Zagrebačka Pivovara shines at Croatia’s Night of Museums


Night of Museums is a unique cultural event providing locals and tourists the opportunity to tour multiple museums, which remain open until late at night for free. It started in Croatia in 2005 and Zagrebačka Pivovara, a Molson Coors company, joined as a partner five years later.

On January 31, for the fifth consecutive year, Zagrebačka Pivovara surprised many visitors with a night of entertainment and educational programs at the Museum of Zagrebačka Pivovara. Visitors were able to return to the past as a part of the historical overview that included newspapers from the 1892 which included articles about the establishment of the brewery, Christmas Beer artwork from the past 24 years, and old labels and artifacts from the brewery’s rich history. Visitors also had the opportunity to learn about the proper beer pouring ritual, see an informational film of Zagrebačka Pivovara and natural beer production, enjoy their favorite beer and even buy beer souvenirs!

Night of Museums2 Night of Museums3

Zagrebačka Pivovara hosts a growing number of visitors and plays an important role in Zagreb’s diverse cultural offering.

Night of Museums History
Night of Museums (Noć muzeja) is organized by Croatian museums and other cultural institutions. The first Night of Museums was held in Berlin in 1997, and because of the overwhelming interest, it soon spread across multiple institutions and various cities throughout Europe and the world. Over the years, a number of cities, cultural institutions and visitors have steadily increased to a record this year with 350,900 visitors in 100 cities and more than 200 institutions.

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