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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Cleaning up Canadian Shorelines with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project

September continues on and it’s a busy one at Molson Coors as we host 12 Molson Canadian Red Leaf Projects across Canada in partnership with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Thank you to all volunteers who took a few hours of their weekend and got their hands a bit dirty.   Reports and photos are coming in this week from each event…details from Toronto and Calgary first. Cheers.

Woodbine Beach Park, Toronto

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Woodbine Beach Park, Toronto

Approximately 300 volunteers gathered to clean up the shoreline and surrounding area of Woodbine Beach Park.  We collected 677 kilograms of garbage! The hardworking Molson Canadian Red Leaf volunteers did some “good” and then received some “awesome” with tickets to the Casby awards!

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Woodbine Beach Park, Toronto

Elbow River, Calgary

Red Lead Shoreline Clean up - Sept 17, 2011 - #2

40 volunteers gathered to clean the Elbow River Pathway in Calgary. Over 35 bags of garbage were collected by Molson employees and Red Leaf Project Volunteers.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Elbow River, Calgary

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Kicking off Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Toronto with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - TORONTO

Our first Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (GCSC) took place last Wednesday in Toronto, ON at Marie Curtis Park. Approximately 60 Molson Coors employees rolled up their sleeves and spent two hours cleaning up the park which includes a beach area right on Lake Ontario.  After getting our hands dirty and collecting some interesting items, the team celebrated “doing some good” with some “awesome” = cold beers :)

This was the first of many shoreline cleanups coming up this month as part of Molson Coors Water Stewardship Month and a continuation of the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project, a national sponsor of the GCSC.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - TORONTO

We hope you’ll join us for a Red Leaf Project/Shoreline Cleanup! Check our website to find the location nearest you.   Not one in your area?  Click here to join or organize your own in your community.  Cheers!

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - TORONTO

Cleaning up the park!

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - TORONTO

L-R: Gerald Butts, CEO WWF Canada with Tonia Hammer, Community Relations and Dave Perkins, CEO and President, Molson Coors Canada

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - TORONTO

Joanna Barrington and Hadley Archer, WWF Canada

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - TORONTO



Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Celebrating Commitment to Water Sustainability at Molson Coors

MCBC Less is More Poster

As part of Molson Coors‘ global water strategy, we are celebrating our second annual Water Stewardship Month in September. Throughout the month, we will be focused on innovative programs designed to educate and engage employees in the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States on the importance of protecting the world’s most valuable resource.

“As a leading global brewer, we have a long-standing commitment to water sustainability along with more than 200 years of experience in managing complex water issues,” said Bart Alexander, chief corporate responsibility officer for Molson Coors. “Since fresh water is the single most important ingredient in beer, we not only have a responsibility to be good stewards of this valuable resource, but to raise awareness with our employees and the community on the critical importance of water sustainability. Water Stewardship Month in September is just one of the ways we do that.”

The core of our employee education effort is the Every Drop, Every Ripple campaign. The campaign emphasizes why water matters to Molson Coors and encourages employees to join the company in pledging to be good stewards of the drops they use and to be community-minded about the ripples they leave behind.

In addition to employee education, we will also participate in a number of watershed volunteer activities across their markets, including:

Canada, September 7 – October 6

Molson Coors Canada is a national sponsor for the 2011 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (GCSH) in partnership with WWF Canada and the Vancouver Aquarium. Last year, 47,000 Canadians volunteered to remove shoreline litter. Molson Coors employees across Canada will participate in the cleanup events.

• Denver and Golden, CO, September 9 & 24
On September 9, the Golden Brewery will host its fifth annual Friends of the Forest day in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation to repair the streambed along the Clear Creek Watershed. On September 24, employees will join the 19th Annual Fall South Platte RiverSweep. The Greenway Foundation hosts the 15-mile river cleanup.

• Burton, UK, September 12 & 13, Alton, UK, September 29 & Tadcaster, UK, September 30
Over 100 employees will assist in a canal clean up effort between Alrewas and Burton on September 12 and 13. In addition, Molson Coors UK will offer ‘lunch and learns’ to brewery teams to increase awareness of the importance of water to Molson Coors, its operations and how employees can get involved.

Employees Around the World “Cheers to Water”

As part of our commitment to water sustainability, Molson Coors has been a lead sponsor of Carbon Disclosure’s Water Disclosure Project since 2010. The Water Disclosure Project data provides valuable insight into the strategies deployed by many of the largest companies in the world on water and will be used to help drive investment towards sustainable water use.

Molson Coors also became a signatory to the United Nations’ CEO Water Mandate in 2008 and has modeled its own global water strategy after the mandate’s six elements. The strategy has set a target to reduce water use by 15%, per unit of production, by the end of 2012 (baseline year 2008), 4.4hl of water to 1hl of beer. In 2010, the production ratio was 4.7:1 hl/hl.

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Join us for a shoreline clean up…stay for a beer with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project

Toronto - Woodbine Beach

After a summer of successful community greening initiatives, the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project is continuing through the month of September (Water Stewardship Month at Molson Coors Brewing Company).  Red Leaf Project is a national sponsor of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (GCSC), a conservation initiative that promotes understanding of shoreline litter issues by engaging Canadians to rehabilitate shoreline areas. This fall we will be hosting shoreline cleanups across Canada as part of Molson Canadian’s ongoing commitment to give back to the land through tree planting, community park projects and shoreline cleanup efforts.

We hope you’ll get your hands a bit dirty and join us for a shoreline cleanup…and then stay for a cold beer! Cheers.

See below for the locations, and remember, if there isn’t one near you, click here to join or organize your own in your community. Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up – Molson Coors Employees Lend A Hand

Toronto - Woodbine Beach

The Molson Coors Toronto Team

Ottawa - Rideau Canal, Major Hills Park

Cleaning up at Woodbine Beach, Toronto

It was a busy 24 hours from Friday into Saturday for Molson Coors Canada…in the spirit of ‘proud to play our part’, we got up early on a weekend morning and volunteered to clean the shoreline of Woodbine Beach in Toronto!  It was a fun and productive morning, that saw 220 volunteers collect 380kg of trash.  Several Molson Coors employees came out  as well, accompanied by their friends and family to help make our shorelines a little more beautiful.Following the clean-up, the group headed to the Gull and Firkin for some pints of Canadian and delicious appetizers.

Molson Canadian partnered with WWF and the Vancouver Aquarium as a national sponsor of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and participated in these clean-ups across the country, which run from September 18 all the way through to the 26th.  There were also employees who took the initiative to plan their own clean-up event in their communities, and acted as brand ambassadors of Molson Coors wearing t-shirts and sampling some fine Molson Canadian with their friends. With water being such an important part of brewing our beers, we wanted to play our part and keep Canadian water clean and our land beautiful.

A big thank you to Tonia Hammer, who planned and represented Molson Coors at this event.  Cheers!

P.S. – Best find of the clean-up goes to Mike MacDonald for recovering a suitcase…interesting to say the least!

Check out the video of Ian Douglas, one of the key leaders at MCC for water stewardship in Canada, talking about the GCSC (I hope you’re a Journey fan):

Some more cleanup pics from across the country:


The Molson Coors folks in Halifax

Vancouver - Kits Beach

Some panda love at Kits Beach, Vancouver.