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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Quick Reflection: Celebrating 225 anniversary with Molson Coors in Canada

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I just came out of an employee luncheon meeting in Montreal where our Canadian President and CEO updated employees on the business and the event was wrapped up by Geoff Molson – President of the Montreal Canadiens and a Board member of the Molson Coors Brewing Company. What’s really unique is that Geoff is the seventh generation member of the Molson Family. 225 years ago John Molson started brewing on the shores of the St. Lawrence in Lower Canada…now Quebec. It’s fascinating to sit and reflect upon the legacy that this family has had dating back to John’s brewing roots, as well as ventures in banking, steamship lines, railways and the arts. A long standing legacy of John Molson perpetuated by Molson Coors today is the commitment to community. Employees are constantly reminded of the famous words of John to employees in the early 1800′s that “we are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part”. Brothers Geoff, Andrew and Justin do…cheers. @molsonferg

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Molson Coors honorée pour ses 25 ans d’appui à la Soirée des lauréats montréalais

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Débutons par le “clou de la soirée”, Charles Hamelin, patineur de vitesse en courte piste, remporte la catégorie la plus attendue de la soirée, soit celle de l’athlète par excellence de l’année … entouré des deux co-présidents d’honneur, Réjean Houle (Ancien Canadien et président de l’Association des Anciens Canadiens) et Geoff Molson (membre de la 7e génération de la Famille Molson et membre du Conseil d’administration de Molson Coors)

C’est au Chalet du Mont-Royal que s’est déroulée la Soirée des lauréats montréalais où un vibrant hommage était rendu à Molson Coors pour son implication depuis les tout débuts, soit 25 ans! Geoff Molson s’est fait un honneur d’accepter ce prix au nom de Molson Coors … difficile de trouver meilleur ambassadeur!

Photo 013 

Une présentation spéciale a été rendue à M. Bernard Trottier (qui ne connaît pas Bernard Trottier – cet homme qui a appuyé de nombreux athlètes, qu’ils soient d’espoir ou d’élite, tout au long de sa vie!). Bernard est entouré de Richard DeCarufel, un homme généreux et impliqué auprès des athlètes et des personnes en difficulté, et de Richard Morency du Casino de Montréal.

Nous avons appris que l’Hommage Bernard Trottier serait désormais décerné sur une base annuelle à un “Bâtisseur” qui aura fait sa marque! Quelle merveilleuse idée!

Bravo à la Commission sportive Montréal Concordia qui travaille très fort à chaque année pour souligner l’engagement et la passion d’une foule de personnes du monde sportif, qu’il s’agisse d’associations sportives, de bénévoles, d’officiels, d’athlètes, etc.

Nous avons passé une super soirée … à l’an prochain!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit 2010

Welcome to the Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit

The Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit kicked off last night at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, ON with a full house of hockey professionals, experts, enthusiasts and media.  Over the  next three days, the summit will dissect the current state of hockey to identify and address key concerns and issues facing the game today.  Topics of conversation will range from an Agents’ Roles with Young Players to International vs. North American Hockey to 2010 Winter Games Evaluation and Women’s Hockey (and many more).

7th Generation Molson family member Geoff Molson dropped by yesterday and today to support the Summit, and we were able to sneak a couple minutes of his time to chat about hockey and Molson Coors with @MolsonFerg.

Rich and passionate conversations about all things hockey can be followed along with photos and videos on the Facebook page and Twitter

Behind the scenes photos at the Summit also on facebook, and more to come later this week.  Cheers!

Hot Stove Sessions at Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto

Hot Stove Session, Hockey Hall of Fame

Blogging and Twittering Team

Molson Canadian World Hockey Summit live bloggers/twitterers Justin, Darrin, Angela, Richard



Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Molson Coors Month of Action Volunteering in Halifax

On April 9th, the entire Halifax team joined forces for Molson Coors Month of Action, sharing their time, hands and enthusiasm with Feed Nova Scotia. The team sorted dry goods that were later distributed throughout Nova Scotia.

The Halifax folks were joined by special guest Geoff Molson, who was also in town to introduce new Molson M in Nova Scotia.

Cheers guys!


Geoff Molson joins Halifax team in the volunteering effort!


Maritimes leader Brian Harriman and his team at work!


The entire team, getting ready to get their hands dirty!



Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

2010 Games Memories – Oh Canada !

This is one of my favourite highlight shots from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games with Geoff Molson, seventh generation of our founding brewery family, leading Canada’s Women’s Hockey team and everyone at Molson Canadian Hockey House in our national anthem. Oh Canada !  Man the house was rockin that night. Cheers @MolsonFerg