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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Notes of Thanks…

At Molson Coors Canada we continue to be proud to play oure part in the Community across so many dimensions. Our focus remains on promoting active lifestyle not for profits and those Community Champions that help to make our communities a better place to live, play and work.

It’s always so re-assuring when we hear back from those with whom we work with in the community. Something as simple as a few empty beer cartons can go a long way to helping not for profit agencies in our community.

I thought I’d share this note of thanks in response to cartons provided to the Hamilton Food Share program. Thanks for the thanks Cass. Cheers !


The boxes arrived yesterday.

Thanks so very much as they will be split between
Hamilton Food Share, which includes some 14 Foodbanks
in the greater Hamilton area and Partnership West, my
organization who will have some 3,000 visits over the next
12 months.

Each visit to Partnership West means a full Molson / Coors box of
canned and dry goods with a retail value of just under $ 100.

Once again thank for your support, you are the good guys.


Cass Quinn

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Holiday Gift Collection in Montreal

Action Nouvelle Vie Food/Toy Drive

The Marketing, Sales and Distribution departments took the lead in Montreal and invited all of us to participate in a gift collection (with an approximate investment of $25 to $35 per gift) for a major food bank located on the South Shore of Montreal. The organization known as “Action Nouvelle Vie” was more than happy to receive and redistribute the gifts on behalf of Molson employees.

Action Nouvelle Vie Food/Toy Drive

In addition, around 30 Molson employees volunteered on December 16 to help distribute the food items and gifts for kids.

Thanks to Mathieu Brochu, Louise Perron and Carole Reeves for their precious and invaluable leadership to put a smile in the hearts of numerous kids.

What a wonderful way to make a huge difference!

Action Nouvelle Vie Food/Toy Drive

Distibuting Christmas Baskets in Longeuil. Click here to see more photos!

From Left: Lynda Legault from Sales, Réjean Houle, Youpi (Mascot of Montreal Canadiens), Suzanne Fournier, General Director of Action Nouvelle Vie and Monique Depatie (me!)

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Oktoberfest, Molson and a whole lotta food…Prosit

Oktoberfest Parade

Thanksgiving weekend marked the beginning of the 2008 Oktoberfest festival in Kitchener-Waterloo, the nine day, largest Bavarian festival in North America.  This year is the 40th anniversary of Oktoberfest, and Molson is one of the sponsors.

I’m from Waterloo, so Oktoberfesting is something I’ve enjoyed for many years.  This weekend I was super busy with family activities and didn’t make it to some of the great night events (next weekend, I’ll be out!). The  Molson Oktoberfest crew was at the Concordia Club on Saturday night — Anyone go? Would love to hear about it and see photos.  Concordia is one of my favourite venues!

On Thanksgiving Monday, I went to the Oktoberfest parade — best one to date!  Marching bands, great floats, and dancers…more pics.

Oktoberfest Parade

Oktoberfest Parade

At the end of the parade, volunteers collected donations and non-perishable food items for the Onkel Hans Food Drive, supporting the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.  Molson kicked off the annual Food Drive this year at Zhers last Saturday.  Nineteen volunteers (employees, friends and family of Molson), spent a full day collecting food and cash donations and raising awareness about the most needed items.  Molson raised $6,186.87 total CASH and 2,854.6 lbs of FOOD……which equals over 300+ filled beer cases!!! :)

Molson and Onkel Hans Food Drive Molson and Onkel Hans Food Drive

Where were you Oktoberfesting? Planning to go this weekend? Hope to see you there!