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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Happy Anniversary John! – Joyeux anniversaire John!

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For the past 225 years, the name ‘Molson’ has been synonymous with beer and community building within Canada. While this year’s anniversary is special for a number of reasons, it’s especially gratifying to see the Molson family still heavily involved in brewing and living out their great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather’s legacy.  John Molson was in fact Canada’s original craft brewer, making beer with the simple belief that an ‘honest brew makes its own friends’. He was definitely onto something BIG, and soon after his humble beginnings famously remarked in his personal journal: “My beer has been universally well-liked beyond my most sanguine expectations. Cannot serve half my customers, and they are increasing every day.”

John Molson was not only a great brewer, but an important country builder as well. In 1825, at a meeting addressing his staff, John stated a belief that is alive and well today in our present state. He said “we are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part.” That mantra remains largely unchanged today, and the imprint that John Molson, his family and the business he spawned can be seen and felt right across Canada in communities large and small.  We continue to and will always remain close to our beer drinkers whether through a community greening project with the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project;  a donation through the Molson Coors Community Cheer program that supports bringing people together to promote an active lifestyle; or just simply enjoying a cold beer with friends and family.

So, on this day in history, we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to an important man, family and a tremendous achievement of serving Canada’s beer drinkers for two and a quarter centuries.


Old bottles - Canadian et Ex

Depuis les 225 dernières années, le nom « Molson » est synonyme de bière et d’engagement communautaire au Canada. L’anniversaire que nous célébrons cette année est spécial pour plusieurs raisons et il est particulièrement gratifiant de voir les membres de la famille Molson toujours engagés à fond dans le brassage conformément à l’héritage que leur a laissé leur arrière-arrière-arrière-arrière-arrière-arrière-arrière grand-père. John Molson a été en fait le premier brasseur artisanal, produisant de la bière avec la simple conviction qu’une « bière de qualité se fait ses propres amis ». Il voyait certainement GRAND et peu après ses humbles débuts, il inscrivit ces mots désormais célèbres dans son journal personnel : « Ma bière est aimée universellement au-delà de mes plus grandes attentes. Je n’arrive pas à servir la moitié de mes clients dont le nombre augmente chaque jour. »

John Molson était non seulement un grand brasseur, mais également un important instigateur du développement du Canada. En 1825, lors d’une réunion durant laquelle il s’adressait à son personnel, John Molson énonça un principe qui est toujours aujourd’hui fermement ancré dans la culture de l’entreprise en soulignant « Nous sommes tous membres d’une grande collectivité où chacun doit faire sa part. » Ce mantra demeure essentiellement le même de nos jours et l’empreinte de John Molson, de sa famille et de l’entreprise qu’il a mise sur pied est toujours omniprésente dans des communautés de toutes tailles à travers le Canada. Nous continuons d’être et demeurerons toujours près de nos consommateurs de bière que ce soit en mettant sur pied un projet communautaire à caractère écologique comme le projet Red Leaf de Molson Canadian, en faisant un don par l’entremise du programme Molson Coors salue la communauté qui appuie le rapprochement des gens afin de promouvoir un style de vie actif, ou simplement en savourant une bonne bière froide avec des amis ou de la famille.

En cette journée historique, nous espérons que vous vous joindrez à nous pour lever vos verres à un homme illustre, à une importante famille ainsi qu’à un formidable exploit, celui de servir des consommateurs de bière pendant deux siècles un quart.


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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Quick Reflection: Celebrating 225 anniversary with Molson Coors in Canada

molson jour

I just came out of an employee luncheon meeting in Montreal where our Canadian President and CEO updated employees on the business and the event was wrapped up by Geoff Molson – President of the Montreal Canadiens and a Board member of the Molson Coors Brewing Company. What’s really unique is that Geoff is the seventh generation member of the Molson Family. 225 years ago John Molson started brewing on the shores of the St. Lawrence in Lower Canada…now Quebec. It’s fascinating to sit and reflect upon the legacy that this family has had dating back to John’s brewing roots, as well as ventures in banking, steamship lines, railways and the arts. A long standing legacy of John Molson perpetuated by Molson Coors today is the commitment to community. Employees are constantly reminded of the famous words of John to employees in the early 1800′s that “we are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part”. Brothers Geoff, Andrew and Justin do…cheers. @molsonferg

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Happy Birthday John Molson!

Portrait of John Molson

Today we are all raising a pint to the founder of Molson, John Molson, who was born today (Dec. 28th) in 1763.

As we roll into 2011, we at Molson Coors Canada will be celebrating our 225 Anniversary of brewing history!  A proud moment for the 7th generation Molson family, employees of Molson Coors  and beer drinkers across the nation!  We hope you’ll join us today and raise a Molson Canadian (or any other fine Molson product!) to Mr. Molson as we celebrate his legacy of brewing excellence and involvement in the community.

Happy Birthday John!  Cheers.

Monday, December 27th, 2010

2010…what a year…and onward we go

Molson Canadian Hockey House

Between Christmas day and New Year’s eve it’s always fun to read the papers and on line commentary related to the year that has passed. 2010 was one heck of a memorable year. For Molson Coors to have had Molson Canadian and Coors Light as the two official beers of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games was not only special for those of us that were involved, but a great moment for beer drinkers coast to coast to coast as we connected through the games, our athletes and celebrations in bars, restaurants, neighbourhood and family get togethers at home and of course Molson Canadian Hockey House right in the centre of action in Vancouver. We were also so very proud of acquiring a Sustainability Star from VANOC for the sustainability acations at our brewery in Vancouver. It has also been very rewarding to have supported ten of our Canadian athletes in pursuit of their Olympic/Paralympic dreams. Their trials and tribulations live on and are now part of our Olympic/Paralympic and sport history and heritage. And…our employees in Vancouver “reported” on the 2010 games through their eyes with daily dispatches posted right here to the blog.

It was also a great year of connecting with communities across Canada through hundreds of charitable events and causes. This blog is a scrap book of the many community touch points throughout the year. A special shout out to @MolsonTonia and @MolsonMonique for the work they do with community leaders across Canada.

It all points back to our founder John Molson where our commitment to community remains today, John Molson said in his early days “we are all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part”. This community commitment lives on today as we look to 2011 and celebrating 225 years of brewing in Canada.

Our employees, customers and beer drinkers coast to coast to coast in Canada know that Molson Coors is there to help them build and celebrate healthy active communities. A toast to the year that was and we look forward to great things in communities coast to coast to coast in our 225th year of brewing in Canada.  Cheers  ! @MolsonFerg

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Canada Day count down is on…Cheers to our Canadian Troops


Last week I had the honour of organizing a beer delivery of Molson Canadian to Afghanistan with the help of the Canadian Forces Deployment Resources and Molson Coors’ logistics and distributions team.  With pride, I tweeted that I was doing so and the replies and tweet support that came back made me smile and just think about how much I love my job today and everyday because I work for a company that can and continues to support our troops around the world.

Canada Day Beer Delivery for Canadian Forces

Loading up the truck – Tim Young and Tonia Hammer (me), Molson Coors Canada in Toronto)

Care of @MolsonFerg (who I swear is a walking library on Molson history!), I learned that supplying support to Canadian troops has been a tradition at Molson as far back as the late 1700s when John Molson served his country as a politician in peacetime – and as a soldier during war.

Throughout the War of 1812-14, Mr. Molson – the force behind the establishment of the country’s first commercial steamboat enterprise – enlisted in the force along with two of his sons and dedicated his steamships to the service of the Crown. The Swiftsure was the first steamship to be used in war.

So, on behalf of our employees here at Molson Coors Canada, cheers all of our Canadian Armed Forces and their families – ongoing, but especially now as Canada Day approaches.  We’re raising a toast to your brave service.

Cheers, @MolsonTonia

Canada Day Beer Delivery for Canadian Forces