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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Eric Molson Retires After 50 Years at Canada’s Brewery

Today marked a special moment in the history of the 223 year old brewing heritage of the Molson Family in Canada. Chairman of the Board, Eric Molson has retired, and formally passes the family brewing torch to the 7th generation of this great Canadian brewing family. Andrew Molson takes on the role of vice Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company and Geoff Molson joins the board as well.

It was a particularly proud moment for employees at Molson Coors with Eric’s address webcast to employees around the globe. It was webcast live from the John Molson Room in Montreal, at the site where John Molson founded the brewery in 1786 on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Eric and his wife Jane were joined by many Molson executives and distinguished guests to celebrate the occasion with a special brew produced to commemorate Eric’s 50 years in the Molson beer business.

Peter Coors and Eric Molson

Chairman of Molson Coors Board Peter Coors and retiring Chairman of the Board Eric Molson

Peter Coors, now Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company led off the celebration with opening remarks and referred to the terrific heritage that both Molson and Coors have brought to beer drinkers…great brands, great beer and great people.

Executives and Eric Molson

Kevin Boyce – President and CEO Molson in Canada, Geoff Molson-VP Marketing Quebec, Peter Coors-Chairman Molson Coors Brewing Company, Eric Molson-Past Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company, Peter Swinburn-President and CEO Molson Coors Brewing Company

President and CEO of Molson Coors, Peter Swinburn spoke of the vision that Eric Molson has for the brewery and its people in competing globally in the beer business.

Kevin Boyce, President and CEO of Molson in Canada spoke of the heritage and impact that Eric and his family have had in the broader community in Canada. Kevin presented Eric with a special painting created by a brewery worker at the Toronto Brewery – Stewart Jones a renowned Toronto artist.

Molson CEO Kevin Boyce and Eric Molson

Kevin Boyce and Eric Molson

Geoff Molson, Eric’s son and a VP of Marketing in Quebec delivered what people in the room and at sites around the globe referred to as am emotional tribute to his father. Frank Doseger presented Eric with the Molson’s Classic Ale, a special commemorative brew for the occasion, another quality brew by Molson’s reveered quality brewers.

Eric Molson 6th Generation and Sons 7th Generation

Andrew, Justin, Eric and Geoff Molson

Eric addressed the assembled guests and employees at Molson Coors worldwide with an acknowledgement of family, the thousands of people that have taught him about brewing, his country and life. He saluted his sons who now take on the the family brewing legacy to protect and build for the future. Eric concluded his remarks by saying that he looks forward to spending time with his wife Jane and his family including his grandchildren (eighth generation !).

To Eric Molson a toast from employees here in Canada and from around the globe at Molson Coors. Thank you for your 50 years in the beer business and for continuing the Canadian brewing legacy that Molson has continued for 223 years. Cheers @MolsonFerg

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Jolly Jinglers to Raise Awareness for Molson Responsible Choices Message

Home for the Holidays

This holiday season Molson will be promoting responsible choices with an interactive e-card on line. This  e-card is appropriately called Jolly Jinglers. To promote safe and responsible drinking, Molson and the folks at Bristol Communications have created this e-card for people to celebrate responsible choices. You can upload your own photo to be placed on a character, choose a background for the card and then select from three specially written songs for the responsible drinking “home for the holidays” promotional campaign. And after sending the card, Canadian residents, who are legal drinking age outside of Quebec, are eligible for $1000 towards their trip home for the holidays. In Quebec they will be running the Molson Angels program again this year at various on premise accounts.

Jolly Jinglers is just one part of our holiday campaign to promote responsible choices. Molson is also proud to be celebrating ten years with 1-888-TAXIGUY and in partnership with TAXIGUY we are offering 10% of taxi vouchers with a minimum purchase of $50.00. Use promo code MOLSON.

Molson is also partnering with a number of cities in Canada on holiday res ponsible choice promotions including some “free rides” home on New Years eve with a number of transit authorities and special awareness initiatives with police in major cities to raise awareness of repsonsible choices and specifically not to drink and drive.

So click through to the Jolly Jinglers and send your e-card to friends and family today.  Here’s To Responsible Choices this holiday season and throughout the entire year.

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Discount On Taxi Dollars Canada Wide

2008 marks the tenth anniversary of the MOLSON / TAXIGUY partnership. This tremendous program has helped people make responsible choices for a decade and has resulted in over 2.7 million rides home. This coming holiday season Molson is continuing to promote “Here’s to Responsible Choices” as we encourage people to get home safely for the holidays.

MOLSON and TAXIGUY are offering a 10% discount on TAXI DOLLARS with a minimum purchase of $50.00 in taxi dollars.

This is a terrific opportunity to by some taxi dollars to share with neighbours, friends and business associates in promoting the responsible choice of enjoying the holiday season but getting home safely with a taxi.  We also remind you to use the 1888TAXIGUY number to call your cab in more the 300 communities across Canada.

Thanks to Justin Raymond at TAXIGUY for a wonderful decade of making a difference and encouraging people to make responsible choices.

Here’s to Responsible Choices this holiday season. Here’s the link to the discount.

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Oktoberfest, Molson and a whole lotta food…Prosit

Oktoberfest Parade

Thanksgiving weekend marked the beginning of the 2008 Oktoberfest festival in Kitchener-Waterloo, the nine day, largest Bavarian festival in North America.  This year is the 40th anniversary of Oktoberfest, and Molson is one of the sponsors.

I’m from Waterloo, so Oktoberfesting is something I’ve enjoyed for many years.  This weekend I was super busy with family activities and didn’t make it to some of the great night events (next weekend, I’ll be out!). The  Molson Oktoberfest crew was at the Concordia Club on Saturday night — Anyone go? Would love to hear about it and see photos.  Concordia is one of my favourite venues!

On Thanksgiving Monday, I went to the Oktoberfest parade — best one to date!  Marching bands, great floats, and dancers…more pics.

Oktoberfest Parade

Oktoberfest Parade

At the end of the parade, volunteers collected donations and non-perishable food items for the Onkel Hans Food Drive, supporting the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.  Molson kicked off the annual Food Drive this year at Zhers last Saturday.  Nineteen volunteers (employees, friends and family of Molson), spent a full day collecting food and cash donations and raising awareness about the most needed items.  Molson raised $6,186.87 total CASH and 2,854.6 lbs of FOOD……which equals over 300+ filled beer cases!!! :)

Molson and Onkel Hans Food Drive Molson and Onkel Hans Food Drive

Where were you Oktoberfesting? Planning to go this weekend? Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Back to School…Here’s To Responsible Choices

The Molson team is delighted to be heading to the Humber College north campus this morning to join with our partners at the Student Life Education Company to launch the 2008 campus initiative to promote responsible choices.  This year we have evolved the web tool to include an avatar and a chance to send an ecard to friends and family. Enjoy all the details at here’s to my choice .com.

Here’s to Responsible Choices !