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Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Helping the Homeless – Canadian Style

Hockey for the Homeless 001 Vancouver 2010

Photo L-R: Sean Berry, Director of Operations, Hockey for Homeless; Ewan French, Vancouver Tournament Director;  John Eddy, Molson Coors Canada

This year’s Hockey for the Homeless event in Vancouver was terrific. Given it was the 2nd year, it was clear the level of energy and excitement around the day was excellent and all the participants seemed pumped to be out playing some shinny for a great cause.

We were able to have one of best customers, Bill Anderson, from the UBC Alma Mater Society, participate on Molson Coors’ behalf. Being a hockey enthusiast, he was absolutely thrilled to be in the same games as such great former NHLer’s like Garth Butcher, Gary Valk and Kirk McLean.

Given Molson Coors’ strong ties to hockey, this is an event we should look to support on an ongoing basis. Cheers, Darren

Thank  you for sharing Darren!  Below is a brief history on “Hockey for the Homeless”.

  • Hockey for the Homeless as established in Toronto in 1996.
  • Tournaments are held in five cities across Canada; Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Since the first event in 1996, the organization has raised over $2,000,000 in support for over 15,000 homeless men, women and children across Canada.

For more info on this great cause see hockeyforthehomeless.

Cheers MolsonCaroleB

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Notes of Thanks…

At Molson Coors Canada we continue to be proud to play oure part in the Community across so many dimensions. Our focus remains on promoting active lifestyle not for profits and those Community Champions that help to make our communities a better place to live, play and work.

It’s always so re-assuring when we hear back from those with whom we work with in the community. Something as simple as a few empty beer cartons can go a long way to helping not for profit agencies in our community.

I thought I’d share this note of thanks in response to cartons provided to the Hamilton Food Share program. Thanks for the thanks Cass. Cheers !


The boxes arrived yesterday.

Thanks so very much as they will be split between
Hamilton Food Share, which includes some 14 Foodbanks
in the greater Hamilton area and Partnership West, my
organization who will have some 3,000 visits over the next
12 months.

Each visit to Partnership West means a full Molson / Coors box of
canned and dry goods with a retail value of just under $ 100.

Once again thank for your support, you are the good guys.


Cass Quinn

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

It’s Cold Out there…pass on some goodwill

At -12 with a 21 kilometre/hour wind its a cold morning out there in Toronto today. You know its cold when you have to scrape the windshield frost off the inside of the car. It was a 6am start this morning for hockey with my son and walking the dog will be a challenge later this am, to face the elements yet one more time. However, we sometimes forget that there are those who are a lot less fortunate who will be facing the cold day in day out, right through the remainder of the winter – the homeless. They will not be focussed on house to hockey rink, nor a choice on what park to walk a dog. They will be focussed on the basic need of food and shelter. My daughter and I made a point of buying a hot coffee for one homeless man and sandwiches for he and his partner yesterday. It was the same couple that we had given some used boots to prior to Christmas. These small acts of goodwill and kindness can make such a difference for those who are facing the challenge of nature’s cold winter days and nights. January and February can just be brutal, on the temperature side of the weather equation in Toronto. It takes very little to pass on some goodwill through a hot drink, extra pair of mitts, gloves, boots, sweater, hat, toque or extra change you might have in your pocket. These small acts of goodwill can help make a difference, perhaps help someone in need make it through another day. Please help reach out and pass on some goodwill to those in need on our streets this winter. Thanks for reading, I hope you will help by taking action. Stay warm and pass on some warmth on this cold winter day.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Victoria sales staff lend a hand at Our Place Society

Victoria Volunteer

Mila Cormack and Tye Spicer preparing lunch

Victoria volunteer

The Team

Congratulations to the Victoria sales team for taking the time to lend a hand at the Our Place Society, a homeless shelter and soup kitchen.  Yesterday, Bryan Vermeeren, Tye Spicer, Mila Cormack and Chad Stewart prepared and served a hot turkey lunch to over 400 of Victoria’s homeless and marginalized citizens. This is yet another example of Molson staff taking the opportunity to Play Their Part by giving back. Way to go!!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Lower Mainland sales staff Play Their Part at “The Door is Open”

The Door is Open

Front Row L to R: Zach Whitman, Marina Guy, Mo Rumley, Denise Kerr, Lynda Perovich

Back Row L to R: Mike Baxter, Craig DiRocco, Bernadette Penman, Aussie Jiwani

The Door is Open

Lynda and team serving lunch

Yesterday, Molson sales staff from the Lower Mainland, led by District Sales Manager Lynda Perovich, volunteered their time at The Door is Open, a day shelter for the homeless in Vancouver. The team spent the morning and lunch hour preparing and serving over 500 portions of chili to some of Vancouver’s most marginalized citizens.  This is the third year in a row that Molson employees have volunteered their time at The Door is Open.

Hats off to Lynda and the Team for playing their part this Holiday Season!