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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Boundless Fun at Boundless Adventures

Boundless Adventures

Photo: Boundless Adventures Team; Carew Herback, Molson

What a great photo!  I wish Hammer and I had been able to help you out Carew with this one….below Carew gives us a glimpse of his day at Boundless;

My time  at Boundless was spent watching young adults at the Boundless Ranch, a beautiful outdoor recreational area used to give outdoor opportuntities to those who could not enjoy them otherwise.  The adventures are endless at Boundless, this group offers a wide variety of activities to challenge these young adults  and in turn they will stretch their personal limits.  No easy task for anyone. Quite a few of the activities are on the water;  canoeing and kayaking the rapids seem to be the most popular.  I was particularly inspired by the jungle gym and rock climbing barn that were wheelchair accessible.  It was truly an amazing experience.  Check out their website at

Thank you  Carew for sharing your day with all of us, Cheers!