Coors Banquet Commemorates 140 Years of Rocky Mountain Authenticity


Heritage. Legend. Authenticity.

Pete Coors, Chairman, Molson Coors, celebrates Coors Brewing Company’s first beer, Coors Banquet

This month, Coors Banquet is celebrating its 140th anniversary. That’s 14 decades of staying true to what works and the commitment to high standards. The brand, which as recently as 25 years ago was so hard to find in many parts of the country that it often was smuggled out of the Rockies, now is about to complete its seventh consecutive year of growth.

Coors Banquet has become one of the most talked-about brands in the U.S. beer business, and is poised to add another chapter to the great Banquet Beer story in 2014, including its recent launch into the Canadian market.

Did you know?
According to legend, thirsty miners in the late 1800s threw celebratory banquets with Coors as the honorary beer because of its superior craftsmanship. Thus the nickname the “Banquet Beer” was born.

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  1. When is Coors Banquet coming to Quebec ?

  2. Hi Ray, due to provincial government regulations around imported beer we are not able to bring Coors Banquet into Quebec at this time. We are working through the process and hope to have Coors Banquet available soon. Please feel free to stay connected with us for more updates on our Coors Banquet Facebook page: Cheers!

    Melisa Chung

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