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Friday, June 10th, 2011

Celebrating 50 and 225 years…Cheers !

Toronto Brewery

What’s in a brewery ? Well, the situation today is that there will be employees, family and retirees of Molson Coors (Molson and Carling O’Keefe as well) that will return to the Toronto site of the Molson Coors brewery to celebrate 50 years of brewing in Toronto and 225 years of brewing in Canada. Approximately 1000 people will celebrate at a bbq on site. Joining employees and retirees will be Andrew Molson, Chairman of the Board of Molson Coors Brewing Company and Geoff Molson, a member of the board of Molson Coors Brewing Company – both who are the 7th generation of the Molson Family that has been brewing in Canada since 1786. No doubt @MolsonHammer and @MolsonSeb will have more to report on throughout the day. Cheers to the people that have worked in this brewery and helped make Molson Coors what it is today. Our people truly make the difference…we can celebrate the brewery but the people have made it what it is today. Let’s celebrate ! @MolsonFerg

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Eric Molson Retires After 50 Years at Canada’s Brewery

Today marked a special moment in the history of the 223 year old brewing heritage of the Molson Family in Canada. Chairman of the Board, Eric Molson has retired, and formally passes the family brewing torch to the 7th generation of this great Canadian brewing family. Andrew Molson takes on the role of vice Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company and Geoff Molson joins the board as well.

It was a particularly proud moment for employees at Molson Coors with Eric’s address webcast to employees around the globe. It was webcast live from the John Molson Room in Montreal, at the site where John Molson founded the brewery in 1786 on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Eric and his wife Jane were joined by many Molson executives and distinguished guests to celebrate the occasion with a special brew produced to commemorate Eric’s 50 years in the Molson beer business.

Peter Coors and Eric Molson

Chairman of Molson Coors Board Peter Coors and retiring Chairman of the Board Eric Molson

Peter Coors, now Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company led off the celebration with opening remarks and referred to the terrific heritage that both Molson and Coors have brought to beer drinkers…great brands, great beer and great people.

Executives and Eric Molson

Kevin Boyce – President and CEO Molson in Canada, Geoff Molson-VP Marketing Quebec, Peter Coors-Chairman Molson Coors Brewing Company, Eric Molson-Past Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company, Peter Swinburn-President and CEO Molson Coors Brewing Company

President and CEO of Molson Coors, Peter Swinburn spoke of the vision that Eric Molson has for the brewery and its people in competing globally in the beer business.

Kevin Boyce, President and CEO of Molson in Canada spoke of the heritage and impact that Eric and his family have had in the broader community in Canada. Kevin presented Eric with a special painting created by a brewery worker at the Toronto Brewery – Stewart Jones a renowned Toronto artist.

Molson CEO Kevin Boyce and Eric Molson

Kevin Boyce and Eric Molson

Geoff Molson, Eric’s son and a VP of Marketing in Quebec delivered what people in the room and at sites around the globe referred to as am emotional tribute to his father. Frank Doseger presented Eric with the Molson’s Classic Ale, a special commemorative brew for the occasion, another quality brew by Molson’s reveered quality brewers.

Eric Molson 6th Generation and Sons 7th Generation

Andrew, Justin, Eric and Geoff Molson

Eric addressed the assembled guests and employees at Molson Coors worldwide with an acknowledgement of family, the thousands of people that have taught him about brewing, his country and life. He saluted his sons who now take on the the family brewing legacy to protect and build for the future. Eric concluded his remarks by saying that he looks forward to spending time with his wife Jane and his family including his grandchildren (eighth generation !).

To Eric Molson a toast from employees here in Canada and from around the globe at Molson Coors. Thank you for your 50 years in the beer business and for continuing the Canadian brewing legacy that Molson has continued for 223 years. Cheers @MolsonFerg

Friday, June 27th, 2008

How about some Brew 2.0?

Brew 2.0 004

Last night was Molson’s first ever Brew 2.0 event!!!

About 20 or so 2.0-savvy folks joined Molson and the Brew 2.0 team at the ACC in the Lord Stanley’s Mug for few hours of minglin’, food and beer tasting, and a little brew education.  With a killer line-up of different foods paired with different beers — Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Corona, Rickard’s White, Rickard’s Red and Creemore – the guests were given a little history about the beer and why it was paired with certain foods.  Me, the vegetarian, watched from a far….man those mini burgers looked good :)

Brew masters Ian Douglass and Bryan Eagan led ‘brewing and beer school’ while Draught Prophets’ pro, Steve Reilley, gave a great presentation – draught education.  Who knew a clean glass was so important?

The evening ended with some innovative products, featuring Heineken’s 5L Draught Keg, the Coors Light Cold Certified Bottle, AND a sneak preview of upcoming Kasteel Cru, a champagne-yeast, lager.

Thanks to all who came out — and a special thanks to Joey deVilla, a.k.a. accordionguy who serenaded the group! 

Curious to know — which food + beer pair was your fav.?  

Brew 2.0 031

Brew 2.0 025

Brew 2.0 029

Brew 2.0 041

Brew 2.0 036

More photos along with some video coming next week!

Happy long weekend everyone :)