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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Molson Cup Donation

Last Wednesday night was the final “Molson Cup On Ice Donation” and I was able to be a part of it.  I have to admit I was as excited as the guests were.  It was great to meet the MLSE Crew that makes it all happen behind the scenes.

Upon my arrival I was signed in by Alicia, she is involved with the Leafs Fund for Kids, and taken to an area while we waited for the rest of the Team that would be on ice with the March winner of the Molson Cup.

I met Kevin Stauch, guest of Joel’s, owner and operator of  Oscar’s Roadhouse in Brampton and Tracey Ferguson,Variety – The Children’s Village.  I wish I had more time to chat, Tracey is a four time Paralympic Medalist, having won 3 Gold and 1 Bronze.  I found out that Tracey began her athletic career at Variety Village aspiring to represent Canada in the Games.  Tracey credits Variety Village as having played an instrumental role in achieving her athletic goals.

Molson Cup Variety - The Children's Charity

Photo L – R: Joel Apostolon, Molson Representative for Brampton; Mikhail Grabovski, Toronto Maple Leaf; Kevin Stauch and son, Owner & Operator of Oscar’s Roadhouse, Brampton, ON; Tracey Ferguson, Variety – The Children’s Charity.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Mickey’s World – Molson National Mentor Program

Halifax National Mentoring Luncheon DalHousie

Photo L-R: JoAnne Akerboom, Dalhousie University; David Wheeler, Dalhousie University; Peggy Cunningham, Dalhousie University; Mary Donohue, DBTC Consulting; Amir Remtulla, Molson; Anna Cranston, Dalhousie University; Kelly Power, Feed Nova Scotia; Jana Collicutt, Dalhousie Unversity Mentee; Lynn Cochran, Dalhousie University; Mickey MacDonald, Micco Companies; Dianne Swinemar, Feed Nova Scotia; Amy Harding, Dalhousie Unversity Mentee; Duane Irvine, Molson Mentor; Evan Price, Dalhousie Unversity Mentee; John MacDonald, Dalhousie Unversity; John Francis, Molson Mentor; Barbara Warren

One of the new University’s to join the Molson National Mentor program is Dalhousie, I attended their first luncheon last week.  What a way to start off the program, Mickey MacDonald, entrepreneur and philanthropist was on hand to speak to the Mentors, Mentees, staff and some of the charities involved including Feed Nova Scotia and the Turo Vounteer Fire Department.  Mickey has done it all and then some, his life embodies a movie in waiting. He spoke about his life on the streets – to boxing, being a firefighter, selling lobsters in the back of a car, selling phones in a car lot in Bedford which led him to purchase DownEast Cellular. The constant theme of his speech was giving back to the community– one of the many projects he is working on in the community is the Palooka Boxing Club, a not for profit organization helping troubled youth not only in their boxing skills but thier life skills as well.  The one question I had for Mickey is if he slept and he replied “Very well”.  One person can make a difference…

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

The Power to Make a Difference


The Power to Make a Difference – Generate Millions of Liters of Water Savings at Toronto Brewery

(I am re-posting a note that reported on this terrific accomplishment…cheers…@MolsonFerg)

The boiler room is the power house of the Toronto brewery. It supplies power, steam, compressed air, water, C02 and refrigeration throughout the entire plant in order to fuel production. One of the many complex systems in the boiler room is the Nexguard control system, which continually monitors the chemical level in the boiler. In the course of operations, the Nexguard system pumps out water at the rate of 16.3 litres per minute. And until a few months ago, all that water was going straight down the drain.

That’s when boiler team members Doug Gow and D.S. Tran put their heads together and came up with a water saving solution. Why not reroute the Nexguard waste water to help supply the sump water cooling system? They presented their idea to Doug Dittburner, Toronto Brewery Chief Engineer, and after checking that the chemical levels could have no harmful effect—he gave the go ahead. A few days later, the fix was in place.

The net result: Savings of 8,569,664 liters of water per year are expected to be recovered from Nexguard control system, accounting for yearly cost savings of approximately $14,250. In appreciation for their efforts, Gow and Tran each received a big Molson dufflebag—representing a dufflebag full of thanks from the company. Doug says, “It’s clear that the Power to Make a Difference campaign is having a REAL effect on the way we operate. We’re proud that employees like Doug and DS are being proactive and thinking of ways to save us energy. Even better, this was accomplished with minimal effort, cost and time, using in-house resources. Way to go, guys!”

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

“Proud to Play our Part” in NorthWest Ontario!

I have never met Val from the north face to face,  but I love what he does.  He is one of the most community active employees I have had the opportunity to work with.  Keep up the great work Val, Carole

Community Hockey NW Ontario

Photo L-R: Ryan Hill, Hockey Northwestern Ontario; Val Glymitsas, Molson

Hockey is one sport that seems to tie our Communities together, not only in Ontario but coast to coast.  I have had the opportunity to work with Ryan Hill, Business Development person at Hockey Northwestern Ontario on several occasions and he understands that a partnership is  more than the “cashing of the cheque”.  I know that Ryan and his organization will make our donation of $8,500.00 work hard for them.  Rink boards will be upgraded and materials will be developed for coaching, trainers, Speak Out and referee clinics to name a few. I look forward to working with Ryan on the upcoming tournaments and various events to make each one a memorable time for all involved.

I am Proud to Play my Part in my community!  Cheers, Val

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Supporting the Atikokan Community

Molson in Atikokan, Ontario

Nicole Halasz (left), Project Manager, Atikokan Recreation Project and Val Glymitas, Molson

I was sent some info today from a Molson sales rep in Thunder Bay, Val Glymitsas, describing how some funding from Molson will go to help a small town up North called Atikokan.  My first thought was – cool, love hearing about community initiatives across Ontario.  My second thought – I have no idea where Atikokan is….

Some research results: The city of Atikokan, Ontario, also known as the canoeing capital of Canada, is home to approximately 3,400 people and is located in the southeast region of Sunset country (about 200 km from Thunder Bay).  Atikokan is well known for its annual Bass Classic which Molson is a proud sponsor of.  This year will be the 27th year of the tournament which has been coined as the ‘Funnest Tournament in the Great Northwest’ – not sure why, but ready to hear some testimonials!

Molson has donated $5,000 to the city, partnering with a community initiative that will support recreational activities such as the Bass Classic.  The volunteer committee will now be able to expand and improve amenities at the recreation centre — new docks, new visitors sites, enhanced seating area, etc.

After a little more searching online, I found the Bass Classic site for anyone interested in participating. Go fish…..cheers.