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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Our Beer Print in Action with Molson Coors Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Bart Alexander

RLP 2012 Toronto 09

Bart Alexander, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Molson Coors Brewing Company volunteering with Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project at Brick Works in Toronto, ON.

What would you call a day when you got up early, planted some trees with friends and co-workers and then celebrated with an ice cold Molson Canadian beer?  For me it was awesome, a day bringing together the best of Canada for this visitor from Denver, Colorado.  In fact, the day was sponsored by the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in partnership with Evergreen.  The Red Leaf Project launched in 2011, planting over 100,000 trees  to help make our awesome land (in Canada), even better.  Almost 1000 Canadians volunteered at 10 park projects last year, and this summer, the brand will increase its impact by tenfold – 100 projects!

As Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer for Molson Coors, I know that we make both positive and negative impacts on people and the earth.   We call that “Our Beer Print” – just like a beer leaves a mark on the table or coaster, we leave our mark.  Much is positive – such as the good times we spend together over beers, the jobs we create, and the contributions we make to our communities.  Some is negative – like alcohol abuse or discharges and accidents in our breweries.

We are dedicated as a company and as a collection of people to do all we can to grow our positive beer print and shrink our negative beer print.   This means we commit to be an ethical and well governed company, that sells quality products marketed responsibly, committed to environmental sustainability, investing in our people and the communities where we live and work, and taking our best practices to our suppliers and retailers.  It also means that we can help connect people to make a difference – just like we’re doing with the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project.

We know that our people appreciate our progress, ranking us as one of the top places to work in Canada.  And we believe that beer drinkers care as well, as demonstrated by the participation in Red Leaf Project.  We look forward to seeing that participation grow in 2012.

We’re devoted to improving Our Beer Print in Canada and every market in the world where we brew and sell our products.  So, next time you enjoy one of our brews, be it Canadian or an Coors Light or Rickards, taste our passion to refresh you and the world.

Cheers to you and your responsible choices!

To register/learn more, visit Molson Canadian on facebook

RLP 2012 Toronto 22

RLP 2012 Toronto 39

RLP 2012 Toronto 36

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Molson M Supporting the Arts in Canada

Molson M Turning Tweets into Art

Molson M  

Do you love the arts? If so, Molson M has a unique opportunity for those in Twitterville to BE the art with its new campaign to support Canadian Art Foundation.

Here’s how it works: Over the next four weeks, the brand is asking all twitterers over Legal Drinking Age to use the hashtag #MolsonM_Art in their tweets. Each use of the hashtag will trigger a $1 donation to the Canadian Art Foundation, and get your twitter handle painted onto a giant outdoor mural in downtown Toronto.

“The goal of this project is to celebrate artistry and mastery. Whether it’s paint to canvas, chisel to stone or pen to paper, artistry is a beautiful blend of precision and passion. Molson M is made with this level of care and it represents our mastery of brewing,” says Dave Bigioni, Senior director of Marketing at Molson Coors Canada. “With this project, art lovers, beer drinkers, passers-by – any Canadian – can play a real part in bringing art to life and showing their support for art in Canada.”

“The Canadian Art Foundation provides a destination for artists and art enthusiasts to connect and be inspired by art. The Molson M collaborative approach to art does just that,” says Ann Webb, Executive Director of the Canadian Art Foundation. “The mural will be a wonderful mix of global and Canadian artistic talent, and the generous support of Molson M will help us carry on our work to nurture more local, national and global visibility for the extraordinary artistic talent in Canada.”

Those who participate can start looking for their handles on the 40-feet-high by 100-feet-wide painted mural at the corner of King and Church streets in the next week or so.

Tweet away ! Cheers. @MolsonFerg

Monday, December 12th, 2011

“Lighten” up your Holidays with Molson Canadian 67

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Raising a pint (or bottle) for a Firkin good cause

We’ve launched our annual holiday campaign with The Firkin Group of Pubs, partnering with the student-founded and youth driven charity, Meal Exchange. Throughout the month of December, Ontario pub patrons can support Meal Exchange by purchasing a Molson Canadian or Molson Canadian 67/Sublime at any of the participating Firkin Pub locations across Ontario. For every pint or bottle “raised”, The Firkin Group of Pubs and Molson Coors Canada will each donate $0.25 to Meal Exchange.

This is the seventh year of the campaign which has raised over $125,000 dollars. These funds have supported local food banks in Ontario and funded public education programs on food security. With 31 pubs participating this year, our fundraising goal is set at $18,000.

One in eight Ontario households lack the physical and economic means to access sufficient, safe and nutritious food. While over 395,106 turn to a food bank each month for assistance, many more sacrifice their diets in other ways in order to make ends meet.

“Meal Exchange’s founding program made it easy for people to help alleviate hunger while dining on campus,” says Dave Kranenburg, Executive Director, Meal Exchange. “This campaign brings this same idea to life in the community and the money it generates will allow us to feed people today and increase their access to healthy food year-round.”

Student volunteers from Meal Exchange will be visiting the participating pubs during the campaign to speak with the Firkin staff about the important work Meal Exchange does to address food insecurity.

“Meal Exchange representatives visiting our pubs is a great way to increase awareness of the campaign as well as ensure our teams understand how their hard work during a very busy season can make a difference in local communities,” says Larry Isaacs, Director of Marketing, The Firkin Group of Pubs.

Pub patrons can support the fundraising campaign now until Dec 31st, 2011. To find a pub near you:


Traci Shepheard, Molson Coors Canada, Larry Isaacs, The Firkin Group of Pubs and Dave Kranenburg, Meal Exchange kick off the 2011 campaign at Firkin on King in Toronto, ON

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Nos Mol’Staches du Québec ont dépassé leur objectif de 20% pour Movember!

Des conjointes et/ou compagnes qui seront très certainement soulagées que les moustaches prennent le bord!

D’abord, identifions chacun de nos précieux participants à la campagne des Mol’Staches de Molson Coors au Québec, dans le cadre de Movember:

Une équipe forte de près de 40 joueurs, dont:  Maxime Beauchesne (capitaine de l’équipe), Jean-François Duckett, Jacques Clavelle, Bruno Ledoux, Jean-Yves Beaudoin, Alexandre Guay, Marc-Olivier Gagnon, Rhéaume Gagnon, Laurent St-Pierre, François Cantin, Mathieu Turcotte, Martin Vadeboncoeur, Jonathan Duquette, Pierre Bélanger, Stéphane Bastien, André Du Perron, Patrick Sénécal, François Patry, Francesco Racco, Pierre-Marc Paquet, Danny Nichols et Daniel Rivest, en n’oubliant surtout pas nos fiers représentants des régions du Québec!

Une équipe qui a tout mis en oeuvre pour recueillir un peu plus de 31,000$, surpassant ainsi son objectif  20%, initialement prévu de 25,000$ … WOW! Nos moustachus (Mol’Staches) auront ainsi organisé bon nombre d’activités, dont un encan silencieux (un service de gentleman aux plus offrantes!) des billets de loge à vendre pour un match du CH, des soirées hockey à la Salle John-Molson, etc., durant tout le mois de novembre. Pour ma part, j’ai savouré trois excellents petits déjeuners concoctés par mon ami Pierre-Marc Paquet (un excellent cuisinier de McMuffins et café!).


Molstaches avant

1ère rangée: Jean-François Duckett, Danny Nichols, Bruno Lemieux, Mathieu Turcotte – 2e rangée: Rhéaume Gagnon, Laurent St-Pierre, Alexandre Guay, Yvon Lambert (Ancien Canadien), Maxime Beauchesne, Jean-Yves Beaudoin, Pierre-Marc Paquet, Marc-Olivier Gagnon


Molstaches 2011 002 

N’ont-ils pas l’air content?  Est-ce le bonheur d’avoir surpassé les attentes, ou la joie de retrouver un visage sans moustache? mmm… J’en conclus qu’il s’agit sans doute d’un peu des deux!

En effet, nos Mol’Staches ont toutes les raisons du monde de se réjouir et de passer aux célébrations avec une super Rickard’s! Je n’ai aucune difficulté à imaginer que la soirée du 30 novembre ait débuté par un rasage en règle … excellente idée, si on veut que l’engouement reprenne des forces en novembre 2012!!!

Malheureusement absents sur cette photo:  Bruno Ledoux, Jacques Clavelle, Jean-François Duckett, Daniel Rivest, Francesco Racco et Pierre Bélanger – Dommage que nous n’ayons pu immortaliser votre moustache avec l’équipe!


Molstaches 2011 004 

Après tout, chez Molson Coors on peut avoir du fun, mais on peut être très sérieux lorsque le moment s’y prête!

Je lève mon verre de Rickard’s à toute cette super gang de collègues et amis qui se sont serrés les bras, en intégrant cette campagne à leurs responsabilités quotidiennes, et qui ont réussi un TOUR DU CHAPEAU!

Un sincère MERCI à la marque Rickard’s, fière partenaire de Movember, qui a appuyé toute cette campagne à travers le pays avec un fini et une élégance hors du commun … une marque qui a ajouté un profil philanthropique à son histoire, drôlement apprécié! WOW …


À l’an prochain, d’une admiratrice!