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Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Arrive Alive turns “25″

What a week, for starters it is National Road Safety Week, so it is not a coinsidence that Arrive Alive launched their 25th Campaign yesterday as everyone looks forward to our May long weekend!  

A reminder that we do have a choice and what we do today will certainly impact our tomorrow. I am certainly looking forward to a couple of ice cold MC67′s on the back patio, but I am enjoying my long weekend locally, I do not have far to go, 200 meters. If you are out celebrating this weekend, remember to download the  FREE TAXIGUY APP, that will call you a cab; the APP is FREE and the Call is FREE. No EXCUSES!!

Check out AADS PSA featuring  TAXIGUY APP

Arrive Alive 25 

Photo: Anne Leonard, Executive Director, Arrive Alive;drive sober

Arrive Alive; drive sober has been a partner of ours for well over a decade, that is how long I have had the opportunity to be involved with Anne Leonard, the driving force behind the scenes fighting to keep our roads safe.

Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend!!

Cheers, MolsonCaroleB




Thursday, February 17th, 2011

International Support for “arrive alive;DRIVE SOBER”

Arrive Alive no matter what you are driving

Photo: Kristopher Kochanowski, 1 RCR, Bravo Company, 6th Platoon

Thank you Anne for sharing this great photo of Kris while on Tour in the Kandahar province.

Anne and her Team at arrive alive; DRIVE SOBER are passionate about what they do.  I should know because I have had the pleasure of working with Anne Leonard for a few years now.  Molson Coors Canada  is an active member of arrive alive;DRIVE SOBER and support Anne through our Responsible Choices Campaign.  Arrive alive is organized to increase awareness around the death and  injury caused by impaired driving and to promote strategies to reduce impaired driving fatalities.  All of their messages, materials and literature promote awareness of alternatives to impaired driving.

For more information about arrive alive;DRIVE SOBER  check out their website at arrivealive.

Thank you Kris for spreading the important message of ARRIVE ALIVE;Drive Sober, while you were away on Tour, glad you are back safe and sound!

Cheers CaroleB

Today is brought to you by last nights choices; here’s to making responsible ones!

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Arrive Alive Kick Off

Responsible Drinking 022

From left: Carole Berry, Molson, Anne Leonard, OCCID and Justin Raymond, Taxiguy

Last week was the annual arrive alive DRIVE SOBER campaign kick off at the Toronto Police Service Headquarters. The Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID) started this campaign (now in its 20th year!) to help drivers make the decision not to drink and drive, preventing senseless injuries and saving lives.

Molson, along with other organizations (Ministry of Transportation adn The Beer Store.), is a proud partner of OCCID.

Video:  Anne Leonard and Shelly Timms from OCCID

 [youtube 1kJTXTMegjc]

As the first long weekend approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to also write about a great organization that Molson has been working with for over 10 years – Taxiguy

Taxiguy is an amazing organization that focuses on getting people home safely.  How does it work?

  • You call one easy-to-remember toll free number – 1-888-TAXIGUY
  • In 700 cities across Canada
  • Automatically directs caller to nearest cab company

A very unique service that Taxiguy offers is its Taxi Dollars Program – taxi currency that can be redeemed as a fare.  It works just like a gift certificate… see the video below! 

[youtube 22YafFT6UG8]

Justin Raymond is the creator of Taxiguy, and he kindly agreed to do a quick interview with me at the arrive alive kick-off about Taxiguy.

[youtube UMOIw3de00U] 

As a final thought…for those of you who have children, friends, nieces, nephews, etc.  in university and college…maybe instead of sending them money for groceries or gift cards for their birthdays….send them a safe ride home — taxi dollars! 

Have a great long weekend….Cheers :)