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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Our Beer Print in Action with Molson Coors Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Bart Alexander

RLP 2012 Toronto 09

Bart Alexander, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Molson Coors Brewing Company volunteering with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project at Brick Works in Toronto, ON.

What would you call a day when you got up early, planted some trees with friends and co-workers and then celebrated with an ice cold Molson Canadian beer?  For me it was awesome, a day bringing together the best of Canada for this visitor from Denver, Colorado.  In fact, the day was sponsored by the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in partnership with Evergreen.  The Red Leaf Project launched in 2011, planting over 100,000 trees  to help make our awesome land (in Canada), even better.  Almost 1000 Canadians volunteered at 10 park projects last year, and this summer, the brand will increase its impact by tenfold – 100 projects!

As Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors, I know that we make both positive and negative impacts on people and the earth.   We call that “Our Beer Print” – just like a beer leaves a mark on the table or coaster, we leave our mark.  Much is positive – such as the good times we spend together over beers, the jobs we create, and the contributions we make to our communities.  Some is negative – like alcohol abuse or discharges and accidents in our breweries.

We are dedicated as a company and as a collection of people to do all we can to grow our positive beer print and shrink our negative beer print.   This means we commit to be an ethical and well governed company, that sells quality products marketed responsibly, committed to environmental sustainability, investing in our people and the communities where we live and work, and taking our best practices to our suppliers and retailers.  It also means that we can help connect people to make a difference – just like we’re doing with the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project.

We know that our people appreciate our progress, ranking us as one of the top places to work in Canada.  And we believe that beer drinkers care as well, as demonstrated by the participation in Red Leaf Project.  We look forward to seeing that participation grow in 2012.

We’re devoted to improving Our Beer Print in Canada and every market in the world where we brew and sell our products.  So, next time you enjoy one of our brews, be it Canadian or an Coors Light or Rickards, taste our passion to refresh you and the world.

Cheers to you and your responsible choices!

To register/learn more, visit Molson Canadian on facebook

RLP 2012 Toronto 22

RLP 2012 Toronto 39

RLP 2012 Toronto 36

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Do some Good…get some Awesome. Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in Toronto

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project made it’s way back to Ontario in August.  First stop was Trinity Bellwoods Park and then Humber Bay Park in Toronto.

These were the final two Red Leaf Project events planned this year…. but then many volunteers and our facebook fans told us that they want more!  So keep an eye out this September for more Red Leaf Project events in partnership with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up.

Thank you for supporting this program Canada, and for doing your part to help make this awesome land even better :)   Cheers!

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

Trinity Bellwoods Park Volunteers restored and cleaned up the park, distributing mulch to an area of dry, compacted soil.  This improves the quality of the soil, provides fertilizer for trees, helps to retain moisture and prevents weeds from growing.

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

They also removed two garbage bags of litter and 50 yard waste bags of the invasive plant species Burdock, which out-competes native plants for sunlight and water, and grows thistles.

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

Humber Bay Park Evergreen and the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project wrapped up an awesome summer of park restoration projects at Humber Bay Park West. Volunteers removed invasive plant species, and distributed mulch to newly planted Sumac trees to help improve the soil quality, prevent weeds from growing and retain moisture after rainfall.  Being a park on the shore of Lake Ontario, the area is subject to harsh winds and intense weather conditions all year round, resulting in dry, poor quality soil.

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

In total the group removed 4 garbage bags of litter, 9 yard waste bags of invasive species Purple Vetch and Thistles, and applied 20 cubic metres of mulch to over 400 native trees.

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in Edmonton, Alberta

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project - Edmonton

Last weekend the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project was in Edmonton, AB at Kinnaird Ravine. Volunteers came out to help naturalize the ravine, planting approximately 800 native trees and shrubs including Trembling Aspen, Wolf Willow, and Saskatoon Berry.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project - Edmonton

The team did a great job and are now headed to Big Valley Jamboree this weekend!

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project - Edmonton

Thanks to Global TV and City TV for joining us onsite too.

Up next…Red Leaf is coming back to Ontario with 2 events in Toronto. See you in August! Cheers.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project - Edmonton

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Do some Good…Get some Awesome. Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in London, ON

Can’t believe we’re already halfway through the summer and halfway through our Red Leaf events!

This past weekend Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project was in London, ON.  Next up we travel West to Edmonton for a park project at Sherriff Robertson.

London, ON -  Gibbons Park

Huge thanks to the Red Leaf volunteers who gathered in Gibbons Park on a very, very hot and humid day. The volunteers were taught about the benefits of adding mulch (wood chips and leaves) around the base of newly planted trees and shrubs – this helps to retain moisture in hot dry months, keep weeds from growing around trees, and provides fertilizer to increase the nutrients in the soil.

London, ON -  Gibbons Park

The group also removed approximately 30 garbage bags full of weeds, and one bag full of litter from the park.  Thanks to everyone and have a GREAT time at Rock the Park :)

London, ON -  Gibbons Park

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Do some Good…Get some Awesome. Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in Merritt, B.C. & Regina, SK

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project stopped in beautiful Regina, SK and then made it’s way West to Merritt, BC!   Cheers.

Regina, SK - Wascana Trails

Location, Regina, SK

Volunteers participated in trail building. The goal of the day was to take the first steps in creating an accessible handcycling / recreational trail in Wascana Trails Park. The group removed tall grass, thatch and the top layer of organic matter to expose what will become the trail.

Regina, SK - Wascana Trails

The work was hard and the result was great – approximately 130 meters of 1 to 1.5 meter wide trail was started that day. Over the next eight weeks a crew of trail builders will complete the work, but the connection that these volunteers made to the park and to this new and innovative trail system – the first of its kind in Canada, and possibly North America – was substantial.

Regina, SK - Wascana Trails

Location: Merritt, BC

Red Leaf participants came out to the beautiful city of Merritt, where we hosted a fantastic stewardship event on the Canada Day long weekend in Rotary Park.

Participants dug sod, weeded 6 garden  beds, added organic compost, mulched around trees and tidied up the park’s flower beds. They also pruned older trees, planted 4 larger new trees, topped up the gravel in the playground and cleaned up 30 bags of litter.

Though the day was hot and the work strenuous everyone put their backs into it! All went home happy with tickets to the Merritt Mountain Fest and the sincere thanks of the City of Merritt, Molson Canadian and Evergreen.