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Thursday, December 20th, 2012

To the Season

…for many years along the path where we walk our dog behind Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, a small tree was decorated with festive bobbles and ornaments. Then suddenly one year there was a note near the tree advising that it would be the final year that the tree would be decorated. We could only imagine that the folks were moving on, or that a kindred senior soul was just finding it too difficult to navigate the woods and present this annual wonder to the community. A year passed and then my wife decided that we had to continue on this local tradition. So…our neighbours with us at dusk a couple of weeks back, decorated this small lonely tree along the path behind Sunnybrook. We hope that it will bring joy, reflection, smiles, hope and a sense of community to passers by. May this season bring much joy and a new year that is full of peace and harmony. Perhaps a lonely tree in the woods will help people think of how each of us can work to make this world a better place. Cheers to the Season. The very best to you and your community, your family, friends and a stranger passing by who might just gain a smile. @MolsonFerg