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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Do some Good…Get some Awesome. Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in London, ON

Can’t believe we’re already halfway through the summer and halfway through our Red Leaf events!

This past weekend Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project was in London, ON.  Next up we travel West to Edmonton for a park project at Sherriff Robertson.

London, ON -  Gibbons Park

Huge thanks to the Red Leaf volunteers who gathered in Gibbons Park on a very, very hot and humid day. The volunteers were taught about the benefits of adding mulch (wood chips and leaves) around the base of newly planted trees and shrubs – this helps to retain moisture in hot dry months, keep weeds from growing around trees, and provides fertilizer to increase the nutrients in the soil.

London, ON -  Gibbons Park

The group also removed approximately 30 garbage bags full of weeds, and one bag full of litter from the park.  Thanks to everyone and have a GREAT time at Rock the Park :)

London, ON -  Gibbons Park