We raised $610,000 this year (increase of 15% from 2007). Amazing effort from our employees across Canada. To donate

Framework Foundation/Timeraiser

Framework Foundation promotes volunteerism amongst Canadians in their 20s to 30s by helping volunteer agencies find the skilled people their organization needs – Molson is a founding sponsor of Timeraiser, an event that is part volunteer fair, part silent art auction and part night on the town that connects volunteers with volunteer agencies.  I took part in the Toronto Timeraiser for the first time this year and it was one of the best events I went to in 2008.

A national literacy organization that Molson has worked with for years.  We were given the Frontier College Fitzpatrick award this year. To donate

Again, these are just a few of the MANY organizations that Molson was involved with across Canada in 2008 – the above are initiatives that I was lucky to directly be a part of.

In 2008 Molson reached out to just over 200 organizations. Here are links to some of them organizations (by region), and to view all the Molson in the Community photos from 2008 — click here.






What is YOUR favourite community organization/initiative this year?

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

What’s Meal Exchange up to?

Things have been buzzing around the Meal Exchange office these past few weeks. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the work we do- we’re a national youth-led charity that engages students across Canada to address hunger in their communities.

At the moment, we’re gearing up for our May fundraising campaign- ‘Fill ‘er Up- Meal Exchange’s Grocery Cart Challenge’. Our goal is to raise $5000 by May 31st through the combined efforts of individual donations across Canada. It’s amazing how even small contributions can really add up- we’re asking students to donate $12, or the cost of attending a movie and adults to donate $28- the cost of going out to a nice restaurant. If the $5000 target is reached, it will enable us to provide 6000 meals for those in need. What makes it even better is that Molson has agreed to match all donations made! If you’re interested in contributing or want to watch our grocery cart fill throughout the month as donations come in, visit us at starting May 5th!

As part of our May Campaign, we’re also partnering with the Bishop Strachan school here in Toronto to host a unique benefit event that will assist us in our youth-led hunger reduction initiatives. Adapting our Portraits of Hunger program, the students really have gone above & beyond to tell the stories of those most vulnerable in the Toronto community. The performance called ‘4 Corners’ is an original play based on transcripts, interview & outreach work on the subject of hunger in Toronto. This will be a one of a kind event showcases the talent of Bishop Strachan students as they showcase the real stories of those facing hunger in our community. You can catch the performance on either May 20th or 21st and can purchase tickets online at Hope to see you there!

And last but definitely not least- it’s National Volunteer Week! Our organization has just 2 staff & so the work that we do across Canada happens BECAUSE of our student volunteers. Not only are they are the one’s on the ground where all the magic happens, but they are dedicated & incredibly enthusiastic individuals that have a vision for a country without hunger- and they inspire everyone they work with- myself included!

Leisha Zamecnik, Communications and Program Manager, Meal Exchange.

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Timeraiser Toronto raises over 11,000 hours!


Molson employees volunteering time at the Framework Foundation’s Toronto Timeraiser on Saturday, April 5, 2008.  From left: Peter Bombaci, Fiona Cunningham, Tonia Hammer, Sebastien Gagner, Kathleen Krisciunas.

‘Wow’ is the only way I can describe how amazing Saturday night at the 5th annual Timeraiser was.  Held at the beautiful Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District, this year’s Toronto event was sold out days before the event date.

What is a Timeraiser you ask? 

A Timeraiser is a charity art auction where rather than bidding money, you bid the number of hours that you are willing to volunteer for an organization of your choice — An AMAZING way to help young Canadians who want to volunteer, connect with different organizations.

This year’s Toronto event was a great success, raising over 11,000 hours – way above the original goal of 7,500.  Everyone was bidding like crazy!  The bid maximum was 150 hours per piece of artwork, and at least 90% of the art pieces reached the maximum amount.

Molson has been a proud sponsor of Timeraiser since its conception 5 years ago.  Some of Molson’s community partners were part of the event too, including The United Way and Meal Exchange.  I decided to bid hours for Meal Exchange, and I can’t wait to start working with such a great organization.

[youtube w0j-AoNFFnA]

Interview with Molson employee and Timeraiser volunteer, Peter Bombaci

Watch for upcoming Timeraisers in Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver – for more information.

Proud to play our part…..cheers!