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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Happy Earth Day…Our Beer Print…as explained by @BrewerBart

During a wonderful walk along the Kay Gardner Belt Line early this morning in Toronto, it was great to see that so many must have been active yesterday in taking Mayor Rob Ford’s challenge to “clean up” the city, one person, one piece of debris at a time. There were several bags of refuse and other items for the City workers to claim on Monday. It’s truly great when a community comes together for such a great cause.

With today being Earth Day I thought it appropriate to draw attention to what we refer to as “Our Beer Print” at Molson Coors. I did a recent blog post for Sustainable brands on this unique effort with our employees.

Essentially “Our Beer Print” is all about shrinking the negative and growing the positive impact of our business. Our focus remains on water – alcohol respect and community. However we encourage people to think about sustainability and “Our Beer Print” in all that they do, from producing our quality beers to reuse of our industry standard bottle and recycling our packaging.

@BrewerBart – Bart Alexander our Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors, was recently interviewed about “Our Beer Print”. Bart’s interview provides a terrific picture of what “Our Beer Print” means to Molson Coors and our people. It’s fun, engaging, rewarding and highly visible to our people, and to those with whom we do business. Corporate Responsibility has also showed up as a great motivator in engaging our employees across our businesses around the globe. With such a deep history in each of the countries we operate, corporate responsibility continues to be part of our day to day “DNA” for our people and our operations. Whether its our commitment to water, our community involvement, or the continued promotion of our fine quality products in a responsible manner…it’s all part of our ongoing journey in corporate responsibility. Cheers to you and what you are doing wherever you may live, work and play. Happy Earth Day !  @MolsonFerg



Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Making our land (and shorelines) even more Awesome

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup/Red Leaf Project - Vancouver

Vancouver – Kits Beach

A busy couple weeks of  Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanups with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project are coming to an end with our last event in St. John’s NFLD tomorrow!

Across the country we hosted 12 cleanups where Molson Coors employees and consumers joined together at their local shoreline to spend a couple hours making our land even more awesome!  Thanks to all the volunteers!  Some photos from the Halifax, Moncton and Vancouver cleanups below.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup/Red Leaf Project - Halifax

Molson Coors crew in Halifax

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup/Red Leaf Project - Halifax

Gorgeous s Point Pleasant – Halifax

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project and Great Canadian shoreline cleanup - MONCTON

Molson Coors Crew in Moncton

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project and Great Canadian shoreline cleanup - MONCTON

Cleaning up Aboiteau Beach, Moncton

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup/Red Leaf Project - Vancouver

Kits Beach, Vancouver

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Molson Coors Water Stewardship Month – Making Every Drop Count

Water matters to us because without it, we can’t brew great beer.  And, it matters to an increasing number of people as freshwater becomes more scarce in regions around the world.  That’s why it’s vital that we live up to our water pledge – to be good stewards of the drops we use and community-minded about the ripples we leave.  That is what September is all about at Molson Coors.

Once again, hundreds of employees in the US, UK and Canada joined in volunteer events to clean our shorelines, riverbanks and watersheds.  This year, nearly 500 employees took a home water survey and pledged to conserve water at home.  I pledged to save 10% and I’m doing that by taking short showers, using high-efficiency appliances and cutting back on outdoor watering.

Some of us told our friends and family about the survey and encouraged them to take it, too.  Together, we pledged to save nearly 3.4 million litres every month for the coming year.  We’ll also be donating to organizations that support water conservation and sustainability like the World Wildlife Fund Canada, Wateraid and Water for People.

More importantly, Molson Coors is on target to reach its global goal of a 15% increase in water efficiency by the end of 2012.  Still brewing great beer, but doing it with less water.  I’ll drink to that!

Bart Alexander is chief responsibility officer at Molson Coors

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Cleaning up Canadian Shorelines with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project

September continues on and it’s a busy one at Molson Coors as we host 12 Molson Canadian Red Leaf Projects across Canada in partnership with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Thank you to all volunteers who took a few hours of their weekend and got their hands a bit dirty.   Reports and photos are coming in this week from each event…details from Toronto and Calgary first. Cheers.

Woodbine Beach Park, Toronto

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Woodbine Beach Park, Toronto

Approximately 300 volunteers gathered to clean up the shoreline and surrounding area of Woodbine Beach Park.  We collected 677 kilograms of garbage! The hardworking Molson Canadian Red Leaf volunteers did some “good” and then received some “awesome” with tickets to the Casby awards!

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Woodbine Beach Park, Toronto

Elbow River, Calgary

Red Lead Shoreline Clean up - Sept 17, 2011 - #2

40 volunteers gathered to clean the Elbow River Pathway in Calgary. Over 35 bags of garbage were collected by Molson employees and Red Leaf Project Volunteers.

Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Elbow River, Calgary

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Message de “Bâtir la relève” et le nettoyage des rives de Verdun!

Rivages Verdun 2011 066

En avril dernier, toute l’équipe de “Bâtir la relève” a été mandatée afin de mettre sur pied un événement philanthropique, soit de recruter des bénévoles afin de nettoyer les berges de Verdun.

Nous avons dû rapidement nous organiser, car avec 16 membres dans l’équipe de bâtir la relève, provenant de différentes fonctions et des 4 coins du Québec (et même de Moncton), il était urgent de définir/connaître nos rôles et responsabilités.  

L’objectif étant de trouver 100+ participants, ce qui n’est pas une tâche facile connaissant l’emploi du temps de tous un chacun, il nous a rapidement fallu monter un plan d’action, allant de la communication à l’organisation de la journée même. Et puis, est venu le temps de se servir de nos contacts afin d’aller chercher des commanditaires, car, avec  500 $ de budget pour réaliser l’événement, nous ne pouvions nous en passer !

La semaine précédant l’événement, quelques petits détails restaient à compléter dont l’obtention de notre permis d’alcool.  Pour être très honnêtes, nous l’avons finalement obtenu une journée avant l’événement, de quoi donner des brûlements d’estomac !

Après tous ces préparatifs, le jour J est enfin arrivé. Alors qu’en début de semaine, Miss météo nous avait annoncé du beau temps, le déluge nous tombait sur la tête. À 8 h 30, nous n’avions toujours pas pris la décision d’annuler ou pas. Le niveau de stress était à son comble, après avoir mis tant d’énergie…  Finalement, 8 h 40, à 20 minutes du départ des autobus, on tranche, on y va! Tant pis pour la pluie, on va faire ce qu’on peut au risque d’avoir seulement 20 participants.

Quelle agréable surprise lorsque nous avons vu se remplir le premier autobus puis le second! 95 % de bénévoles inscrits sont venu prêter main-forte malgré la mauvaise température. WOW! Tous ont ratissé les berges à la recherche d’ordures, dont certaines étaient assez inusitées… Une hotte de cuisinière, un sac de couchage, de nombreux sous-vêtements, un air climatisé …

Maintenant que l’événement est terminé, nous sommes fiers de notre réalisation qui nous a permis de sortir de nos zones de confort, travailler en équipe et au-delà des silos.

Merci à Molson de nous permettre de telles expériences !