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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Découvrez les frères Molson – article Les Affaires

Vous connaissez les Frères Molson de cette célèbre famille qui a fait l’acquisition du Centre Bell, du Canadien et du Groupe Spectacles Gillet (GEG)? Cette même famille d’entrepreneurs qui a fondé notre brasserie ici-même à Montréal en 1786? Bonne lecture!

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Paralympian Jean Labonté Visits Molson Coors in Moncton


From left; George Leblanc, Mayor of Moncton; Jean Labonté Canadian Sldge Hockey Team; Steve Dykeman, Molson Coors Regional Sales Manager, N.B. and P.E.I. and Clarence Sweetland, mayour, Town of Riverview

Last week, I had the pleasure to accompany in Moncton one of our Canadian athletes Jean Labonte. Jean is a Paralympian and Captain of the Canadian Sledge Hockey Team. As an official supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, as well as a sponsor for the Paralympics, we introduced the Fund a Champion campaigna few months ago and committed up to $20,000 each to 10 athletes from across Canada, to help them close the competitive gap in their respective sports heading into the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. One of those athletes is Jean Labonté and he was our guest for this two day visit in Moncton. An important part of the program is to engage Molson Coors employees with Canadian athletes in the months leading up to the Vancouver Games next winter. So it was the primary reason why Jean was in Moncton, but while in town we took the opportunity to raise awareness of the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics and demonstrate the sport of sledge hockey. As part of Jean’s visit, Molson Coors also made a $5,000 donation to the Moncton Wheelchair Sports Association to help support sports activities for the physically disabled in the area.

So Jean’s visit was a busy one indeed. It began on Wednesday afternoon with a private tour of our brewery in Moncton lead by its brew master, David Hamel. The visit was followed by a “meet & greet” with all of the Moncton employees in the Brewery’s hospitality room. Jean had the opportunity to discuss with them about the life and preparation of an athlete in the months leading to the Games and talk about Sledge Hockey. Then we went on to dinner where we hosted Jean and some of our key local stakeholders and business partners. Amongst the many guests present George Leblanc, Mayor of Moncton and Clarence Sweetland, the Riverview Mayor. After dinner Jean and I went for a beer at one of our good customers in Moncton where he and I got to know each other a little more and share some good laughs.

On Thursday morning, we gathered at the University of Moncton arena to present our $ 5,000 donation to the Moncton Wheelchair Sports Association which Jean and Steve Dykeman, Molson Coors Regional Sales Manager for N.B. & P.E.I. presented to its President Peter Cameron. Peter was not only happy to receive our donation but also to meet Jean and discuss with him about sledge hockey. That was an important discussion since the Association plans start their own sledge hockey team.

Left; Jean Labonté and Steve Dykeman, Molson Coors Regional Sales Manager N.B. & P.E.I. presented Peter Cameron (center) $ 5000 donation to the Moncton Wheelchair Sports Association

Left; Jean Labonté and Steve Dykeman, Molson Coors Regional Sales Manager N.B. & P.E.I. presented Peter Cameron (center) $ 5000 donation to the Moncton Wheelchair Sports Association

Following the usual photo op, we arranged for the media, we were joined by some of Molson Coors sales representatives and players of “les “Aigles Bleus” the men and women’suniversity hockey team. It was for all a first try at playing hockey on a sledge and no matter if you were young, old, athletic or not so much, it proved to be quite challenging at first. But with Jean’s advice and coaching all were able to quickly get the hang of it and maneuver their sledges well enough to engage in a friendly game. I myself got on the ice and experienced sledge hockey…In my short shift I managed to score a goal, not a “highlight reel candidate” but still… Then I quickly came to the conclusion that I couldn’t keep up the pace with Jean and the younger athletes on the ice, so I opted to stick to my defensive zone and guard our team’s goal.

Jean and players of the “Aigles Bleus” men and women’s université de Moncton hockey team getting ready for face off in presence of the local media.

Jean and players of the “Aigles Bleus” men and women’s université de Moncton hockey team getting ready for face off in presence of the local media.

Game on!

Game on!

Molson Coors sales representatives and players of the “Aigles Bleus” had a great time playing a sldge hockey game with Jean Labonté

Molson Coors sales representatives and players of the “Aigles Bleus” had a great time playing a sldge hockey game with Jean Labonté

It was a whirlwind visit but all who met him were very pleased with his visit and Jean was very pleased with the hospitality he received in Moncton. Some news fans who might be in attendance cheering for Jean and his teammates at the upcoming World Sledge Hockey Challenge in nearby Charlottetown, Nov 17-21. I sure am now a fan of our sledge hockey team and plan to follow them closely all the way to the Games. I told Jean I was going to be at the final gold medal game of the Sledge Hockey in Vancouver on Saturday March 20, 2010 and I semi-jokingly turned back to him and asked if he would be there? I have no doubt that he and the entire team is committed to do whatever it takes to be there…

Cheers to our Canadian Sledge Hockey Team!

Sebastien – follow me on Twitter @MolsonSeb

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Bâtir la relève au Québec – Projet philanthropique

  Un beau défi philanthropique pour nos équipes “Bâtir la relève” (au Québec) ou “Build the Bench” (au Canada)

 Trois équipes de relève au Québec auront pour mission de faire une différence dans le cadre de notre partenariat pour les Jeux d’hiver 2010 à Vancouver. Ces équipes devront collaborer à ramasser 10,000$ (objectif national) pour nos dix athlètes canadiens sélectionnés, tout en mobilisant nos employés(es) à prendre part à chacun des événements organisés.

ENSEMBLE, nous leur souhaitons la meilleure des chances … chez Molson Coors, le développement de nos employés(es) et l’investissement communautaire sont des priorités!

Sur cette photo, on aperçoit Yves Rozon des Ressources humaines, Marieke Tremblay des Affaires corporatives et Geoff Molson entourés de nos équipes de relève du Québec (votre toute dévouée Monique Dépatie se chargeait de prendre la photo):


Équipe de relève du Québec Relève avec Georges Barrette

 De gauche à droite: Caroline Filiatrault, Guillaume Hamer Lavoie, Georges Barrette, Alexandre Gagnon, Mathieu Larocque et Marie-Christine Hétu

 Relève avec Richard Lacroix

De gauche à droite:  Simon Cloutier, Jessica Lukian, Richard Lacroix, Mario Hince et Michel Gauthier

Relève avec Pierre Ducharme

De gauche à droite:  Paul Guichard, Daphné Jobin Savard, Jean-Charles Villeneuve, Pierre Ducharme, David Reddy et Robert Héroux

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Olympic Training Highlights from Jennifer Botterill

Thanks to our latest guest blogger, Jennifer Botterill! Jennifer is a member of Team Canada, Olympic and World Champion…we appreciate her taking the time to update us on her Olympic training.  Cheers, Tonia

Team Canada

It’s been a very motivating week here in Calgary for all of us with the National team! After moving early August to train full time in preparation for Vancouver 2010, our Olympic training is in full swing. We have had a rather demanding few weeks. Hockey Canada has put us through some pretty intense training, but I think we’ve all improved because of it.

After 3 weeks that included fitness testing, on ice practices, off ice training, nutrition and sport psychology meetings, and Olympic meetings we have arrived at the last full week of August! In order to celebrate, it was nice of the sledge hockey team to join us for some training out west. It just so happened there was another small scale event happening… right, the Men’s Olympic team camp!

This week started out pretty tough with our on ice Gatorade sweat testing. The coaches decided this would be a great time to have one of the toughest practices of the year. We could not catch our breath for an hour, but the Gatorade crew was thrilled as they got great sweat samples from us. So glad we could please! Have a look at Tessa Bonhomme and I (below) – if you look closely enough you can see our sweat testing patches in the middle of our foreheads. This was us getting ready for Gatorade pre practice. This is one of our token moves… we refer to this as our ‘split squat cely’.

Hockey Canada organized a couple of special days for all three teams. We had a team photo with our team, the sledge hockey team, and the men’s team taken at the Saddldome on Wednesday. We also had a fun team skate there that day. Our trainer, Doug, took a shot of the group from the back – if you look closely you can see a few of us in front of the men’s team. A great dinner for the Hockey Canada Foundation was later that evening.

Thursday evening was also incredible as we were fortunate enough to attend the Men’s Red/White scrimmage game. We walked into the Saddledome and the atmosphere was amazing!! Everyone dressed in red and white… and I most certainly got chills when our national anthem was sung. It was a thrill to watch so many tremendous hockey players on the ice at the same time. I think we all left feeling more proud than ever to be Canadian, and more motivated than ever to be our best.

There are a few pictures from the game:

Team Canada - Men’s Red/White scrimmage game

An action shot during the game

Jennifer Botterill and Billy Bridges

Billy Bridges (one of Molson’s athletes from the sledge hockey team) and I.

Team Canada - Men’s Red/White scrimmage game

Men’s team saluting the crowd at the end of the exciting game – that concluded with a spectacular shootout.

Needless to say, we are really looking forward to the next few months of training! We are off to Vancouver this week for a pre Olympic tournament… should be a lot of fun as part of our journey!

Will be great to share more experiences along they way,


Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Du toit de Molson à Montréal, des feux d’artifice spectaculaires au profit de la Fondation du Comité Olympique Canadien

C’est 5,000$ que nous avons réussi à amasser au profit de nos athlètes québécois et canadiens lors de deux activités de levée de fonds qui se sont déroulées du toit de Molson basée à Montréal. Plus de 260 personnes ont pu admirer, en compagnie de nos athlètes québécois, en l’occurrence Joannie Rochette (patinage artistique), François-Louis Tremblay (patinage de vitesse) et Jean Labonté (hockey sur luge). Nathalie Lambert, chef de mission canadienne, a également assisté à une de ces soirées que l’on peut très certainement qualifier d’inoubliable … des feux d’artifice enrichis d’éclairs dans le ciel!

Merci à tous les employés Molson d’avoir contribué à ces levées de fonds, visant à faciliter le chemin à des athlètes de chez nous en route vers les Olympiques 2010 à Vancouver.