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Monday, February 4th, 2013

Blog About What…Let us Know Your Interest

Greetings for 2013 from the Molson Coors Community Blog. @MolsonFerg here. based in Canada. I’ve been involved with this blog in one way shape or form from its start back in 2007. We tended to speak all things community in Canada and have enjoyed being engaged and involved with so many of our community partners and projects through the blog. It has also been a great platform for our employees to shout out or for us to shout out about the great work that our employees do in their communities. We migrated “location” of the blog to the Molson Coors central web site a year ago. Since then I must admit that the Canadian team has held back on some of our posts, given that they might have felt just a little to Canada centric. Given that our audience now is more global, we felt we needed to be more selective of what we posted, so as not to cause too much spam like content on the blog. We are now in the midst of talking amongst the team on how we are going to utilize the blog to continue to tell stories about community and Molson Coors efforts across our business around the world in areas of corporate responsibility and community engagement.We call this Our Beer Print. SO…we would love to hear from you on what you find interesting, appealing, informing or intriguing by way of this blog. Thanks for taking the time to post some thoughts here or back at me on Twitter or via email. Thanks for your continued interest in Molson Coors and all things beer. Cheers to a great week. @MolsonFerg


Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Power to Make a Difference — Deputy Minister visits St. John’s Brewery

St. John's Brewery Tour

Photo L-R: Molson Brewery employee; John Drover and  Deputy Minister Bill Parrott, Environment and Conservation Dept, Government of NL; John Buckley, Brewery Manager.

St. John's Brewery Tour

Photo L-R: Deputy Minister Parrott and John Buckley

Want to make a difference!? Start by your own actions! That is an integral part of Molson’s Energy and Environmental Conservation Program — The Power to Make a Difference . The program is in it’s second year and thanks to employee engagement we are doing our bit in the community. In Newfoundland and Labrador our St. John’s Brewery welcomed a visit by Deputy Minister Bill Parrott, and John Drover, Director of Policy and Planning, both of whom work in the Environment and Conservation Department of the Provincial Government. They had a opportunity to tour the brewery and gain insights into a number of different initiatives. A key component is bringing awareness to employees – share our consumptions results – also receiving employee feedback for opportunities on conservation, recycling, and waste reduction.

Hey … we all need to do our bit at work and home to make a difference.

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Paying the Gas Bill Was Never So Fun!

Daniel Pelland, Molson Chief Brewing Officer; Paul Green, Director of Sales for Enbridge Gas Distribution; Doug Dittburner Chief Engineer Molson Toronto Brewery; Peter Goldman, Industrial Sales Manager Enbridge; Sam Galik, Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Molson Toronto Brewery; and Ken Robbins, Brewmaster Molson Toronto Brewery.

Daniel Pelland, Molson Chief Brewing Officer; Paul Green, Director of Sales for Enbridge Gas Distribution; Doug Dittburner Chief Engineer Molson Toronto Brewery; Peter Goldman, Industrial Sales Manager Enbridge; Sam Galik, Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Molson Toronto Brewery; and Ken Robbins, Brewmaster Molson Toronto Brewery.

Most of us get a bill from the gas company, but Molson was recently in the infinitely more enjoyable position of receiving a cheque for $27,940 from Enbridge Gas Distribution in Toronto. Our Chief Brewing Officer, Daniel Pelland along with members of the management team at the Brewery accepted the cheque on Monday April 20 from Enbridge Gas Distribution. (photo)

This special payment was an incentive for recent boiler improvements made at the Toronto brewery – the boilers are the large steel tanks you see thru the brew house windows when driving by the brewery on the 401. The project involved retrofitting the heat exchanger, and as a result of the retrofit, we acquired the capability to preheat water for the boiler from 45³F to 145³F. Basically, it means the boiler now doesn’t have to work as hard, enabling Molson to save substantial amounts of natural gas. Annually, this improvement amounts to savings of 279, 402 m3 of natural gas, which does good for the business and our planet. The natural gas savings means a reduction of 531 000 kg of C02 emissions each year – the equivalent of 2,681 cars off the road. This improvement is part of Molson ongoing Brewery Energy Conservation Program. The incentive payment from Enbridge will be invested in yet more energy-saving projects.

Actually, this is not the first time Molson has received a cheque from the gas company. Enbridge has a very extensive program to encourage consumers like Molson to reduce their energy use. So, Molson has many more diverse projects either in the works or under consideration, including boiler efficiency improvements, installing meters, improving insulation, water reuse, and flash steam recovery.

Thanks to our energy saving efforts, it won’t be long until the gas company will be writing us another cheque!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

The Power to Make a Difference


The Power to Make a Difference – Generate Millions of Liters of Water Savings at Toronto Brewery

(I am re-posting a note that reported on this terrific accomplishment…cheers…@MolsonFerg)

The boiler room is the power house of the Toronto brewery. It supplies power, steam, compressed air, water, C02 and refrigeration throughout the entire plant in order to fuel production. One of the many complex systems in the boiler room is the Nexguard control system, which continually monitors the chemical level in the boiler. In the course of operations, the Nexguard system pumps out water at the rate of 16.3 litres per minute. And until a few months ago, all that water was going straight down the drain.

That’s when boiler team members Doug Gow and D.S. Tran put their heads together and came up with a water saving solution. Why not reroute the Nexguard waste water to help supply the sump water cooling system? They presented their idea to Doug Dittburner, Toronto Brewery Chief Engineer, and after checking that the chemical levels could have no harmful effect—he gave the go ahead. A few days later, the fix was in place.

The net result: Savings of 8,569,664 liters of water per year are expected to be recovered from Nexguard control system, accounting for yearly cost savings of approximately $14,250. In appreciation for their efforts, Gow and Tran each received a big Molson dufflebag—representing a dufflebag full of thanks from the company. Doug says, “It’s clear that the Power to Make a Difference campaign is having a REAL effect on the way we operate. We’re proud that employees like Doug and DS are being proactive and thinking of ways to save us energy. Even better, this was accomplished with minimal effort, cost and time, using in-house resources. Way to go, guys!”