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Monday, April 22nd, 2013

The 3 Rs of Beer Bottle Returns

REDUCE the amount of waste going to landfills.
RE-USE the standard bottle up to 15 times before being melted down for recycling.
RECYCLE 100% of beer packaging.

As responsible brewer, we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken with the industry to reduce our ‘Beer Print’. In Ontario alone, The Beer Store’s deposit return system has recovered approximately 75-billion beer bottles over the past 85 years! To see the other environmental benefits of bottle returns check out this Beer Store infographic:

TBS Infographic


And here’s a sneak peek into one of our breweries during part of the returns system where the bottles are collected, washed and reused:

Industry standard bottles from various brands are sent to our breweries.


Photo by Christopher Drost

This bottle washing machine thoroughly washes 60 bottles at a time with detergent. The labels get removed and goes through a rinse cycle.


Photo by Christopher Drost

After the bottles come out nice and clean, then it’s off to inspection!


Photo by Christopher Drost

So if you have any empties lying around, you know what to do!

Cheers & Happy Earth Day!