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Monday, January 11th, 2010

Brittany Webster Visits Toronto Brewery Employees

Brittany Webster with our Torch Runners

Photo L-R: Brett Solmes, 1 Carlingview Dr; Brittany Webster, Beata Tomczyk, 33 Carlingview Dr; Hari Shivo, 33 Carlingview Dr

Brett, Beata and Hari shared  stories and video of their experiences of the day they ran with the 2010 Torch.  All had one thing in common, they did not want it to end.

Brittany Webster with 2010 torch at Toronto Brewery Visit

Photo L-R: Valerie Fraser, Brewery Tour Guide ‘extraordine’ ; Brittany Webster holding one of the torches from the run

Brittany Webster with Devins and Perkins Jan 2010

Photo L-R: Ferg Devins, Chief Public Affairs, Brittany Webster, Dave Perkins, President and CEO Molson Coors Canada

I met Brittany Webster at 33 Carlingview Drive when she arrived here from her trip to Quebec.  Brittany’s flight was late so we are running late right from the get go.  Off we went over to Toronto Brewery to give Brittany a quick tour of T6.  We stop and Brittany chatted with the employees and took pictures with them all.  You cannot help but like Brittany, she is cheerful, eager to see everything and talk to everyone.  After the tour we headed to the Toronto Brewery Pub and were greeted by employees from both 1  and  33 Carlingview Drive.  Our torch runners were on hand to share their experencies and we got a close up of the torch itself.   Brittany chatted with the employees and said a few words about how she ended up where she is today.  See Brittany’s Blog at Brittany Webster.  Brittany, we hope you will hear our cheers ringing out loud and clear – GO BRITTANY GO!!

Cheers CaroleB

Friday, January 1st, 2010

2010 – Happy New Year

Four Host First Nations and Molson Coors Canada collector pin

Those three words are like cracking open a fresh cold refreshing beer after a long action orientied day of winter holiday fun and enjoyment.  To hear the words “Happy New Year” is symbolic of starting anew, looking to the twelve months that lay ahead, putting the previous year into the archives. And what a year we have ahead at Molson Coors Canada. Within weeks we will join our colleagues in British Columbia,  on the ground in Vancouver doing the final set up after months of preparation for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.  Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Molson Export are the official beers of the games…that’s pretty exciting for all of us at Molson Coors and we hope that it will be as exciting for our beer drinkers from coast to coast to coast, our customers, families and friends.  Between celebrations and activities at Molson Canadian Hockey House and The Coors Light Hillside Chalet in Whistler…beer drinkers will be sure to enjoy the games with us as they tap into coverage across this great land. As part of our commitment to the games we have worked hard at the Molson Coors brewery in Vancouver to pay attention to our sustainability agenda. We are so proud to have achieved a Sustainability Star.  We have also collaborated with the Four Host First Nations and VANOC to create a commemorative lapel pin with the intent of raising $50,000 to initiative the Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Youth Legacy Program. Through Molson Canadian and Molson Export Fund A Champion Campaigns we have raised $200,000 in support of ten Olympic and Paralympic aspirigin athletes who represent all regions of the country. We are also delighted that Jennifer Botterill from Canada’s Womens’ hockey team, joined the Molson Coors team to help support us in spreading the message for Responsible Choices throughout the year. Yes…2010 is going to be one terrific year and we look forward to raising a glass to the world as Canada celebrates bringing the games to Vancouver British Columbia in 2010.  Best wishes to all for an awesome 2010. Molson Coors looks forward to delivering some amazing programs with our exciting portfolio of brands in Canada and all while continuing to engage in the greater community in which we live work and play.  We look forward to connecting with you through this community blog and on Twitter and our brand Facebook pages. Cheers ! @MolsonFerg

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Vancouver 2010 Four Host First Nations…

[youtube LuB2Ta1Am8A]

I attended the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Sustainability Fair in Vancouver on June 3rd. I had the opportunity to chat briefly with Tewannee Joseph. Tewannee is the Executive Director of the Four Host First Nations partnership with Vancouver 2010. Molson is looking forward to working with Tewannee and his team to engage in an opportunity to raise funds for a National Aboringial Youth Legacy Fund. Details are yet to be worked out, but we are working on designing a lapel pin – the art to be derived from a First Nations artist from Britich Columbia (more to come on that). Donations will be received in support of the National Aboriginal Youth Legacy Fund and those donating will receive a copy of this specially designed Molson lapel pin. Stay tuned for more details. @MolsonFerg