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Monday, January 18th, 2010

“Molson Canadian Cup Challenge” is back ……


Photo L-R: Jason Blake, Toronto Maple Leaf; Steve Ferreira, Molson Coors Representative; Sean Didier; The New Fairbank Hotel, Guest; Brian Mitchell, President, Arrive Alive DRIVE SOBER

The 2010 season “Molson Canadian Cup Challenge” is on!  Jason Blake is no stranger and received this award numerous time last season.  He is back in the “Molson Canadian Cup” spotlight again for December points win.  Jason’s charity of choice – arrive alive DRIVE SOBER, one close to my heart as well, receives the $1000.00.

Molson Cup December 2009 JonasTeam Up

Photo L-R: Rod Monkman, Molson Coors Representative; Heidi Spannbauer, Team Up Foundation; Craig Kowalchuk, Emma’s Back Porch; Jonas Gustavsson, Toronto Maple Leaf

Team Up Foundation is Jonas Gustavsson’s charity choice to receive the $1000.00 as the “Molson Canadian Cup” winner for November.  For more info on Team Up Foundation, visit

Molson-Cup-Tomas Kaberle Special Olympics Nov 2009

Photo L-R: Tomas Kaberle, Toronto Maple Leaf; Angelo Raso, Molson Coors Representative; Vito Ferrone, VP Operations, The Liberty Group, Horto Au, Special Olympics.

Our first “Molson Canadian Cup” winner of the 2009 – 2010 hockey season is Tomas Kaberle.  Way to go Tomas!! Tomas’ fav charity is the Special Olympics, who will receive the $1000.00 donation.  For more information on how you can help visit Special Olympics.

Stay tuned….Cheers CaroleB

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Molson Cup “Hat Trick” for Blake

Jason Blake has won the Molson Cup again, Way to go Jason!!

The charity that received the “On Ice Molson Cup Donation” at Tuesday nights TML game at the Air Canada Centre was Autism Speaks Canada.  Imagine the inability to communicate your  feelings, to voice your opinion or  tell someone you love them?  It is unimaginable, right?  Autism is a complex brain disorder which inhibits the ability to communicate and form relationships.

Autism Speaks is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to bringing hope to all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.  The primary goals are to raise awareness and to fund biomedical research that will lead to better treatment and ultimately, a cure. To learn more or make a donation, please visit

Thank you Suzanne and Scotty for opening my eyes and listening with my heart. Carole

MolsonCup Mar 2009 Jason Blake Charity Autism Speaks Canada

Photo L-R: Jason Blake, Toronto Maple Leaf; Angie Camara, Director of Marketing, Ink Entertainment; Scott McCannell, Molson Sales Rep; Suzanne Lanthier, Executive Director, Autism Speaks Canada and her son Scotty.