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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The Vancouver Brewery Cuts the Mullet with a New Paint Job

A behind the scenes blog – the freshly painted Molson Coors Brewery on Burrard St. in Vancouver!  Thanks to David Tolnai, Operations for Molson Coors Canada in Vancouver for the update.  Cheers, MolsonTonia

Molson Coors Canada Brewery - Burrard St. Vancouver

Before shot

For the last few years, the Molson Coors Vancouver Brewery has been business up front with a party going on in the back.  No more.  With its new paint job, the Vancouver Brewery has cleaned itself up and joined the white collar world.

Painting any building of this size is a monumental task.  Add in difficult access, miles and miles of piping, tanks and equipment scattered about and it becomes even more expensive and complicated.  Despite the challenges, we decided that a fresh coat of paint would help celebrate our upcoming involvement with the 2010 Winter Olympics, as well as Molson’s 50 year presence at the Burrard Street Brewery.

So now, from the clocktower on down, the brewery is covered with a subtle and tasteful colour scheme sure to please even the most sophisticated palette.  The job is not 100% complete and the painters will be putting the finishing touches up over the next few weeks (weather permitting), but already the changes are noticeable.  Have a look the next time you’re picking up some fish and chips at Granville Island.

Molson Coors Canada Brewery - Burrard St. Vancouver

After shot!