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Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Commandite de Molson Coors de Podcamp Montréal 2009

Le 20 septembre dernier, Molson Coors était l’hôte d’une dégustation de bière à l’intention des participants de la conférence PodCamp Montréal 2009. Nous sommes fiers d’avoir été un commanditaire Argent de cette conférence très courue d’une durée de deux jours, qui en est à sa deuxième année d’existence et qui porte spécifiquement sur la baladodiffusion et les nouveaux médias.

La décision de commanditer la conférence PodCamp Montréal n’a pas été difficile à prendre, car il s’agissait avant tout d’une occasion sociale animée par un esprit de communauté et par le dialogue – et quoi de plus social que la bière? La conférence PodCamp a aussi permis aux représentants de Molson Coors de s’impliquer au sein de la communauté des médias sociaux et d’apprendre. Nous sommes l’une des entreprises canadiennes les plus audacieuses dans l’utilisation de ces médias pour rejoindre les consommateurs.

En tout, près de 120 invités ont mangé, discuté, dansé et dégusté de la bière, en plus de recevoir gratuitment des accessoires aux couleurs de Molson Ex, Molson Dry, Coors Light, Rickard’s Red, Rickard’s White et Creemore. Le plaisir était au rendez-vous.

Mais pas besoin de nous croire sur parole – jetez plutôt un coup d’œil sur cette vidéo.

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Connect with Molson through Social Media

Those of you reading this community blog may or may not know that Molson has a number of channels to connect you and our quality beer brands. This popped into my mind last night as we hosted Bob Pearson from the Social Media Business Council of North America at the Third Tuesday Toronto event (no it wasn’t really the third tuesday on the calendar). Molson has been a member since 2007 and we have learned much about connecting and networking with communities on line.

We are a beer company that believes that our business is local. Our brands are enjoyed and local events from coast to coast and in the arctic. Community social events are a great time to enjoy our products, responsibly.

Molson is proud to have been a leader in on line marketing for well over a decade and welcome you to check out to connect with our brands or perhaps become a fan of Molson Canadian, Coors Light, or MGD on one of the brand Facebook fan sites.

For communicators, public relations, media and community stakeholders you can follow me on Twitter @MolsonFerg, our community relations coordinator is @MolsonTonia.  In Quebec our community efforts are lead by @monique_Molson. For beer drinkers wanting to connect as a Molson Insider you might touch base with @MolsonGraeme. Community events in Western Canada can be channelled to @MolsonBryan and inquiries related to brand and marketing programs to @MolsonMoffat in English Canada. In Quebec for brand and marketing programs conect with @MolsonDouglas . Employees can connect with @MolsonSeb. Exciting times indeed to ensure that we are connected and networking with our various communities.  Cheers ! @MolsonFerg

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Twestival First Well Drilled

Many of you will recall an event called “Twestival” back on February 12th, 2009. Molson participated in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal by joining together with fellow folks from Twitterville (those who participate on twitter as a micro blogging community) and raising funds for the clean Charity:Water project in Ethiopia.  In Canada, with such an abundance of water, it is difficult to realize that there are those who suffer from a total shortage of the basic human need.

This weekend the first well is being drilled in Ethiopia and the event is being captured at .

To those who participated in this event, thanks for helping to make a difference in the larger community in which we live.  Cheers !

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

#HoHoTo reaches it’s goal of $25,000!


On Monday night @MolsonFerg and I attended #HoHoTo at the Mod Club in Toronto — an interactive holiday party for all the “geeks, phreaks, webheads, twitterfiends, techies, media, marketing, and PR types and all their friends” (  Seeing that I consider myself one the these “types”, I bought my ticket early and eagerly anticipated a night of holiday cheer with good friends and new friends.  Plus, a HUGE bonus to this event is that all proceeds from the ticket sales, raffle sales, photobooth, etc. go to The Daily Bread Food Bank!

During the week leading up to #hohoto, I had been mentioning it to people at Molson.  To my delight, our Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer, Scott Ewart, heard me go on (and on!) about #hohoto and wanted to help out.  The goal of the campaign was to raise $25,000 (a challenge from Mayor David Miller), and just as Ferg and I were leaving the office for the Mod Club, Scott said that it would be tragic if the event was just short of the goal…so he gave us a license worth $2000 “if we needed it”.  After a quick chat with the organizers the next morning, we topped up the total and #hohoto reached the goal!  $25,000 to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Some of the MANY photos from the night:

@alexaclark, @molsonferg

@alexaclark and @MolsonFerg


Bar skin – so cool (request a song via twitter)

Everything at #hohoto was interactive – it was streamed live to the web and displayed flickr photos, youtube videos and twitter posts. Tweets were posted on huge video screens at the club.

@MolsonFerg, @kasialech, @toniahammer

@MolsonFerg, @kaisalech, me (@toniahammer)

I had a great time at the event as did many others.  Kudos to all the organizers and the attendees for their community and holiday (and party) spirits.

Molson…Proud to Play our Part. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Time for a blog audit?

A couple of months ago, our internal communications manager here at Molson was interviewed by Mark Ragan, CEO and publisher of Lawrence Ragan Communications at the Web 2.0 Summit for Internal Communications, PR and Marketing. The conference was hosted by Ragan Communications and the Public Relations Society of America.

In this interview, Sebastien Charbonneau (Molson) talked about our blog which was (at that time) live for about a month. His comments and thoughts sparked some thoughts of my own….it’s now mid-July (which is scary…where did June and July go?), which means Molson in the Community has been up and running for about six months…. Is it time for a blog audit? Has the Molson Blog changed since Sebastien gave this interview?

Some questions and comparisons:

  • Do we have engaging authors?

I hope so! We started with one blogger and now have multiple Molson bloggers writing from across Canada

  • Do we have comments and create dialogue?

Perhaps not at the beginning, but as we learn and build relationships with other bloggers, we’re starting to see more chatter

  • Are we using innovative tools?

Well, we now use multiple tools to share and provide content…flickr, youtube, twitter, VLOGS…

  • Have our employees been engaged?

Many visit the site, but do they only read and comment if the info is local to them? Maybe.

  • Have the number of unique visits, page views and subscribers increased?


So after a quick audit of Molson blog…the conclusion: Have things changed? Definitely. Are we still learning? 100% yes. Can we improve? 100% yes.

What would you include in a blog audit?

Video: First Person: Conversations with Communicators

Michael Sebastian, Ragan Communications Staff Reporter for