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Thursday, January 6th, 2011

2010 … une année d’exception qui nous pousse vers l’avant!

La période des Fêtes constitue un moment opportun pour prendre le temps de passer en révision l’année qui se termine, et 2010 en aura été une mémorable.

Molson Coors, partenaire officiel des Jeux d’hiver 2010 (Olymiques et Paralympiques) avec les marques Coors Light, Molson Canadian et Molson Export, aura vécu une expérience extraordinaire, en plus de vivre des moments de grandes réjouissances avec et parmi un grand nombre de Canadiens(es), et ce, tout au long de la tenue des jeux. Quelle expérience et richesse pour nos athlètes d’ici, avec toutes ces célébrations qui ont pris place dans de nombreux établissements partout au Canada entre amis, avec la famille, les voisins, sans oublier les fêtes mémorables qui se sont tenues dans le “Canadian Hockey House” en plein coeur de Vancouver.

Nous sommes honorés également de l’étoile de durabilité qui a été accordée à Molson Coors par COVAN dans le cadre d’actions durables à notre brasserie de Vancouver.

Que dire de notre programme “Finançons un champion” qui a été mis sur pied en début 2009, visant à subentionner substantiellement une dizaine de nos athlètes canadiens (olympiques et paralympiques) en préparation de ces Jeux! L’accomplissement et les réalisations de ces athlètes font à jamais partie de l’histoire du sport et de notre héritage canadien.

Que dire également de notre série de reportages/dépêches, fruit de l’engagement de nos employé-es qui ont agi en qualité de reporteurs-journalistes pendant les Jeux d’hiver 2010 … une série de grande qualité, produite à partir de reportages maison, qui auront marqué notre histoire avec ces jeux exceptionnels!

Une année 2010 où Molson Coors aura été présente dans de multiples activités promotionnelles et/ou communautaires rassemblant un grand nombre de canadiens-nes)! Ce blogue Molson Coors reflète un bilan exceptionnel de nos actions et investissements tant des employés-es que de l’entreprise. D’ailleurs, un coup de chapeau bien spécial @MolsonTonia, @MolsonFerg et, bien modestement, moi-même (@MolsonMonique) pour un engagement indéfectible auprès des leaders des diverses communautés!

Ceci nous ramène fièrement à la citation de notre fondateur, John Molson, “Nous sommes tous membres d’une grande communauté où chacun doit faire sa part.”. Citation toujours aussi vivante aujourd’hui, en 2011 où nous célébrons notre 225e anniversaire; un engagement communautaire qui demeure une priorité pour Molson Coors.

À tous nos employés-es, clients et consommateurs d’un océan à l’autre au Canada, sachez que Molson Coors participe, avec vous, à bâtir et célébrer des communautés vibrantes et actives. Levons notre verre aux souvenirs de 2010 ainsi qu’aux belles choses attendues en 2011 à travers nos communautés canadiennes, durant nos célébrations de 225 années de brassage de grande qualité en 2011.

Santé! @MolsonMonique

Monday, December 27th, 2010

2010…what a year…and onward we go

Molson Canadian Hockey House

Between Christmas day and New Year’s eve it’s always fun to read the papers and on line commentary related to the year that has passed. 2010 was one heck of a memorable year. For Molson Coors to have had Molson Canadian and Coors Light as the two official beers of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games was not only special for those of us that were involved, but a great moment for beer drinkers coast to coast to coast as we connected through the games, our athletes and celebrations in bars, restaurants, neighbourhood and family get togethers at home and of course Molson Canadian Hockey House right in the centre of action in Vancouver. We were also so very proud of acquiring a Sustainability Star from VANOC for the sustainability acations at our brewery in Vancouver. It has also been very rewarding to have supported ten of our Canadian athletes in pursuit of their Olympic/Paralympic dreams. Their trials and tribulations live on and are now part of our Olympic/Paralympic and sport history and heritage. And…our employees in Vancouver “reported” on the 2010 games through their eyes with daily dispatches posted right here to the blog.

It was also a great year of connecting with communities across Canada through hundreds of charitable events and causes. This blog is a scrap book of the many community touch points throughout the year. A special shout out to @MolsonTonia and @MolsonMonique for the work they do with community leaders across Canada.

It all points back to our founder John Molson where our commitment to community remains today, John Molson said in his early days “we are all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part”. This community commitment lives on today as we look to 2011 and celebrating 225 years of brewing in Canada.

Our employees, customers and beer drinkers coast to coast to coast in Canada know that Molson Coors is there to help them build and celebrate healthy active communities. A toast to the year that was and we look forward to great things in communities coast to coast to coast in our 225th year of brewing in Canada.  Cheers  ! @MolsonFerg

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games – Canada’s Games

As the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Closing Ceremonies come to a close in Whistler, I just couldn’t resist a shout out to the Vancouver Olympic and Parlympic Organizing committee for such an oustanding accomplishment for all of us in Canada. John Furlong always spoke about this as “Canada’s Games” and it feels so much like that as we see the final celebrations tonight from Whistler. To our Canadian athletes, their coaches, families and friends… and to the world of athletes and visitors that came to our great land…thank you for this wonderful event and spirit of global harmony through sport. We are so proud as Canadians to have had the opporutnity to celebrate with the world in 2010 in Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia Cheers from all of us at Molson Coors – proud to play our part as official supplier of beer to the 2010 Games. @MolsonFerg

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Off to the Games…What a Story of a Volunteer

Steve Lintott MolCoor 2010 Volunteer 3

One of our colleagues at Molson Coors Canada is volunteering for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. I asked him if he would tell his story. Thanks to Steve Lintott, a 28-year employee of Molson Coors for telling this story and for allowing me to share it. Cheers! Go Canada Go…

When it was announced that Molson employees would get special consideration for Olympic volunteer positions I decided to give it a shot. Having family living in North Vancouver meant the major hurdle (having somewhere to stay) was covered, and the chance to help (in some small way) ensure the Olympics were a success, was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Unfortunately I procrastinated and missed the deadline to apply as a Molson employee. Initially I abandoned the idea thinking I wouldn’t have much chance of getting in, assuming the response from the general public would be huge. After thinking about it for a few weeks I decided to give it a shot anyway. Couldn’t hurt. I believe that was back in the fall of 2008.

I didn’t hear anything until spring 2009 when I was interviewed over the phone. Then when I didn’t hear back from them for a few months I assumed I wasn’t a successful candidate. However my hopes were raised again in August when I received an email from VANOC asking for some personal information in order to do a security check. Then another couple of months went by before I heard from them again (after some prodding on my part); and finally a position was offered in late November: Load Zone Attendant at the Killarney Centre. I still don’t know exactly what I will be doing, but I do know that the Killarney Centre is where the short track speed skaters will practice.

The one question everyone asks is: Do you get any tickets for the events? The answer is no. Volunteering is not about perks, it’s about helping people accomplish something they can’t do on their own. Volunteers get free public transit, and an opportunity to see the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremonies! I’m looking forward to a great adventure!

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Reflecting on a Hero in our Midst

If you work in a large organization like we do at Molson Coors you can sometimes get caught up in the stream of day to day challenges of the biz and forget the human side of our business and lives. I tend to believe that   most people they mean well, they work hard, enjoy life and strive to be better at what they do at work and at home.

In this morning’s Toronto Star in the Insight Section, there is an inspiring story about one of our colleagues who has had a struggle with cancer over the past few years, yet he has been a beacon for the organization and one of the key lead organizors for our VANCOUVER 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games plans. In fact he’s been at the pointed edge of all communications between Molson Coors and the organizing committee from pin approvals to script revisions to making sure that Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Molson Export will achieve their recognition as official beers for 2010.

David Hayes from the Toronto Star tells a wonder story about Hari Sihvo and I am so proud to shout it out and share it here on our Molson Coors Community blog. Special thanks to Hari for sharing his story so publicly, it will no doubt inspire many. Cheers @MolsonFerg