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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Molson Coors Brewing Company Powers down for Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour is this weekend and Molson Coors Brewing Company facilities around the world will be participating by turning off all non-essential lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time.  This is our third consecutive year participating in the world’s largest climate change initiative which reminds us how small actions can bring change and make huge impacts.   Last year during Earth Hour Molson Coors Canada reduced kilowatt consumption by approximately 1,595 KWH in that single hour – that’s enough energy to power a house for an entire month!  WOW.

How are you spending your time in the dark?  Not sure what I’m doing yet, but here are a couple suggestions from last year :)

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Molson Awarded the Power Smart Leader Designation by BC Hydro!

Scott Gordon, Vancouver Brewery Energy Team Leader; Rene Holt, Vancouver Brewery Manager; Kal Sahota, BC Hydro Key Account Manager and Daniel Pelland, Molson Chief Brewing Officer

[youtube JhynBpNR1Ns]

Great news for us from Vancouver this week. Yes indeed a few days ago (May 26) I had the opportunity to attend an awards dinner in Vancouver, where BC Hydro gave Molson their top award in the Power Smart program — the Power Smart Leader designation for 2009.

I felt very proud that our company was honoured with this huge award which speaks directly of Vancouver brewery achievements in saving energy, and driving environmental sustainability. It’s great to see this recognition being given to a lot of dedicated people who were diligently striving to make improvements over a number of years.

BC Hydro created the Power Smart program to provide programs and incentives to encourage customers to use less power, and Molson first got on board with the program in 2000. Starting with fairly low ratings, every year our team at the Vancouver brewery worked very hard to achieve significantly greater and greater energy savings. We continued to improve our Power Smart rating until in 2009 we won the Power Smart Leader award, as mentioned. It goes to show what persistence and commitment can do.

During the past 11 years since BC Hydro began Power Smart program, I think it’s interesting that so far only two public companies have received the Power Smart Leader award: Toyota and now Molson. By winning this award, Molson stands out as a company that cares, and shows others how it can be done–changing our thinking, operations and equipment in order to conserve energy. Not only is it good for the planet, it’s good for our business.

All the individual efforts of the employees in Vancouver are a big reason for this amazing success. Congratulations on making a difference!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Molson Employees Rise to the Défi Climat

Molson has reached its objective of encouraging at least 250 of its Montreal employees to register in Défi Climat (with one week left to go the campaign).

Molson proud to partner with Défi Climat 2009

Défi Climat (literally The Climate Challenge) is a Montreal awareness campaign for climate change, running from March 20 to April 24, 2009. Almost 300 participating local companies and institutions are targeting their employees/students (for a total of more than 40,000 individuals) to invite them to register and commit to making practical lifestyle changes, among a list of recommended actions.

To promote the visibility of this campaign, we held a successful launch event featuring a keynote presentation by Emmanuelle Géhin, head of OZONE and one of 250 Canadians trained by former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore on climate change issues.

Watch the video to see highlights of the launch

[youtube wUEn6OM3E0o]

Daniel Pelland our Chief Brewing Officer at Molson (it’s a cool title isn’t?) was also recently featured in French-language business weekly Les Affaires on the strength of the results of our Energy Conservation Program.

At Molson we are bolstering our commitment to sustainable development by focusing on increased employee awareness throughout our Brewery Energy Conservation Campaign - The Power to Make a Difference. Also, we support this commitment by readily participating in environmental initiatives such as: Défi Climat, Earth Hour (for the second year) or by organizing activities in our offices such as our second annual Energy Efficiency Week which will be held next week – from April 20 to 25, in all our breweries here in Canada and in fact for the first time this year our colleagues at Molson Coors Breweries in the United Kingdom will be organizing their own brewery energy week also next week.

We will keep you posted on those and also on our final pledge results for Défi- climat. In fact I’d like to see Defi Climat become a nationwide initiative next year, don’t you agree?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Earth Hour 2009…are you ready…


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March 28th 2009 at 830pm the world wiill engage in Earth Hour. At Molson we are proud to be actively engaged in raising awareness for our employees at all of our locations across the country and reaching out to the family, friends, neighbours, customers, beer drinkers and all Canadians to take action on March 28th.

Last year we had all of our operations take action to reduce energy, which actually resulted in some learning that helped us to change some of our practices to improve energy efficiencies. A simple action like turning off non essential lighting resulted in some powerful examples of how we can make a difference in energy conservation.

Molson salutes the folks at World Wildlife Fund for their continued efforts with Earth Hour and encourage our employees, customers, consumers, families, friends and neigbhours to rise up and get involved in this tremendous initiative on March 28th around the globe.

More to come…Cheers…@MolsonFerg

Cities in Canada already engaged include Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and Edmonton.

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Ontario’s Minister of Environment visits the Toronto Brewery

Minister Gerretsen at the Toronto Brewery with Molson Employees

It was a warm and enjoyable afternoon at Molson Brewery in Toronto when we were delighted to welcome Ontario’s Minister of the Environment, the Honourable John Gerretsen. I have had the pleasure of knowing John for over 25 years, dating back to his tenure as Kingston’s Mayor, and mine as a member of student government. Minister Gerretsen has a passion for his portfolio. After a quick greeting from our President Kevin Boyce our brewery Manager Wayne Arsenault and his team were very proud to showcase Molson and our efforts to protect our environment. Sebastien Charbonneau, our employees communications manager also rallied a number of employees together for a photo related to an energy conservation awareness campaign that ran in Toronto and all of our breweries across the country. Special thanks to Minister Gerretsen and his team for paying Molson a visit. His tour and interaction with our employees instills pride and awareness for all of us, about how important it is to do our part to protect the environment in which we work, live and play.

From left: Toronto Brewery Manager Wayne Arsenault and Minister Gerretsen

Video: Quick tour of bottle line and meeting the brewery employees

[youtube hRgL28f0XMo]