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Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

sun over lake

The sound of morning birds high in the trees singing their early morning calls…toss and turn at 453 am…dog out to do it’s business…coffee on and i thought, “why not sit down and write a spring blog”. After all, three days of 20 degree + celsius and it actually feels like spring has sprung in Toronto. I must also admit that some other factors contribute to this overwhelming shift in season for me. Obviously with the NHL playoffs commencing this week, after what might have been a lost season, the city is truly excited. I was blown away by the sea of blue and white downtown and on the subway on Wednesday night. Love to see the community spirit. As a partner with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens we actually celebrated a little playoff BBQ at our head office on Tuesday, just to get the team in the spirit of spring playoffs. Our President Stewart Glendinning and Chief Legal and People Officer Kelly Brown and fellow leadership team members helped host staff over the lunch hour…a little competitive spirit added of course. And we can’t forget our third sponsored club in the first round of playoffs of course - Ottawa Senators.

Stewart and Kelly hosting

Stewart and Kelly hosting

And then of course there is the return of the summer rep. Gosh, 32 years ago I sat in a similar seat as a young representative from northwestern Ontario. It was the summer of the Jeux Canada Games in Thunder Bay. What a grounding experience that has carried friends and memories for me across my entire 29 career at Molson Coors. A toast to our returning summer reps and those who have just joined us. I know that they will represent us well at events and promotions coast to coast to coast and always flying the responsible choices banner as they go about their business.

summer reps

Another sign of spring is the annual Randstad awards night. Randstad does a great job at reaching out to 7000 prospective employees across the country to assess the attractiveness of 150 employees. Proudly Molson Coors ranked eleventh this year. A special treat this year was Debbie Travis presenting her “ten commandments” for success. Inspiring and entertaining to say the least !

debbie travis

A toast to our employees and all that they do to carry the passion, commitment and drive for our business…over the past 227 years. Now that’s heritage. Naturally we are nothing without those who carry our products to market and the beer drinkers who support us at the taps, retail store or your favourite drinking occasion. We appreciate and value your business.

Economic Club Toast_n

And of course the beer business and all that we face in regulations, taxes, mark ups. Provincial budgets are another sign of spring and the Ontario budget was filed yesterday by the Wynne government in Ontario. Good news for beer drinkers and customers in Ontario is that there is not any increase in the beer taxes. Now that’s worth a toast on a sunny day at the legislature with blossoms in bloom at the memorial to Queen Victoria !

spring blossoms at leg

Another sign of spring is the renewed commitments to community. Across this great land we engage with community leaders in so many ways. Whether they are local festivals and events designed to instill community spirit and celebrate the arts, local sports events and team get togethers or support for a charity or not for profit of choice. The Beer Store in Ontario will be undertaking their annual drive for Leukemia. Hats off to them and their union membership and Beer Store customers who donate their empties and the difference that they make in our community. May 25th and 26th please donate your empty deposit refunds.

Perhaps you have a thought on spring being sprung. I hope you’ll share it. A toast to you and yours this spring weekend. No doubt we’ll all be seeking a patio, a television screen to watch playoffs and some great quality time with family and friends as the weather warms. Cheers to a great wrap to the week and start to the weekend. @MolsonFerg

Monday, April 29th, 2013

T-minus 1 day until the NHL Playoffs

April 30th marks the official start of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Habs & Leafs flags are flying proudly at our Montreal and Toronto breweries as we all eagerly wait for the puck to drop.


Communities and fans will come together as we all cheer on our favourite teams. Each of the 16 teams have played hard to clinch their playoff spots for the opportunity and honour to raise the Cup.

Which team will you be rooting for? Let us know in our comments section for a chance to win a cooler bag filled with goodies! (contest closes at 3pm EST on Friday, May 3, 2013).

Here’s to the game this land gave us.

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Monday, December 17th, 2012

Molson Coors lève son verre au dynamisme de la communauté de Sherbrooke!

Patinoire à Sherbrooke Patinoire à Sherbrooke 1
Patinoire à Sherbrooke 2

Le coup d’envoi des festivités du marché de Noël de Sherbrooke a été donné au début décembre que déjà des milliers de Sherbrookois ont eu la chance de patiner sur le tout nouveau sentier glacé réfrigéré.

L’obtention d’un don de 75 000 $ de Molson Coors a en effet pavé la voie à ce projet unique qui en sera à son premier hiver. D’une longueur de 154 mètres, le sentier glacé situé entre l’Hôtel Times et le lac des Nations s’ajoute aux nombreuses attractions de ce coin de la ville déjà fort intéressant, particulièrement durant le temps des Fêtes. L’aide de Molson Coors a en fait permis de payer le tapis réfrigéré qui sert de base au sentier.

Le projet en entier est évalué à 170 000 $ « Le tapis, c’est la surface sur laquelle nous arrosons pour pouvoir patiner par la suite. Son avantage, c’est qu’il se construit à l’aide de blocs, un peu du même type que les blocs LEGO. Cette façon de faire nous permet de construire n’importe quelle surface et d’assurer une belle surface glacée peu importe les caprices de Dame Nature », a expliqué Frédéric Farrugia, président de la Corporation du marché de Noël de Sherbrooke.

La patinoire réfrigérée est ainsi l’un des 21 projets retenus à travers le pays par Molson Coors, et a obtenu le montant maximal alloué par le programme avec 75 000 $, ce qui démontre bien la qualité du projet et le dynamisme de la communauté. « Par sa contribution de 75 000 $, Molson Coors est fière d’avoir été l’instigateur qui a su rallier différents partenaires, dont la ville de Sherbrooke, dans la réalisation de ce projet exceptionnel. Ensemble, levons notre verre au dynamisme et à la passion de la communauté Sherbrookoise » a souligné Olivier-Paul St-Germain, représentant chez Molson Coors, lors de l’inauguration de la patinoire.

Pour connaitre les activités de la Corporation du marché de Noël de Sherbrooke :


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Encouraging responsible choices and connecting with digital women

This past weekend was an eventful one for me; my feet are still hurting but it was worth it! I had the opportunity to connect with many very influential digital women at the 2012 She’s Connected Conference in Toronto, and attended the Ryerson Rams Men’s Hockey home opener for the launch of our new responsible drinking program at the Mattamy Athletic Centre.

Friday night, we kicked off the ‘Responsible Ram of the Night’ program where fans have the chance to win a prize pack during men’s and women’s OUA hockey games held at Mattamy AC. The goal of this new initiative is to drive awareness and encourage responsible choices at the athletic centre and on campus.

It was a sold out game and the crowd was pumped all night despite the Rams’ 5-3 loss to the Queen’s Gaels. We awarded our first ever Responsible Ram of the Night in the third period with a sweet prize pack consisting of gas cards, TAXIGUY dollars and other Molson Canadian goodies. Just check out how happy the winner Jay looked!

Earlier that day, @MolsonTonia and I were at Day 1 of the She’s Connected Conference chatting about social media with an enthusiastic group of digitally inclined women. We had our very own Molson Canadian 67 Social Lounge where we sampled our beers, erected a green screen photo booth, and held several beer and cheese pairing sessions during the two-day conference.

The beer and cheese sessions were a hit. The ladies loved it and they all walked away with a little more knowledge about beer thanks to our Beer Reverence Team. We even turned quite a few non-fans of beer onto Molson Canadian 67 Sublime!

All in all, it was an awesome (but very tiring) weekend! Here’s to the next one!


Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Remise des bourses du Prix d’excellence Guy Lafleur

3 gagnants 2012 

De G à D: Jocelyn Proteau (président du Comité de sélection), Alexandre Tardif qui remporte le Mérite Guy Lafleur (Junior AAA), GUY LAFLEUR, Ryan McKiernan (gagnant de la Ligue Universitaire représentant l’Université McGill), Monique Dépatie (votre dévouée!), Jonathan Brunelle (gagnant de la LHJMQ représentant les Screaming Eagles du Cap-Breton)

McGill Ryan McKiernan 

LHJMQ Jonathan Brunelle 

En 1985, Molson Coors a créé le Prix d’excellence Guy-Lafleur qui rend hommage aux hockeyeurs-étudiants de la Ligue de Hockey Junior Majeure du Québec ainsi que de la Ligue Universitaire (composée des universités McGill, Concordia et Trois-Rivières), tout en accordant un Mérite Guy-Lafleur à un hockeyeur-étudiant de la Ligue Junior AAA.

Le mardi 5 juin dernier, Molson Coors et Canadien de Montréal procèdent à la remise des bourses annuelles. Les gagnants de la LHJMQ ainsi que de la Ligue universitaire se méritent une bourse de 6,000$ réparties sur 3 ans, conditionnellement à la poursuite et à la réussite de leurs études. Pour ce qui est de la Ligue Junior AAA, un mérite de 1,000$ est accordé au meilleur hockeyeur-étudiant de la ligue.

Ce fut un moment extraordinaire de récompenser ces jeunes qui s’investissent dans le monde du sport tout en ne sacrifiant pas leur futur en termes d’éducation. Nous avons tous à apprendre de cette belle et riche relève de notre société.

De l’espoir, il y en a pour nos jeunes … quelques exemples de récipiendaires plus connus qui ont remporté une de ces bourses dans le passé:

Yannick Perreault (1990) - Jocelyn Thibault (1993) – Daniel Brière (1995) – Marc Denis (1996) - Mathieu Darche (1999)

Un gros merci aux membres du Comité de sélection composé de: Jocelyn Proteau, Réjean Houle (Ancien Canadien et président de l’Association des Anciens Canadiens), Donald Beauchamp (VP Communications et relations avec les médias du Canadien de Montréal), George Springate, Dany Dubé, Bernard Gagnon (Ligue universitaire), François-Xavier Seigneur et moi-même.