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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Beer Folks Community Champions


Ah, back at it after an Easter weekend break with family and friends. Easter sometimes is that true bridge to spring; not quite this year in Toronto, given our below zero temperatures continuing. Enough of that…

Easter is also a time of year when one (this one anyway) reflects on all the great things that we have as we celebrate with family and friends around us. After 29 years in the beer business I’ve come to realize that this industry of ours is one of deep community roots and involvement.

When I look back at my early years as a summer representative in Northern Ontario my whole focus was on community. From visiting tourist resorts along wooded gravel roads, to slo pitch and fast ball tournaments with men and women across the northwest of Ontario, to the Jeux Canada Games in Thunder Bay in 1981 and again in Sherbrooke in 2103,  to door prizes for local charitable events…it was all about supporting our community.

Beer in Canada is part of our social fabric (it likely is where you are too but I can really only speak with authority on Canada). Molson Coors has continued to play our part in supporting events, festivals, entertainment and sports related events big and small from coast to coast to coast.

The range of community action is broad and deep, large and small. From proud official beer supplier of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver, to a Red Leaf project park in Calgary, to the Mayor’s Ball for the Arts in Edmonton or support of CFL clubs across the country including the Saskatchewan Rough Riders – Calgary Stampeders – Edmonton Eskimos, or a responsible choice initiative like free New Years buses in Winnipeg, to our partnered NHL clubs Edmonton Oilers – Toronto Maple Leafs – Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens and the NHL overall in North America, to the families of our fallen military and the True Patriot Love committee, to community festivals speckled across Quebec or the Pointe-A-Caillieer museum project in Old Montreal, the Maison de Jeunes de Dieppe, the amateur hockey movement in Prince Edward Island, the Halifax Oval or scholarships at Memorial University in St. John’s, to slo-pitch and local sports or perhaps a snapshot of your favourite moment in the great provincial territories that crown this country in Molson Canadian’s “make your mark” contest.

We are also proud to support our employees and the difference that they continue to make in their communities. We match their donations through our Molson Coors Donations Fund and will “double match” when they play an executive role for charity or not for profit organization. We also afford our employees with the opportunity to share their passion with fellow employees by posting their efforts in our internal social Cheers network on yammer. We have a long roster of employees committed to various charitable causes.

So, all this said, Molson Coors folks are part of an industry that continues to play a big part in our community. It is core to our business. When people come together to celebrate or make a difference in their community they can also toast their efforts with a nice cold Molson Coors. Proudly, it all dates back to our founder John Molson who was quoted while speaking to employees saying, “we are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part.”

So cheers to beer folks across this great land that continue to play their part in our community. It’s a big part of who we are and a big part of what we love doing in the beer business. Cheers ! @MolsonFerg

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Chapman Mills Pedestrian Bridge Nearing Completion

Last year through Molson Coors Community Cheer, the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation received a $30,000 grant to help build a new pedestrian bridge across an inlet of the Rideau River.

With a few more tweaks, this 35-metre bridge will be available for public use and complete a hiking trail network in one of the busiest conservation trails in Ottawa. “The community now has a permanent pedestrian link to the 12 km network of lovely forest, wetland and field trails right in the middle of the burgeoning southern Ottawa area,” says Charles Billington, Executive Director of RVCF.

Chapman Mills Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge was delivered on March 6th in two pieces with a lot of work still to be done. One of the nearby streets had to be closed for a few hours in the night for specialists to reassemble it. Then just after midnight, the new bridge was swung into place with a giant crane.

“As much as this project was out of our comfort zone, it was the best example of collaboration I have ever experienced. Everybody took their part and did a bang up job,” said Kristy Giles, Conservation Lands Manager for RVCA.

Photo via Manotick MessengerChapman Mills Pedestrian Bridge

This is a shining example of what we can accomplish when we all come together with a common goal to build a positive community. Kyle Robertson, Sales Representative at Molson Coors, is just one of many who are looking forward to traversing on the new bridge: “Being a dog owner and active community supporter, this project is a very exciting one. Not only does it allow for permanent exposure to the beautiful sights and sounds around the Rideau, but it helps promote more active lifestyles in the community which is incredibly important.”

Charles Billington also sent his thanks to the team at Molson Coors and the 250 people who cheered for the project during “Cheering Phase” that took place early last year. “We are delighted with the result and I hope you can share our pride in bringing this amazing new feature to the outdoor walking facilities in the area.”

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Family Day Weekend

Greetings to you and yours on this early Sunday morning (ET) of what is known in three provinces in Canada as “Family Day Weekend”. Tomorrow is a day granted as a statuatory holiday to spend time with family, recharge batteries, take in the art gallery, museum, local fascination that you’ve never seen before. Since I’m in Detroit at a hockey tournament with my son’s Midget Junior team I note that it is also “President’s Day” tomorrow, being the third Monday of February and marking a holiday in the US. Like in Canada it is perhaps one of those days to just be home to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the day in what ever special way you might have in mind for you and the family. Some may travel, some may catch up, some may get their place straightened out in aniticipation of spring around the corner. Regardless it is a reminder for us (for me anyway) that all we do is really about family. So a toast to you and yours on this family day weekend in Ontario Canada. May you enjoy being with those around you or just connecting with those in your family that may be distant but just a phone call or click away. Cheers…and how will you be spending your family day weekend ? @MolsonFerg

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Molson Coors lève son verre au dynamisme de la communauté de Sherbrooke!

Patinoire à Sherbrooke Patinoire à Sherbrooke 1
Patinoire à Sherbrooke 2

Le coup d’envoi des festivités du marché de Noël de Sherbrooke a été donné au début décembre que déjà des milliers de Sherbrookois ont eu la chance de patiner sur le tout nouveau sentier glacé réfrigéré.

L’obtention d’un don de 75 000 $ de Molson Coors a en effet pavé la voie à ce projet unique qui en sera à son premier hiver. D’une longueur de 154 mètres, le sentier glacé situé entre l’Hôtel Times et le lac des Nations s’ajoute aux nombreuses attractions de ce coin de la ville déjà fort intéressant, particulièrement durant le temps des Fêtes. L’aide de Molson Coors a en fait permis de payer le tapis réfrigéré qui sert de base au sentier.

Le projet en entier est évalué à 170 000 $ « Le tapis, c’est la surface sur laquelle nous arrosons pour pouvoir patiner par la suite. Son avantage, c’est qu’il se construit à l’aide de blocs, un peu du même type que les blocs LEGO. Cette façon de faire nous permet de construire n’importe quelle surface et d’assurer une belle surface glacée peu importe les caprices de Dame Nature », a expliqué Frédéric Farrugia, président de la Corporation du marché de Noël de Sherbrooke.

La patinoire réfrigérée est ainsi l’un des 21 projets retenus à travers le pays par Molson Coors, et a obtenu le montant maximal alloué par le programme avec 75 000 $, ce qui démontre bien la qualité du projet et le dynamisme de la communauté. « Par sa contribution de 75 000 $, Molson Coors est fière d’avoir été l’instigateur qui a su rallier différents partenaires, dont la ville de Sherbrooke, dans la réalisation de ce projet exceptionnel. Ensemble, levons notre verre au dynamisme et à la passion de la communauté Sherbrookoise » a souligné Olivier-Paul St-Germain, représentant chez Molson Coors, lors de l’inauguration de la patinoire.

Pour connaitre les activités de la Corporation du marché de Noël de Sherbrooke :


Thursday, November 8th, 2012

A toast to the Chapman Mills pedestrian bridge!

Photo via the Manotick Messenger

Back in June, Kyle Robertston (Molson Coors Sales Rep) presented a $30,000 donation on behalf of Molson Coors Community Cheer to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation. The money is going towards the building of a new pedestrian bridge spanning across an inlet of the Rideau River.

On Sunday, Kyle organized a huge celebration with the community complete with great food, live music and even a special beer cocktail sampling session! Word is the event was fantastic and everyone enjoyed beer cocktails like the Miller Chill Mojito, Blossom Shandy and M-Bellini.

Construction of the new 35-metre bridge is planned for late Fall, and after it’s built, it will complete one of the busiest conservation trails in Ottawa!