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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Update 2 – Hockey Jerseys for our Troops

Kandahar Hockey League - Team Molson

The Molson jerseys arrived in Afghanistan and they sent us a team pic – looking good guys!

On the team – Front Row: Jimmy Stewart, Sylvain Lapierre, Chuck Campbel, Mike Candow, Doug Clark, Eric Landry, Alex Desjardins

Back Row: Jason Forrest, Shawn Davidson, Travis Wolfe, Rick Reid, Barry Crocker, Carol Savard, Mathew Astles, Brandon Besaw, Ryan Seguin, Jack Cuypers, Moo Gerrow

Missing: Randy Arseneau, Wayne Belaire

Season Update from Charles Campbell on Jan. 28th (see post):
“The team finished the season with a win over the Slovakian MPs. A hard fought, fast paced, and action packed 10-4 victory. For the most part we shut down the classic European style breakaway passing game. With the win we finished the regular season with an 13-5 record. The playoffs are set to start in a few days.
Bdr Eric Landry and Bdr Wayne Belair will display their talent next week during the KHL All Star game, complete with a skills competition.”

Troops in Afghanistan Team Molson Goalie

Thanks for the photos guys! Keep the updates coming.  Best of luck in the playoffs :)

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Update — Hockey Jerseys for the Troops

In Adam’s blog yesterday, he mentioned that we created some custom Molson Canadian jerseys for the Kandahar Hockey League (KLH) in Afghanistan.

Well, the jerseys arrived at Molson in Toronto this morning and we’ll be shipping them out later today….but first, we thought we’d model them for all to see!  (Thanks to my fabulous Molson models Paul and Barb).

Kandahar Hockey League Jerseys

Each Jersey is personalized for the players (Paul)

Kandahar Hockey League Jerseys

Face-off (Me, Barb, Paul)….I won

Kandahar Hockey League Jerseys

The KHL team logo on the front (Paul)

We’ve asked the team to send a group photo once they’ve received the jerseys so I can post it here too. Cheers and good luck in the playoffs!