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Monday, August 19th, 2013

Every Drop Every Ripple: Molson Coors receives Water Management award

At Molson Coors we are always proud when other people recognize and reward our activities and we couldn’t be more proud than the recent Water Management award received at the inaugural 2degrees Sustainability Champions Awards.

2013 Water Management Award Winner

You may wonder why this award is different. Well for starters, water means a lot to us. A whole lot. In fact, without great water we couldn’t make great beer. And one of the unique properties about water is that water is a very local issue. Good quality water has driven where our breweries are located around the globe; whether it’s St. John’s in Canada, Golden in the USA or Burton on Trent in the UK, we have brewed in these locations simply because the water is famous with the beers produced.

Without great water quote

This makes water a local and community issue. If we use too much, or mistreat it, we have to recognize the impact on our neighbours and communities. We have worked with our communities around the globe to ensure that we are respecting and preserving the watershed in which we operate, for both our future use, but also for those of future generations of communities.

2degrees Water Management Award  Every Drop Every Ripple2degrees Water Management Award 2
Aside from water being one of our most important ingredients in our beers, it also is vital in producing a second important ingredient; our barley. And we treat our barley growers as another aspect of our broader community. Indeed they suffer the same challenges around water availability around the globe. There’s always too much, or too little. We have worked with our growers to provide support, tools, education and share best practice around how they can harness when there is too much, and be efficient when too little.

Find out more details about our entry here, or get more familiar with our water story by following us on Twitter @EveryRipple!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

The 3 Rs of Beer Bottle Returns

REDUCE the amount of waste going to landfills.
RE-USE the standard bottle up to 15 times before being melted down for recycling.
RECYCLE 100% of beer packaging.

As responsible brewer, we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken with the industry to reduce our ‘Beer Print’. In Ontario alone, The Beer Store’s deposit return system has recovered approximately 75-billion beer bottles over the past 85 years! To see the other environmental benefits of bottle returns check out this Beer Store infographic:

TBS Infographic


And here’s a sneak peek into one of our breweries during part of the returns system where the bottles are collected, washed and reused:

Industry standard bottles from various brands are sent to our breweries.


Photo by Christopher Drost

This bottle washing machine thoroughly washes 60 bottles at a time with detergent. The labels get removed and goes through a rinse cycle.


Photo by Christopher Drost

After the bottles come out nice and clean, then it’s off to inspection!


Photo by Christopher Drost

So if you have any empties lying around, you know what to do!

Cheers & Happy Earth Day!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Nos brasseries ferment leurs lumières pour l’événement Heure de la Terre

Nous participerons à l’Heure de la Terre le samedi 23 mars à 20 h 30 heure locale!


Chez Molson Coors Canada, nous sommes fiers de nous engager activement à sensibiliser davantage les employés de tous nos emplacements à travers le pays et à inviter les familles, les amis, les voisins, les clients, les consommateurs de bière ainsi que tous les Canadiens à passer à l’action ce samedi.

Nos installations partout au Canada participeront à cette démarche en fermant toutes les lumières non essentielles pendant une heure. Il s’agit de la sixième année consécutive où nous prenons part à la plus importante initiative axée sur le changement climatique au monde qui nous rappelle que même les gestes les plus insignifiants peuvent engendrer une conservation d’énergie considérable.

Nous vous encourageons à vous joindre aux centaines de millions de personnes qui éteindront leurs lumières afin de démonter leur appui envers la planète. Visitez le site Heure de la Terre où vous trouverez des idées amusantes sur la façon de participer à l’événement.

Dites-nous comment vous comptez passer votre heure pour la planète dans l’obscurité.

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Our breweries are going dark for Earth Hour

On Saturday, March 23 at 8:30PM local time, we will be participating in Earth Hour!


At Molson Coors Canada, we’re proud to be actively engaged in raising awareness for our employees at all of our locations across the country and reaching out to families, friends, neighbours, customers, beer drinkers and all Canadians to take action this Saturday.

Our facilities across Canada will be participating by powering down all non-essential lighting for one hour. This is our 6th consecutive year participating in the world’s largest climate change initiative which reminds us how small actions can result in some powerful energy conservation.

We encourage you to join hundreds of millions of people switching off lights to pledge support for the planet. Check out Earth Hour for some fun ideas on how you can get involved.

How are you planning to spend Earth Hour?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Innovation and energy efficiency at Montreal brewery rewarded


The Montreal brewery, in Canada, has once again demonstrated that it is possible to brew good beer and to be green. 

In February, Molson Coors took top honours in the ‘Industrial or Manufacturing Process — $5 million and over’ category at the Énergia 2012 awards organized by the Energy Management Association of Quebec (AQME). 

The contest recognizes achievements in building energy efficiency, technological innovation, industrial and manufacturing processes, as well as transport, integrated management and greenhouse gas reduction. Of the 48 projects selected as finalists, 16 received awards. 

For Molson Coors, it was facilities retrofit work providing for reduced energy and water consumption that earned the company this prestigious award. Work carried out extended to 4 buildings and covered and area of some 475 000 ft2. In total, some hundred air handling units, air heaters, air evacuators and recovery devices were retrofitted or replaced. Existing equipment was between 20 and 40 years old, with some no longer in optimal working order.  

Energy savings achieved:

  • Water consumption was reduced by 9 200 000 litres a year through the elimination of water-cooled air conditioning units. 
  • Natural gas consumption was reduced by 1 562 800 cubic metres a year, thereby trimming CO2 emissions by 2955 tons a year.
  • Electricity consumption was reduced by about 1 609 400 kWh a year.

Over and above the environmental benefits, reduced operating costs have enhanced both profitability and performance at our Montreal brewery!

Congratulations to the entire team of individuals responsible for this project!