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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Molson “Fund a Champion Campaign”

Molson Brewery Vancouver Front Door 

Molson has joined with the Canadian Olympic Committee Foundation and the Canadian Paralympic Committee to reach out and support athletes in pursuit of a place on the Canadian Olympic team for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Through the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Molson President Kevin Boyce has asked for aspiring athletes to submit an application to recieve one ot ten “grants” of $8000 to be provided by Molson through the COC / CPC Foundations.

This program will be executed in concert with a fundraising drive among Molson employees across Canada. The intent is to provide funding to the COC/CPC foundations through the Molson Donations Fund and then select ten aspiring Olympians or Paralympians. Athletes will be selected from Atlantic/Nunavut, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada/NWT/Yukon. Employees will be encouraged to support the selected athletes by raising funds on their own or supporting local sales promotions in support of the athletes.

Molson is official supplier of beer to the 2010 Games in Vancouver and is engaging in a number of programs with employees and through Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Molson Export brands over the months leading up to the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

The program has been launched through the COC and CPC who have now reached out to national sport organizations to pass along news of this opporutnity to their aspiring athletes.  Athletes interested in seeking support should contact the COC or CPC for more details. Deadline for application to the program is March 24th. Applicants must be legal drinking age or older in their respective province.

Go Canada Go…cheers @MolsonFerg

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Molson Vancouver Brewery Draped In Black

We’ve had a few phone calls this morning and an inquiry on twitter regarding the black draping on our brewery in Vancouver. February 11th at 9am we will be unveilling what’s behind the mural in an effort to engage Canadians from coast to coast to coast to rally in support of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Parlympic Winter Games. Molson is proudly the official supplier of beer to the 2010 Games. Look for more details and how you can join together with your family, friends and acquaintances in communities across this great nation to rally in support for the games and Team Canada. Cheers !

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Molson Official Beer Supplier to Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games

I had an opportunity to chat with our President and CEO, Kevin Boyce, just prior to the holidays. We asked if he would like to write a blog post related to our official supplier status for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. He worked with Tonia and I on creating this message and we are delighted to post it on his behalf. Kevin looks forward to reviewing your responses and Tonia will make sure that we get back to you in a timely manner…over to Kevin…

(Voir en français ci-après)

I am delighted to post this blog today formally announcing that Molson will be the official beer supplier to Canada’s Games in Vancouver in 2010.  Molson is proud to play our part in celebrating with Canadians leading up to and including the games.  It is a proud moment for all of our employees, customers and suppliers to be hosting this world event in British Columbia and with Canadians from coast to coast to coast. No doubt you will see that pride showing through in the videos accompanying this post.

Molson will be supporting a number of initiatives leading up to the games through various employee and brand activities.  Please join with us in supporting the games and Team Canada as we count down to February 12, 2010 in Vancouver.  We look forward to playing our part to make this a truly memorable event for all Canadians.

Our social media team will be highlighting a number of our activities right here on our Molson Community Blog in the weeks and months to follow (Thanks to Tonia for inserting the links for me in this post!).


Kevin Boyce

(Traduction intégrale du message original de Kevin en anglais ici-haut)

Je suis ravi de profiter aujourd’hui de notre blogue communautaire pour vous annoncer formellement que Molson sera le fournisseur officiel de bière des Jeux d’hiver de Vancouver 2010. Molson est fière de faire sa part dans les célébrations qui précéderont et entoureront les Jeux. Tous nos employés, clients et fournisseurs d’un océan à l’autre sont fiers d’accueillir le monde en Colombie-Britannique dans le cadre de ce grand événement planétaire — une fierté qui ne fait d’ailleurs aucun doute dans les vidéos qui accompagnent le présent message.

Molson organisera de nombreuses activités centrées sur ses employés et sur ses marques d’ici le grand jour de l’ouverture des Jeux. Je vous invite donc à vous joindre à nous pour exprimer votre appui au Comité organisateur ainsi qu’à l’équipe olympique canadienne pendant le décompte vers l’ouverture officielle, qui aura lieu le 12 février 2010 à Vancouver. Nous sommes impatients de faire notre part pour faire de cet événement un moment réellement inoubliable pour tous les Canadiens.

Notre équipe des médias sociaux vous présentera d’ailleurs plusieurs activités ici même, sur le blogue communautaire de Molson, au cours des prochaines semaines et des prochains mois (merci à Tonia pour son aide dans l’insertion des hyperliens!). Demeurez à l’écoute!


Kevin Boyce

English VLOG

[youtube Qci5ElZj39Y]

French VLOG

[youtube UTGspMeWlAs]